“Anthropologists on Palestine”

Anthropologists on Palestine SAPIENS by Bridget Alex Amid the war on Gaza and long before, anthropologists have been speaking out against Israel’s occupation of Palestine. Here’s a curated list of their perspectives as scholars and activists. ✽ SAPIENS seeks to amplify anthropological insights to build a more just and sustainable world. In line with our vision, as a … Read more

Farewell to a major anthro blog: “anthro{dendum}”

I believe that the moment they changed their name from “Savage Minds” to “anthro{dendum}”, the decline started. Over-reliance on (political) correctness is a kind of (political) purism that never ends well. (I do not claim all contributors are like that; I actually like some of them very much). Life is rich, and anthropology is the … Read more

Open access Creator Culture & Digital Ethnography reading lists by @ZoeGlatt

Influencer Industries and Creator Culture reading list: https://t.co/Z8fbfmkojd Digital Ethnography reading list (resource of The Digital Ethnography Collective): https://t.co/ggTw5zeVaR Advocating for Archaeology’s New Purpose SAPIENS by Bridget Alex  Archaeologists can help communities retake what colonialism and racism tried to erase through a new goal of “archaeological reclamation.” The following individuals co-authored this essay: Lindsay M. Montgomery (University … Read more

#Anthropology roundup: “Bruno Latour, French philosopher and anthropologist, dies ages 75

Compared to many other influential contemporary figures in anthropology, I learned his works late, and I was never too tempted by his arguments. However, as my interest in the STS grew, his theories occupied a more significant role in my thinking. Rest in peace, dear Prof. Latour. Bruno Latour, French philosopher and anthropologist, dies ages … Read more

Glad to be part of this book project: “Routledge Companion to Media Anthropology”

I am moving to other research topics, but political trolling has been my long-term concern. In this edited volume, I had the opportunity to discuss the issue through more methodological and historical aspects. I am thankful to the editors for their patience with me. The book info can be found here, and I believe it … Read more

#Anthropology roundup: “Archaeology at the Borders of the Refugee Crisis

Archaeology at the Borders of the Refugee Crisis SAPIENS by Marlaina Martin Archaeological methods, which are typically used to study the past, can also illuminate the experiences of today’s displaced people. This article was originally published at Knowable Magazine and has been republished with Creative Commons. ✽ MILLIONS OF PEOPLE from the Global South have left their homes … Read more

#Anthropology roundup: “AI-powered archaeology draws out hidden evidence of fire use by early humans

AI-powered archaeology draws out hidden evidence of fire use by early humans University of Toronto Researchers from the University of Toronto, the Weizmann Institute of Science and Hebrew University have identified new evidence of the use of fire by ancient humans at least 800,000 years ago at a site in western Israel. The discovery, described in a … Read more

#Anthropology roundup: “The Politics of “Ukraine” Versus “the Ukraine”

  The Politics of “Ukraine” Versus “the Ukraine” – SAPIENS SAPIENS The Politics of “Ukraine” Versus “the Ukraine” – SAPIENS Impossible Choices at the Crossroads of Motherhood and Fieldwork SAPIENS by Jamie Hodgkins and Jessica Thompson   Co-author Jamie Hodgkins holds her daughter as she co-directs the excavations at the Arma Veirana site in northwestern Italy. Fabio Negrino/University of … Read more

R.I.P. Paul Farmer, Pioneer of Global Health #Anthropology roundup

Paul Farmer https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Paul_Farmer Paul Edward Farmer (October 26, 1959 – February 21, 2022) was an American medical anthropologist and physician. Farmer held an MD and PhD from Harvard … ‎Jeff Farmer (wrestler) · ‎Liberation theology · ‎John Comaroff · ‎Partners In Health Paul Farmer, Pioneer of Global Health, Dies at 62   Paul Farmer (1959–2022) Nature.com Paul Farmer (1959–2022) #MeToo Anthropology and the … Read more

#Anthropology roundup: “the Ancient Technologists Who Changed Everything

Meet the Ancient Technologists Who Changed Everything SAPIENS by Nicholas R. Longrich The idea of crafting and using beads as ornamentation may have spread from North Africa outward to other parts of the African continent and to Europe. Nicholas R. Longrich This article was originally published at The Conversation and has been republished under Creative Commons. For the first few … Read more

#Anthropology roundup: “Anthropology Outreach Resources”- “What Netflix Got Wrong About Indigenous Storytelling

This is a list of online resources that aim at communicating anthropological research to the broader public. Feel free to add more links! [shortcut to this doc, https://tinyurl.com/anthro2021outreach ] Impressions from the Master Class “Participatory Digital Ethnography” Digital Ethnography Initiative It was our pleasure to organize the Master Class Participatory Digital Ethnography together with the Vienna Visual … Read more

#Anthropology roundup: “How Human Are We?

How Human Are We? SAPIENS by Nicholas R. Longrich Hand axes crafted by Homo erectus required skills and planning—and likely, generational knowledge. Nick Longrich This article was originally published at The Conversation and has been republished under Creative Commons. READER QUESTION: We now know from evolutionary science that humanity has existed in some form or another for around two million years or more. Homo … Read more

#Anthropology roundup: “How People Actually Use Their Smartphones

How People Actually Use Their Smartphones SAPIENS by Laura Haapio-Kirk and Georgiana Murariu   [no-caption] John Cei Douglas In 2022, the smartphone, first introduced by IBM, will celebrate its 30th birthday. Most of us now use a smartphone every day—whether we like it or not. Previously associated with young people, these technologies have become ubiquitous around the world … Read more

#Anthropology roundup: “The TikTok controversy over collecting human bones…

Will Bog Archaeology Fade Away? SAPIENS by Nathaniel Scharping / Archaeologists excavate a bog in Hatfield Moors, England, to uncover Late Stone Age structures. Henry Chapman In the southernmost tip of Sweden, just over an hour from neighboring Denmark, is the ancient peat bog of Ageröd. For nearly a century, this waterlogged landscape has been revealing its secrets to … Read more

#Anthropology roundup: “Archaeologists Should Be Activists Too…

Archaeologists Should Be Activists Too SAPIENS by Allison Mickel and Kyle Olson    Archaeologists are well-suited to help organize protests such as this “Count the Vote” rally in 2020. Jon Irons When Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, paused counting votes for one night during the 2020 presidential election, unfounded conspiracy theories about election security began to fly. Peru’s Incan Rope Bridges … Read more