Cyberculture Agenda: “Big data meets politics”

Big data meets politics by Davide Patteri Politicians across Europe often look suspiciously at the “big data” revolution as a trend imported from the US, which encroaches on their privacy. Europe’s rude awakening to big data politics by Frédéric Simon To many in the Brussels bubble, the big data revolution came as a rude awakening, … Read more

Occupy Oakland turns ugly thanks to the Oakland Mayor…

  Occupy Oakland: Riot police use tear gas, other nonlethal weapons on protestors by Xeni Jardin Photo: Adreadnonymous. Protester in wheelchair at Oakland protest, tear-gassed. [Video Link: Oakland police throwing tear gas bombs at protesters.] From Oakland Nor Police raid on Occupy Oakland: the morning after by Xeni Jardin One-percenter: why I support Occupy by … Read more