For the record: Saturday Mothers met for the 1000th time!

Turkish authorities let the vigil happen this time, after months of ban. The Saturday Mothers/People, a group of activists and relatives seeking justice for loved ones who disappeared in police custody in Turkey, held their 1,000th weekly vigil on May 25, 2024 in Istanbul’s Galatasaray Square[1][3][5]. This milestone event marked the longest-running protest in Turkey’s … Read more

A video: “If You Think That OG Facebook Is Dead, Think Again”

  “If You Think That OG Facebook Is Dead, Think Again” Summarized by merlin app: 00:01 OG Facebook is still the most lucrative social media platform in the world. 01:55 OG Facebook’s longevity and user base make it highly profitable 03:37 Different social media platforms attract different age demographics and income levels. 05:12 Facebook’s core … Read more

CFC for our Book Project: “Understanding Generative AI in a Cultural Context: Artificial Myths and Human Realities”

Dear Friends and Colleagues,  I have started a project with my graduate students that is becoming an edited volume. With an ethnographic sensibility, we are conducting research and collecting case studies on generative AI usage in different fields.  I would love to get scholarly contributions from those who read this message. Please feel free to … Read more

Wikipedia Camp in Arhavi, Türkiye

Last weekend, I attended the Wikipedians’ gathering in Arhavi, a lovely Black Sea town in Artvin. A group of Georgian Wikipedians also participated in the meeting hosted by Artvin’s only private high school, Artvin Koleji. Wikipedians are very agreeable and hard-working people. There were many young users, and I hope we conveyed the message to … Read more

Our new video: “Remembering the Circassian Genocide and Exile on its 160th Anniversary with Elbruz Aksoy”

The video is in Turkish but a long summary is provided below:  Remembering the Circassian Genocide and Exile on its 160th Anniversary with Elbruz Aksoy – Video Summary Speaker: Elbruz Aksoy Guest: Elbruz Aksoy Subject: Circassian Genocide and Exile Historical Background of the Circassian Genocide and Exile 160 Years of Diaspora:** New terminology of the … Read more

My op-ed on “How AI will transform education”

This piece was originally published in Turkish here. Translated via DeepL How AI will transform education We are in the early years of the productive AI revolution. It is hard to predict what kind of transformation will take place in which sector, but it will undoubtedly affect every industry. Education is one of the most … Read more

A newspaper targeted lecturers in… oh NOT in Türkiye but in GERMANY!

The German newspaper Bild, published by the media conglomerate Axel Springer SE, has been known to target pro-Palestinian academics. The newspaper has been criticized for its vilification of Palestinian civilians and its biased coverage of pro-Palestine protests, often using derogatory language and promoting anti-Palestinian sentiments[1][2]. Citations: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] … Read more

Kobani Trial. No relief for Kurdish politicians

There were some debates about “normalization,” but unfortunately, it does not seem applicable to Kurdish politicians. The outcome of the Kobani trial in Turkey resulted in convictions of former pro-Kurdish party officials, including Selahattin Demirtaş, who received more than 40 years in jail for instigating the 2014 Kobanî protests. Prosecutors had initially sought 38 “aggravated … Read more

His would-be majesty’s journalists!

You will not hear about this in Turkey’s oppositional press. Ekrem İmamoğlu, current Istanbul mayor and a strong candidate for the next presidential election, traveled to Rome with a group of 73 people for the signing ceremony of the 2027 European Olympic Games to be held in Istanbul. The delegation stayed at the five-star Parco … Read more

A video: “Why Tesla’s Cybertruck Is So Hard To Manufacture”

Summarized by merlin app: 00:09 Tesla’s Cybertruck is a major manufacturing challenge. 02:16 Tesla’s Cybertruck design is a result of using stainless steel. 03:59 Tesla’s Cybertruck faced significant manufacturing challenges and delays. 05:51 Tesla’s ultra-hard stainless steel poses unique manufacturing challenges. 07:34 Manufacturing challenges with stainless steel in Cybertruck production 09:32 Tesla’s challenge in achieving … Read more

A few days ago in Bosphorus

Here are some recent photos I have taken: My own private İstanbul (!) Windows scenes from the event I attended. When I was passing through the first Bosphorus bridge to get my new car.  

Eurovision not a symbol of unity anymore, it seems

Here is a summary of the major scandals that occurred at Eurovision 2024: Dutch singer Joost Klein was disqualified just hours before the grand final due to an incident involving inappropriate behavior towards a female TV worker, according to the EBU[1][2][4]. Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS[4] considered this a disproportionate decision. There were large pro-Palestine protests in … Read more

A few busy days for me!

I just heard my edited volume on the generative AI book proposal has been accepted.  I will talk about it later. In the meantime, I am on a tour! I am attending an HR summit next month; below, I have participated in a talk with high school kids on internship issues and a group of … Read more

Türkiye’s civil society lost a grand person. Rest in peace dear Sezai Hazır

I woke up to hear that dear Sezai had lost his life during surgery last night. He was full of energy and a committed civil society worker and leader. Just before the pandemic, we had a tour of talks in the Black Sea region, talking to university students on entrepreneurship. I can’t believe he has … Read more

A video: “WhatsApp Has Officially Given Up On Making Money”

Summarized by merlin app: 00:03 WhatsApp struggles to make money despite its massive user base. 01:50 WhatsApp has struggled to monetize since its inception and has been running at a significant loss. 03:34 WhatsApp’s financial situation worsened after being acquired by Facebook. 05:28 WhatsApp could have earned over $10 billion per year in revenue 07:06 … Read more