The Clash Over Pro-Palestine Events in Germany. Nancy Fraser is the latest instance…

Prof. Fraser‘s case was really disappointing… Cologne University has canceled philosopher Nancy Fraser’s planned professorship after learning she signed a pro-Palestine letter. In her first interview after the cancellation, Fraser says she won't let Germany stop her from standing up for Palestine. — Jacobin (@jacobin) April 10, 2024 Germany has been under pressure to … Read more

A video: “Microsoft Gave Up On Social Media. But They’re The Real Winners”

Sumamrized by Merlin app. 00:02 LinkedIn is the most powerful social media platform in the world. 01:48 Microsoft got more value from LinkedIn than Facebook did from WhatsApp 03:36 LinkedIn’s steady growth and unique demographics set it apart in the social media landscape. 05:16 LinkedIn’s userbase is older and more successful compared to other platforms. … Read more

Watching a war over Twitter?

For two nights now, many of us have been following the developments between Israel and Iran. If it really happens, this may be named the Twitter war. Once, we were following CNN live during the first Gulf War. Now, it’s Twitter time. The current tension between Israel and Iran is centered around recent events, specifically … Read more

Turkish government admits growing trade relations with Israel while weeping crocodile tears for Gaza

Pro-government trolls were vehemently denying trade or at least trying to justify it. After a particular instance of police brutality on pro-Palestine demonstrators who demanded an end to trade with Israel, public outcry may have led to partial restrictions on trade. Turkey imposes export restrictions on Israel amid Gaza conflict One Twitter user has been … Read more

A video: “Why Even The FBI Gave Up On The Pirate Bay”

00:45 The Pirate Bay’s cofounder Fredrick Neij stood by his conviction in sharing information freely despite facing legal troubles 03:16 Background of key individuals involved in Pirate Bay 05:34 Formation of The Pirate Bay by societal outcasts with goal of promoting free speech 07:56 Pirate Bay founders defended freedom of speech despite controversial ventures 10:23 … Read more

What for? “TRT World interviewed self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate over an iftar dinner.

Turkey’s state broadcaster TRT World has interviewed self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate over an iftar dinner. Tate has been facing trial in Romania as well as the UK with his brother for human trafficking, rape, and sexual assault charges. Turkey’s state broadcaster TRT World has interviewed self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate over an iftar dinner. Tate has … Read more

It is just too long to ignore. A list of alleged war crimes by Israel

Indiscriminate Attacks and Civilian Deaths: Israel is accused of carrying out airstrikes that resulted in thousands of civilian deaths and targeting protected locations like hospitals and refugee camps. Destruction of Infrastructure: Significant destruction of Gaza’s infrastructure, including hospitals, educational facilities, and neighborhoods. Use of Human Shields and Perfidy: Allegations include the use of human shields … Read more

Losers provoking in Van #VandaDarbeVar

After a travesty of law, Second-placed candidate to be mandated in Van DEM condemns ‘unlawful’ attempts to oust elected mayor in Van I am pretty sure this is what “they” plan to provoke the opposition to. Let’s see how it goes… With the additional decision given by Diyarbakır 5th High Criminal Court on 04.04.2023 regarding … Read more

A video: “Why Pegasus Spyware FAILED Israel During Hamas Attack”

  00:07 Hamas launched a full-scale invasion of southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, resulting in a catastrophic intelligence failure on Israel’s part. 02:47 Pegasus spyware failed Israel during Hamas attack 05:24 Pegasus spyware has been misused for government surveillance and targeting of journalists and activists. 07:50 Pegasus spyware enables extensive phone data access and … Read more

A historic win for the opposition

Akp saw its lowest vote share since it was founded (provincial general assembly results), Chp became the first party for the first time in many years and reached above 30 for the first time in a very long time. Akp kurulduğundan beri en düşük oy oranını gördü (il genel meclisi sonuçları), Chp uzun yıllar sonra … Read more

updates available: Local elections day blogging today.

19:15 The higher Election Council does not allow to announce results yet, but the vibe in opposition is that AKP may be losing. 18:20 Istanbul mayoral contest takes centre stage as Turkey votes in local elections Turkey local elections marred by irregularities in Kurdish provinces As polls close: YSK bans journalists from taking footage of … Read more

A video: How Does Airplane Wi-Fi Work?

Summarized by Merlinapp: 00:01 Airline industry improves flying experience 00:50 Airplane Wi-Fi uses satellite and air-to-ground transmission systems. 01:37 Airplane Wi-Fi speed limitations due to a small radio spectrum slice 02:27 Airplane Wi-Fi speed and limitations 03:13 New satellite antennas improve airplane Wi-Fi speed and capacity. 04:02 Advanced car band antennas improve airplane Wi-Fi capabilities. … Read more

“Exploring Istanbul Through Emin Özmen’s Lens

Ahead of an upcoming workshop in Istanbul in May, Özmen opens up on the experience of shooting in his adopted home, a city of color and contradiction. See the whole piece and beautiful photos here  

As the US legislators try to ban TikTok, doesn’t this mean that Chinese cyber sovereignty perspective wins?

China has a cyber sovereignty policy that emphasizes the concept of cyber sovereignty as a guiding principle in cyberspace governance. This policy is aimed at asserting control over information, cybersecurity, technological independence, and international influence. China’s cyber sovereignty efforts encompass both domestic and international components, leading to a less open and free internet environment. The … Read more

An anthropologist’s observations: “For the Love of Cats in Turkey”

For the Love of Cats in Turkey SAPIENS by Emily Sekine On a visit to feline-friendly Turkey, an anthropologist considers what long-standing practices of caring for cats reveal about human societies. ✽ While visiting eastern Turkey to climb Mount Ararat, I discovered a nice cafe called Ru Sahaf in the town of Doğubayazıt. I had arrived … Read more