I never liked preparing presentations, and finally, an AI-supported presentation tool made my life easier. I have already recommended on many occasions, but let me announce it here, too. There are a few better-known rivals, such as or, but I ended up using this one. It looks more practical. The AI-based output … Read more

Biden’s never ending gaffes- “President Putin and more

At the current NATO summit, Biden introduced Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as “President Putin” before quickly correcting himself. Here are some notable gaffes made by Joe Biden during his presidency so far: Mistakenly referring to Vice President Kamala Harris as “President Harris” on multiple occasions. At a NATO summit in July 2024, Biden introduced Ukrainian … Read more

In case you are interested: Prisons map of Turkey/ Türkiye

The Civil Society in the Penal System Association (CİSST) has released its “Prisons Map” to facilitate public access to data about prisons in Türkiye. The map is available in Turkish and English. Ill prisoners As of April 2022, there were 1,517 sick prisoners, including 651 critically ill, in Turkey’s prisons, according to the findings of … Read more

A video: Big Tech’s Battle with Market Saturation: What’s Next?

00:02 Big tech companies are facing a challenge with market saturation. 01:42 Big tech already controls virtually the entire internet. 03:19 High valuations of big tech companies are primarily based on the expectation of infinite growth. 04:47 Tech industry transitioning from hyper growth to stagnation 06:21 Market saturation causing shift in technology industry. 07:57 Gen … Read more

Soon attending EASA 2024 conference in Barcelona

I will attend the massive biannual meeting of European anthropology. I am presenting in a panel related to anthropology and artificial intelligence, where I focus on the localization of AI. Surprisingly, I have never been to Barcelona, and I hope to explore it a bit. However, I am scared of the anti-tourism movement (!). ## … Read more

More than 186,000 expected deaths in Gaza

We are witnessing a human-caused catastrophe, whether it is called genocide or not. A letter published in the Lancet caused controversy recently. I asked perplexity about the reliability of the Lancet piece on the Gaza death toll, which estimates that the true number of deaths could exceed 186,000. This is its summary: Methodology: The Lancet … Read more

Leftist Alliance surprise in French elections

The second round of the 2024 French legislative elections has significantly shifted the country’s political landscape. Here are the key outcomes and insights: New Popular Front (NFP) Victory: The leftist alliance known as the New Popular Front (NFP) emerged as the winner, securing the largest number of seats in the National Assembly[1][5]. This coalition, comprising … Read more

My latest AI tool:

I liked it so much that I subscribed to the pro version. I recently used it to gather news on the topics I wanted to blog about. I asked for a roundup of the pros and cons of using Perplexity. below. Well, it did not include a few crucial pieces written recently about it. A … Read more

It was not the first time Merih Demiral was controversial

In his defense, he equates MHP’s ideology with Turkish pride. He has not just reacted to fans as he claimed, but he definitely knows what the gray wolf sign means. Unfortunately, some well-known journalists, in the heat of national pride, defend this sign usage. Here is a curation:  Merih Demiral has indeed been involved in … Read more

Labour’s Landslide Victory in UK Elections!

When Labour wins, I used to be happier, but I have recently become so alienated from center-left politics that I don’t know what to feel.  Still a big change in the UK! Oh by the way, Jeremy Corbyn is back as an independent.  Based on the search results provided, here’s a summary of what happened … Read more

The Sinan Ateş Assassination Trial so far

Gray wolves killed their own. An assassination; all know who the culprit is. But power plays will determine the outcome. Developments of the Last Three Days in the Sinan Ateş Trial Day 1 (July 1, 2024) Start of the Trial: The trial on the murder of Sinan Ateş, former President of the Grey Wolves Ocakları, … Read more

What are the reasons Macron failed?

I was first excited when he won the election. Compared to many right-wing wins in other European countries, he promised some hope. But turned out to be a not-nice guy… A curation:  Emmanuel Macron’s political challenges and perceived failures in France can be attributed to a combination of strategic missteps, policy decisions, and broader socio-political … Read more

From Kayseri to Northern Syria, a conspiracy is on the making?

Ultranationalists had their day yesterday in Kayseri as the riots approached a pogrom level against Syrian refugees. I understand why many citizens are already tense with the growing refugee crisis, but some political agitators have their own agenda- as usual. In the meantime, anti-Syrian sentiments may increase more with the incidents in Northern Syria: Some … Read more

TripAdvisor has a new AI tool play with

Tripadvisor offers an AI-based trip builder at this address. In the old days, Google had a mobile app called Google Trips. This was replaced by Google Travel. The new tools do not offer the same functionalities and are overly profit-oriented, a symbol of Google’s transformation. I loved Google Trips so much! TripAdvisor has brought back … Read more

Erkan’s Field Diary is 20 years old!

The very first post archived here I came back to Istanbul for the fieldwork in 2004. Chris Kelty recommended blogging as a research tool. He set up the first blog at, which does not exist now. I defended my thesis in 2009. However, I kept blogging. It has become a life-long project and a … Read more