Amnesty International: “Draconian reforms give police wide-ranging powers to repress dissent

Turkey: Draconian reforms give police wide-ranging powers to repress dissent Amnesty International – Mar 27, 3:53 PM – Photo: Riot police confront a protester at Istiklal street near Taksim square in Istanbul, on 15 June 2013. © OZAN KOSE/AFP/Getty Images A range of security reforms in a bill passed by Turkey’s Parliament today will give … Read more

Favorite pizza places in İstanbul..!f İstanbul 2015’s eclectic program…

Çağla Gillis has listed 10 favorite pizza places in Istanbul: İstanbul’un Pizzacıları Arasında Favorimiz Olmuş 10 Adres [in Turkish ] 1. 400 Derece   3rd Istanbul airport to have world’s largest duty-free complex German company Heinemann and Turkey’s Unifree have signed a deal to initiate the world’s largest duty-free complex at Istanbul’s under construction third airport. !f İstanbul 2015 … Read more

Bloomberg piece: Istanbul Ancient Wall Gives No Defense in Property Fight… Istanbul news roundup…

Istanbul Ancient Wall Gives No Defense in Property Fight: Cities Bloomberg For centuries, Istanbul’s ancient walls safeguarded the city from attack. What remains of those 1,600-year-old battlements has become the source of . Skies open for drones over busy Istanbul airport With a 12 minute-long aerial footage, an amateur drone pilot has revealed that any remote-control unmanned … Read more

Live music spots… A night out at Istanbul’s 7/24 library… An Istanbul news roundup…

Canlı Müziğin İstanbul’daki Vazgeçemediğimiz 10 Adresi ListeList by Çağla Gillis 1. Topless   Check out others here. A night out at Istanbul’s 7/24 library In a city largely devoid of public libraries, Istanbul’s Atatürk Library has literally become a beacon in the night for bibliophiles after it became Turkey’s first library to keep its doors open around … Read more

Some Turkish journalist and citizens in solidarity with #CharlieHebdo tonight in İstanbul…

    1 Minute of Silence Outside French Consulate in Istanbul Bianet :: English After the attack at Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters in Paris that left 12 people dead, a group assembled outside French Consulate in downtown Istanbul, protesting the incident with one minute of silence and pencils. Journalists From Turkey: Je Suis Charlie Bianet :: English … Read more

So not DHKPC but a Russian citizen [Probably Muslim origin] is behind the Sultanahmet Suicide Attack…

Russian citizen revealed to be suicide bomber who attacked Istanbul police A female suicide bomber who detonated herself at an Istanbul police station in the touristic area of Sultanahmet has been identified as a Russian citizen named Diana Ramazova It seems these Turkey’s Marxists do not know what they are doin’…  Turkey Marxists claim bomb attack  BBC … Read more

The 3rd Istanbul airport built on marsh area, says Turkish transport minister. İstanbul news roundup.

Flights, ferries canceled due to storm in Istanbul Strong winds and rain hit the Marmara region, causing the cancelation of flights and several ferry crossings in Istanbul We know 3rd Istanbul airport built on marsh area, says Turkish transport minister Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan said Istanbul’s third airport of is being built on a marsh area, which … Read more

No water for 4 days. Kadıköy, İstanbul seems to be punished by İSKİ… İstanbul news roundup

Kadıköy is one of the busy, secular and settled district in the Anatolian side of Istanbul. It is governed by CHP, main opposition party, but water supply is provided by İSKİ, of Istanbul Municipality of AKP, governing party. 4 days is a bit long time and probably intentional… A Kadıköy resident, Cem Hakverdi @cmhkvrd_ published some photos:  kadıköy’de 4 gündür su yok. … Read more

Another morning raid in Okmeydanı, İstanbul as the neighborhood declared “risk zone”

Frequent police raids in search of “terrorists” and continuous police violence and protests in return make the neighborhood risky not only earhquake-wise but also social-wise…. By the “risk zone” concept, AKP led municipality can start urban renewal projects that will end up pushing existing residents away… and some will profit well…   Istanbul?s Okmeydanı declared ?risk zone? … Read more

Okmeydanı, İstanbul tonight. Another critically wounded… #UğurKurt


Police shoots a funeral attendee, #UğurKurt (27), Pro-AKP circles claim it is the work of German Intelligence…

Today at around 11, in Okmeydanı, İstanbul, we heard the news that a protester were killed due to a hit at his head after police opened fire with real bullets. Later, the news was corrected and the story went like this: A group of high school students were commemorating Berkin Elvan’s death, police intervened with police … Read more