Eurosphere agenda: “Pirates of the European Union

Pirates of the European Union  open Democracy News Analysis – by Louise Olsson Only when we approach gender equality mainstreaming in a more strategic way can we claim that gender equality is a fundamental principle of European Union Common Security and Defence Policy missions. MAIN FOCUS: Hollande wants a government for the Eurozone | 21/07/2015 euro|topics Against … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Anti-austerity Protests against new #ECB HQ in full gear in #Frankfurt #blockupy #18M

Riot in Frankfurt targets new ECB HQ BBC News | Europe | World Edition Anti-austerity protesters in the German city of Frankfurt burn police cars in protest at the opening of the European Central Bank’s new building. EU Summit live: Energy, Ukraine to dominate talks Energy Union, and the tensions with Russia, will dominate EU leaders’ … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Clashes before a possible Ukraine truce…

  Iceland’s pagans reach new height with first temple BBC News | Europe | World Edition Iceland’s Asatru movement builds first temple Is there reason to hope for Minsk II? open Democracy News Analysis – by Michael Emerson The last Minsk agreement on eastern Ukraine failed to bring peace. The latest looks similar—but the context has changed. … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: people behind ‘anonymous’ data can be identified 90% of the time… “7 Things To Love About reddit’s First Transparency Report…

  Researchers can identify people behind ‘anonymous’ data 90% of the time  Mashable! by Rex Santus Big data — huge data sets that are often made publicly available to anyone who wants to analyze it — are supposed to be anonymous. The idea is to leave out key pieces of information about the people involved, such … Read more

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