#Eurosphere – “Finland Starts Handing Out a Basic Income

Finland Starts Handing Out a Basic Income MIT Technology Review   A few unemployed Finns are receiving a monthly check with no strings attached—but it’s unlikely to tell us whether universal basic income is a good idea. Eurozone inflation surges to 1.1% in December BBC News | Europe | World Edition   Eurozone inflation surges to 1.1%, … Read more

Turkish justice at work: Journalist Ahmet Şık Taken Into Custody- GOOD NEWS Necmiye Alpay, Aslı Erdoğan, Zana Kaya Released

Journalist Ahmet Şık Taken Into Custody Bianet :: English   Journalist Ahmet Şık was taken into custody in his apartment by police this morning. ÖZGÜR GÜNDEM CASE: Necmiye Alpay, Aslı Erdoğan, Zana Kaya Released Bianet :: English   Tried in Özgür Gündem case, Aslı Erdoğan, Necmiye Alpay and Zana Kaya have been released. Erdoğan was arrested since … Read more

Many Religious movements canceled their Sunday (today) meetings…

 Religious movements cancel their Sunday meetings  Hurriyet Daily News   A number of religious movements in Turkey have canceled events scheduled to be held on Dec. 25. The movements announced that their meetings would be held over the internet, as they refrained from explaining the reasons for the cancelations Turkish court approves verdicts against policemen for killing … Read more

Journalism agenda: “5 trends to watch in mobile-first news…

5 trends to watch in mobile-first news  Journalism.co.uk by Alli Shultes As mobile audiences continue to grow, keep an eye on these five trends emerging from research by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Digital journalists, online crowds and training social media first responders First Draft News by Verification Junkie In the immediate aftermath of … Read more

Cyberculture Agenda: “Big data meets politics”

Big data meets politics EurActiv.com by Davide Patteri Politicians across Europe often look suspiciously at the “big data” revolution as a trend imported from the US, which encroaches on their privacy. Europe’s rude awakening to big data politics EurActiv.com by Frédéric Simon To many in the Brussels bubble, the big data revolution came as a rude awakening, … Read more

It is very hard for the Turkish gov’t or AKP trolls to admit, but ISIS is the most obvious perpetrator in #AnkaraBombings

Ankara bombing: PM office confirms suicide bombings The Turkish Prime Minister’s Office has confirmed the twin blasts that rocked capital Ankara were caused by two suicide bombers Infographics: How have Turkish Internet users evaluated the Ankara bombing? Turkish Internet users have answered a number of questions about the Oct. 10 Ankara bombing in a poll conducted by … Read more

Kurdish news agency #DİHA in Diyarbakır raided by Turkish security forces, 10s detained; Turkey recruits more militias against Kurdish guerillas…

A video from the scene: A list of detained DIHA employees: DIHA agency website currently blocked in Turkey: http://www.diclehaber.com/en   Ongoing censorship blocks Kurdish, critical, data-based media … Today’s Zaman–Aug 16, 2015 The majority of sites that have been blocked are Kurdish media outlets, including ANF, ANHA, the Dicle News Agency (DİHA), Rojnews and … Almost 400 … Read more

Citizens in Cizre, Şırnak who have been under siege by Turkish military for days, share passwords for online communications

The news in Turkish here. ———– Kurdish civilians hit by snipers as Turkey cracks down on militants World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk by Constanze Letsch in Silopi and Cizre Residents of south-eastern towns say they are living under daily terror from marksmen after new law authorising use of live ammunition to quell protests   US Embassy in … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Anti-austerity Protests against new #ECB HQ in full gear in #Frankfurt #blockupy #18M

Riot in Frankfurt targets new ECB HQ BBC News | Europe | World Edition Anti-austerity protesters in the German city of Frankfurt burn police cars in protest at the opening of the European Central Bank’s new building. EU Summit live: Energy, Ukraine to dominate talks  EurActiv.com Energy Union, and the tensions with Russia, will dominate EU leaders’ … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Anti-corruption parties shake Spain… “Germany ends teacher headscarf ban….

Why we occupy: Dutch universities at the crossroads open Democracy News Analysis – by Enzo Rossi, Johan Hartle, Robin Celikates and Nicholas Vrousalis The Netherlands, a mere 10 years behind the UK, seems eager to catch up. Twin pressures of authoritarianism from above and neoliberalism from below make it necessary to develop the democratic alternative put … Read more

Snowfall paralyses İstanbul. No more boasting about AKP’s municipalities…

AKP boasts about its philosophy of municipal administration and we see it deteriorates day by day. Istanbul’s traffic and infrastructure has entered a stage of decline after successful first years under AKP rule..  Istanbul paralyzed due to snowfall as 841 traffic accidents reported  Hurriyet Daily News A new wave of cold air and snowfall has hit … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: KickassTorrents has to move to kickass.to… “DARPA’s Memex for searching the deep Web…

KickassTorrents Taken Down By Domain Name Seizure  TorrentFreak With millions of unique visitors per day KickassTorrents (KAT) is one the most used torrent sites on the Internet. DARPA’s Memex for searching the deep Web  Boing Boing by David Pescovitz DARPA’s “Memex” program is developing new search tools for the vast majority of the Web that isn’t indexed by … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Charlie Hebdo massacre might be used as a pretext for more surveillance powers…

  Swiss seek to avert EU immigration clash with ‘safeguard’ clause  EurActiv.com The Swiss government hopes to negotiate for a right to cap immigration from the European Union so as to keep its access to EU markets when it writes into law a popular vote requiring strict limits on migration.   AIN FOCUS: Charlie Hebdo publishes on … Read more

Some Turkish journalist and citizens in solidarity with #CharlieHebdo tonight in İstanbul…

    1 Minute of Silence Outside French Consulate in Istanbul Bianet :: English After the attack at Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters in Paris that left 12 people dead, a group assembled outside French Consulate in downtown Istanbul, protesting the incident with one minute of silence and pencils. Journalists From Turkey: Je Suis Charlie Bianet :: English … Read more

#CharlieHebdo Massacre roundup: “20 Heartbreaking Cartoons… “Sharpening Contradictions: Why al-Qaeda attacked Satirists in Paris…

20 Heartbreaking Cartoons From Artists Responding To The Charlie Hebdo Shooting BuzzFeed – Ryan Broderick – Can’t sleep tonight, thoughts with my French cartooning colleagues, their families and loved ones #CharlieHebdo — RLOppenheimer (@Ruben L. Oppenheimer) I am devastated by what just happened in France. #CharlieHebdo — jean_jullien         Turkey’s irreverent satire mag … Read more