“Eight arrested in Ankara for anti-refugee social media posts

Some frame these arrests in terms of freedom of expression, but I believe some accounts incited hatred. One of my former students was detained, but he was released. His Twitter account was on the verge of provoking but kept its newsworthiness instead of shifting to the dark side. We need to discuss the refugee crisis … Read more

My Midjourney musings as a virtual exhibition

I have been playing with Midjourney for a while and share my “peace of mind” visuals on my Instagram stories. My dear Sinem just curated an exhibition at Spatial.

Cracks in the unity against the Russian invasion: “Poland no longer supplying weapons to Ukraine amid grain row

EU president: Europe is the ‘global pioneer’ of citizens’ digital rights The Next Web by Thomas Macaulay  have become “pioneers in online rights” and now want to lead a “global framework for AI,” the EU’s top official said today. Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission’s president, revealed the bloc’s digital plans during her State of the … Read more

A video: The Making of Linux: The World’s First Open-Source Operating System

Linux, one of the most widely used operating systems, is a story of collaboration, innovation and open source software. It started as a hobby project in 1991 by Linus Torvalds. 00:00 Linux: A Remarkable Story of Collaboration 01:31 Linus Torvalds creates Linux as a hobby project 02:55 The success of Linux is due to open-source … Read more

Some gang incidents this summer

As the former Minister of Internal Affairs had an alleged affinity with gangs/mafia, we observe a rise in gang-related activities. I watch lots of Tiktok videos recently glorifying gang members. Two news recently: Police arrest 25 in nationwide op against crime group Six Turkish gang members fatally shot in attack near Athens Here is a … Read more

Erdoğan is after Musk to persuade him building a Tesla factory in Türkiye

Erdoğan asks Musk to build Tesla factory in Türkiye Well, Musk loves autocrats. Let’s see if he will be persuaded. Thodex cryptocurrency boss jailed for 11,196 years in Turkey for fraud, Cost of living in İstanbul rises 80,6 percent in a year Turkey’s official inflation rate rises by over 10 points in August Turkey hikes … Read more

A few days in Helsinki, after 11 years

I had the best of memories of Helsinki. 11 years ago, after an intensive work period- for years- I arrived in Helsinki for a conference and spent five days of relaxation. Kai Ekholm had invited me to a librarians’ conference where I would speak on internet freedom. Thanks to Mr. Ekholm, I had the opportunity … Read more

Saving the Cave Expert Mark Dickey (he is saved)

Mark Dickey: Huge rescue mission for US man deep in Turkey cave Rescuers Blast Open Passages to Extract Sick American From Cave in Turkey Seriously ill US explorer is rescued from deep Turkish cave Mark Dickey: US explorer freed from one of Turkey’s deepest caves American Cave Expert Is Rescued in Turkey

the EU vs. the six tech giants

The Morning After: EU reveals six tech giants that’ll be hit by its new competition laws The European  Union has confirmed the first six tech gatekeepers that must follow the rules of its Digital Markets Act (DMA). The names of these companies should be pretty familiar: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta and Microsoft. The DMA stipulates that gatekeepers can’t … Read more

A video: The Rise of Spotify

  Summarized by Merlin:  Spotify faces backlash as artists remove their music due to low pay. Company’s focus on podcasts causes controversy. Founder Daniel Ek’s journey to success. 00:00 Spotify faces backlash from artists over low pay and heavy focus on podcasts 03:00 Spotify was created to save the music industry from piracy. 05:33 Spotify … Read more

More fails from the opposition

A few days ago, citizens critical of the government had a new hero: Turkish journalist Afsin Yurdakul leaves Haberturk, a mainstream outlet, with these words: “Without democracy, without the rule of law, without upholding the freedom of expression, journalism cannot breathe. It is our duty to let people breathe.” pic.twitter.com/Lokxk6yYQy — Piotr Zalewski (@p_zalewski) September … Read more

Climate change on a daily basis: “Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria hit by fatal flash floods

‘A biblical catastrophe’: death toll rises to four as Storm Daniel lashes Greece Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey Are Hit By Floods, Killing 12 Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria hit by fatal flash floods Greece: Skiathos and Volos hit by flash floods UK heat and floods in south-east Europe blamed on ‘omega’ weather system In other news:  … Read more

A video on Discord’s business model

Discord is a communication app worth over $7 billion without ads or data selling, with a rapid user expansion. Its founder also created Open Faint. 00:00 Discord’s success can be attributed to its rare rapid growth and lack of advertisements. 03:20 Discord’s success is driven by its value proposition and growing user base. 06:36 Discord … Read more

5 languages added to the e-prescription system but Kurdish excluded (for a reason)

Recently, Minister Fahrettin Koca announced through social media that the system interface can now be used in English, French, German, Russian, and Arabic languages. But this is for foreigners and… “When the system is accessed with the Republic of Turkey Identification Number, the additional application becomes inactive, and only Turkish services can be obtained,” said … Read more

A video: What was Coding like 40 years ago?

  A video tutorial on programming a game on an Apple II Plus computer using Apple Basic, with step-by-step instructions provided. 00:00 Making Snake game in Apple Basic 03:40 Creating a snake game with basic programming skills 07:06 Apple Basic allows us to read and write directly to memory 10:28 Adding array for snake and … Read more

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