Academic Informatics Conferences resumed and I was glad to be part it

Academic Informatics conferences were led by “the father of Turkish Internet,” Mustafa Akgül.  After his death in 2017, the annual conferences stopped after 2019. I was happy to hear that the meetings would start again. A few days ago, I participated in one of the AI and Social Life panels at Istanbul University. Here is … Read more

Turkiye grasping the age of AI rapidly: Turkish intelligence nabs man who cloned Erdoğan’s voice

MİT nabs man who cloned Erdoğan’s voice with AI for fraud  (MİT) has caught an individual attempting to defraud businesspeople and high-level public officials by mimicking President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan‘s voice using artificial intelligence. Following the information acquired by MİT regarding an individual’s attempt to exploit an AI application to clone Erdoğan’s voice for personal gain, an investigation … Read more

After Elon Musk’s latest interventions we have discussed Twitter Alternatives

Summarized by Merlin App: Friends discuss social media addiction, Twitter’s place in history, and screen sharing. Barış has been on social media fast. 00:00 Twitter’s future is uncertain due to data privacy concerns and recent changes in leadership. 07:18 Twitter’s business model is transforming towards monetization. 14:58 Decentralized social media platform using Activity protocol 21:32 … Read more

It is the anniversary of Sivas Massacre and there is a digital archive now to memoralize the victims

A tribute to the victims. Here is the archive.   The Sivas massacre, also known as the Madimak massacre, refers to the events of July 2, 1993, at the Hotel Madimak in Sivas, Turkey[1]. The victims, who had gathered in the hotel for the Pir Sultan Abdal festival, were mostly Alevi intellectuals, and 37 people … Read more

OnlyFans banned in Turkey

Well, I wonder why they were late to ban. Turkey bans OnlyFans following court order Click to read the article in Turkish The popular adult content platform OnlyFans  has been banned in Turkey after a ruling by İstanbul’s 1st Penal Judgeship of Peace. The court decision, issued on June 7, ordered the blocking of access to the website, … Read more

Quoted in Wired: “Deepfakes, Cheapfakes, and Twitter Censorship Mar Turkey’s Elections”

Erkan Saka, professor of journalism and media studies at Istanbul Bilgi University, says the power of trolls may be overstated. The mainstream press reaches a larger audience, and much of it is friendly to the president. “The whole media establishment is in fact using disinformation,” Saka says. The full text here   Adam Tooze: Why … Read more

My pet project @SosyalKafa is 11 years old and here are the top videos of 2022 in our Youtube Channel

SosyalKafa started as a TV show at BJK Tv and moved to other platforms until it became a Youtube-only channel at the start of the pandemic. I have uploaded all the program videos from the outset so you can find the whole archive. It has a massive list of guests, a tribute to Turkey’s digital … Read more

A few days in Datça, Turkey participating @Mediawise Disinformation Project for the Senior Citizens

It is hard to persuade many people that we are in Datça for work. It is my first time here, a very laid-back, relaxed vacation town. However, our mission is to promote the Meta Kafe. A pop-up cafe style first opened in the UK to promote digital literacy. Our special work here is to promote … Read more

Turkish state seems to have a complete control over the user data #BTKGate

Turkey's state Information Technology and Communication Institution is being fed every internet user's personal data and internet activity, it is revealed. — Ankaralı Jan (@06JAnk) July 21, 2022 Turkish government agency collecting every activity of Internet users – report News originally in Turkish Poll: Turkey’s ruling alliance losing against opposition • Bianet :: English … Read more

As Turks complain about rising number of refugees, “Asylum applications from Turkey to Europe rose by 45 percent in a year

Asylum applications from Turkey to Europe rose by 45 percent in a year Bianet :: English The highest share of persons who received protection status were registered in Germany, according to Eurostat. European Parliament condemns Osman Kavala’s life sentence Bianet :: English MEPs have called for the immediate release of Kavala and other convicts of the Gezi … Read more

Corruption in the Turkish Twitch: the $10 mln fraud case

Turkish Twitch influencers nabbed in $10 mln fraud case Hurriyet Daily News Some 40 suspects, including 31 famous Turkish Twitch influencers, have been detained in simultaneous operations in 11 provinces after police determined a crime syndicate laundered some $10 million “using social media celebrities.”

“Website for help against sexual violence now online in Kurdish, English, Arabic:

Website for help against sexual violence now online in Kurdish, English, Arabic Bianet :: English aims to inform those who survived sexual violence, including foreign citizens, about how they can access their rights. 82.7 percent of children use the Internet in Turkey, shows TurkStat survey Bianet :: English In the activities carried out on the … Read more

Afraid of the rising anger on the streets, Gov’t goes after 3 YouTubers doing street interviews @ilavetv_ @KendineMuhabir @sadevatandasyt

3 YouTubers doing street interviews placed under house arrest Bianet :: English Detained on December 12, the owners of three YouTube channels posting street interviews Arif Kocabıyık, Hasan Köksoy and Turan Kural have been released to house arrest. An international travel ban has been imposed on the three Three YouTubers detained in dawn raid over "cyber … Read more

Turkey has its own Twitch scandal that includes Iran etc.

I had missed that there was a lead on the origin of the money being laundered through Twitch. — Özge Kâtip (@OzgeKatip) November 5, 2021 Most stuff is in Turkish but the quoted Twitter above sums up the part about money laundering aspects…  

Follow @metcihan for TÜGVA Papers Scandal

Dear Metin Cihan is the best representative of citizen journalism at the moment in Turkey. He is releasing leaked documents from the Turkish Youth Foundation, TÜGVA, an Istanbul-based youth and student foundation. Bilal Erdoğan, son of President of the Republic of Turkey leads the foundation. Mr. Cihan was careful to take care of private personal … Read more