A video: “The Entire OpenAI Chaos Explained”

00:01 The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, was abruptly fired, leading to chaos and internal revolt. 02:04 Sam Alman and Greg Brockman were fired from OpenAI without any clear reason or explanation 03:54 Sam Ultman gets his job back at Open AI 05:51 The board fired the CEO of OpenAI due to disagreements and lack … Read more

What I learnt from Tiktok?

During the pandemic, I started to follow TikTok. It was the first social media platform where I could not become a real content producer. However, it has become a good venue to follow so much stuff and popular trends I would miss otherwise. A few days ago, I thought, why not list what I have … Read more

A video: How MySpace Lost Everything

00:00 Myspace’s decline from most visited website to nostalgic memory 03:03 MySpace was created to improve on Friendster and launched in 2003 with a unique customizable feature 06:05 MySpace gained rapid popularity due to user-generated content and promotion of musicians, but its lack of moderation led to serious issues. 09:04 Myspace faced backlash due to … Read more

A video: “How a Notorious Film Pirate Got Caught and Won – The Yify Story”

  00:05 Illegal streaming and torrenting is on the rise 01:35 BitTorrent revolutionized file sharing by enabling decentralized downloads from multiple users at once. 02:52 YIFY became the go-to source for watchable 1080p films. 04:11 YIFY became the easiest place to access new films and implemented cloudflare to counteract blocking attempts 05:36 YIFY, the popular … Read more

A video on how Yahoo! Lost Everything

00:02 Yahoo had the chance to buy Google for just one million dollars but said no 02:05 Yahoo’s success came from building their own services based on user data. 04:02 Yahoo’s decline began when they declined to buy Google, which led to losing users to Google and facing financial challenges. 06:07 Yahoo lost its dominance … Read more

Follow the war through Wikipedia: It Is Covering the War in Israel and Gaza Better Than X

Wikipedia Is Covering the War in Israel and Gaza Better Than X 2023 Israel–Hamas war I thought this person was fictional. But it is real: Jackson Hinkle This week’s most debated and worked entries about the war on Wikipedia: 2023 Israel–Hamas war protests Al-Shifa Hospital siege and bombing Palestinian genocide accusation From the river to the … Read more

Just released my first AI made video

I already use VEED to edit my videos from time to time but with the VideoGPT by VEED that is operated through Chat GPT. This was exactly what I was looking for and hopefully I will more videos to come:)

A video: “Getting Schooled by Generative AI”

  00:05 The use of generative AI in schools is changing the way students and teachers interact 02:35 Schools and districts are embracing generative AI for education 05:06 The use of AI in education empowers teachers and students. 07:26 Generative AI is a powerful tool that can reveal people’s true nature. 09:40 Schools have access … Read more

Our ongoing work on AI Literacy

Since last summer, I have been directing a project on AI Literacy. Google Turkey sponsors the project. However, I and my colleagues are the sole creators of the project content. So far, we haven’t had a public event, but one will take place on 5 December at İstanbul Bilgi University.   The Artificial Intelligence Literacy … Read more

A video: The Dawn and Dusk of Sun Microsystems

  00:05 Sun Microsystems experienced incredible growth and decline, becoming one of Silicon Valley’s most important companies. 02:28 Sun Microsystems was founded by Vinod Khosla, Andy Bechtolsheim, Scott McNeely, and Bill Joy, with the aim of building and selling high-end workstations. 04:41 Sun Microsystems revolutionized the workstation market with affordable yet powerful computers. 07:01 Sun … Read more

A video: “The Tragic Fall Of µTorrent”

  00:07 uTorrent was a popular program for downloading files, but it fell out of popularity due to long-term and short-term decisions. 03:17 uTorrent’s decline was caused by poor marketing, failure to adapt to technology, and decreasing demand. 06:32 BitTorrent revolutionized file downloading with its secure and fast protocol. 09:26 Torrenting allows for faster downloads … Read more

A video: “The Uber Story: Fraud, Betrayal, Death & Cars”

  00:01 Uber’s controversial journey from illegal idea to billion-dollar empire 02:19 Uber faced legal issues and potential fines and jail time for breaking taxi business rules. 06:39 Uber used various tactics to rally support from users and employees and defy regulatory authorities 08:48 Uber used a secret system called greyball to hide their cars … Read more

A video: “Is WhatsApp, Facebook’s Biggest Acquisition, Paying Off A Decade Later?”

  00:04 WhatsApp is the world’s largest social messaging app with billions of users. 01:20 WhatsApp is looking to become a major revenue source by enabling business messaging and commerce. 02:41 WhatsApp grew rapidly to 2 billion users and became end-to-end encrypted 03:50 WhatsApp is expanding its features and revenue growth through channels, payments, and … Read more

A video: “How The Internet Travels Across Oceans”

00:00 Internet relies on a hidden network of undersea cables 00:49 1.5 million km of undersea data wires worth billions of dollars worldwide 01:40 Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) enables faster data transmission via multiple wavelengths of light. 02:25 Undersea cable laying is prone to weather and human disruptions 03:15 Undersea cables are vulnerable to … Read more

A video: The Death of Europe’s Last Electronics Giant

Short Summary for The Death of Europe’s Last Electronics Giant by Merlin Philips, once a high-tech giant, has become an insignificant shell of its former self, selling off its electronics business piece by piece. 00:01 Philips is no longer a high-tech company and has given up on the whole electronics industry 02:37 Phillips has developed … Read more

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