Our “AI for Social Good” Event at @BiLGiOfficial

We have organized a full-day event about “Artificial Intelligence for Social Good” at Istanbul Bilgi University. It was part of the AI Literacy Project, supported by Google Turkiye. The meeting was held in the Energy Museum. If you wonder about the setting in the photo above, The first part was for a group of students, … Read more

A video: “The economics of Tinder”

Main points: 00:04 Tinder monetizes loneliness through a genius strategy 02:10 Tinder introduced upgrades like Tinder Platinum to address the issue of drying out matches and messages. 04:07 Tinder’s rapid growth and success was fueled by its marketing strategy on college campuses and the addictive swipe feature. 06:02 Controversy surrounding sexual harassment claims, lawsuits, and … Read more

A video: “The Entire OpenAI Chaos Explained”

00:01 The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, was abruptly fired, leading to chaos and internal revolt. 02:04 Sam Alman and Greg Brockman were fired from OpenAI without any clear reason or explanation 03:54 Sam Ultman gets his job back at Open AI 05:51 The board fired the CEO of OpenAI due to disagreements and lack … Read more

What I learnt from Tiktok?

During the pandemic, I started to follow TikTok. It was the first social media platform where I could not become a real content producer. However, it has become a good venue to follow so much stuff and popular trends I would miss otherwise. A few days ago, I thought, why not list what I have … Read more

A video: How MySpace Lost Everything

00:00 Myspace’s decline from most visited website to nostalgic memory 03:03 MySpace was created to improve on Friendster and launched in 2003 with a unique customizable feature 06:05 MySpace gained rapid popularity due to user-generated content and promotion of musicians, but its lack of moderation led to serious issues. 09:04 Myspace faced backlash due to … Read more

Many Islamists in Turkey exploit the cause of Palestine for their own agenda- no surprise here

Unlike the European countries, I do not observe any genuine popular rallies about the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Islamists appropriated the Palestine case so powerfully that no others would like to be involved in any rallies. That does not mean that citizens are insensitive, but it is quite difficult to frame the case without aligning with … Read more

A video: “How a Notorious Film Pirate Got Caught and Won – The Yify Story”

  00:05 Illegal streaming and torrenting is on the rise 01:35 BitTorrent revolutionized file sharing by enabling decentralized downloads from multiple users at once. 02:52 YIFY became the go-to source for watchable 1080p films. 04:11 YIFY became the easiest place to access new films and implemented cloudflare to counteract blocking attempts 05:36 YIFY, the popular … Read more

Haaretz (@haaretzcom) under attack

The right-wing political establishment threatens the pride of Israeli journalism, Haaretz. I find it a bit strange that the Israeli state has relied on crude misinformation and a few sane voices are under attack. Well, it is such a familiar story…

Europe on fire. Wilders won, Dublin Riots etc.

I am not surprised with the Wilders victory. As the center-left succumbs to trivial debates and distances itself from the masses, it deserves this. Wilders Dutch vote: Centre-right VVD rules out role in cabinet Geert Wilders’ victory in Netherlands election spooks Europe Anti-Islam Geert Wilders seeks coalition partners after Dutch election win Dublin riot saw … Read more

Turkish judiciary efficient for the Hrant Dink assassin but not for others:(

Imprisoned for 31 years and 1 month; release blocked for the past 13 months Political prisoner Resul Baltacı has now been imprisoned for 31 years and 1 month. HRW director urges Europe to pressure Turkey over human rights record Ogün Samast, convicted assassin of Hrant Dink, released after 16 years in prison Samast’s release, Çomak’s … Read more

A conference in Eskişehir, a workshop in Ankara

Last week I was in Eskişehir attending the 5th New Media Studies Conference. The conference is organized by an association, Alternatif Bilişim Derneği. I have been a member from the outset. The association, which is not too active nowadays, was a pioneer in internet freedom causes and now organizes biannual conferences and publishes ebooks with … Read more

A video on how Yahoo! Lost Everything

00:02 Yahoo had the chance to buy Google for just one million dollars but said no 02:05 Yahoo’s success came from building their own services based on user data. 04:02 Yahoo’s decline began when they declined to buy Google, which led to losing users to Google and facing financial challenges. 06:07 Yahoo lost its dominance … Read more

Follow the war through Wikipedia: It Is Covering the War in Israel and Gaza Better Than X

Wikipedia Is Covering the War in Israel and Gaza Better Than X 2023 Israel–Hamas war I thought this person was fictional. But it is real: Jackson Hinkle This week’s most debated and worked entries about the war on Wikipedia: 2023 Israel–Hamas war protests Al-Shifa Hospital siege and bombing Palestinian genocide accusation From the river to the … Read more

Just released my first AI made video

I already use VEED to edit my videos from time to time but with the VideoGPT by VEED that is operated through Chat GPT. This was exactly what I was looking for and hopefully I will more videos to come:)

A video: “Getting Schooled by Generative AI”

  00:05 The use of generative AI in schools is changing the way students and teachers interact 02:35 Schools and districts are embracing generative AI for education 05:06 The use of AI in education empowers teachers and students. 07:26 Generative AI is a powerful tool that can reveal people’s true nature. 09:40 Schools have access … Read more