A video: “If You Think That OG Facebook Is Dead, Think Again”

  “If You Think That OG Facebook Is Dead, Think Again” Summarized by merlin app: 00:01 OG Facebook is still the most lucrative social media platform in the world. 01:55 OG Facebook’s longevity and user base make it highly profitable 03:37 Different social media platforms attract different age demographics and income levels. 05:12 Facebook’s core … Read more

CFC for our Book Project: “Understanding Generative AI in a Cultural Context: Artificial Myths and Human Realities”

Dear Friends and Colleagues,  I have started a project with my graduate students that is becoming an edited volume. With an ethnographic sensibility, we are conducting research and collecting case studies on generative AI usage in different fields.  I would love to get scholarly contributions from those who read this message. Please feel free to … Read more

My op-ed on “How AI will transform education”

This piece was originally published in Turkish here. Translated via DeepL How AI will transform education We are in the early years of the productive AI revolution. It is hard to predict what kind of transformation will take place in which sector, but it will undoubtedly affect every industry. Education is one of the most … Read more

A video: “Why Tesla’s Cybertruck Is So Hard To Manufacture”

Summarized by merlin app: 00:09 Tesla’s Cybertruck is a major manufacturing challenge. 02:16 Tesla’s Cybertruck design is a result of using stainless steel. 03:59 Tesla’s Cybertruck faced significant manufacturing challenges and delays. 05:51 Tesla’s ultra-hard stainless steel poses unique manufacturing challenges. 07:34 Manufacturing challenges with stainless steel in Cybertruck production 09:32 Tesla’s challenge in achieving … Read more

A video: “WhatsApp Has Officially Given Up On Making Money”

Summarized by merlin app: 00:03 WhatsApp struggles to make money despite its massive user base. 01:50 WhatsApp has struggled to monetize since its inception and has been running at a significant loss. 03:34 WhatsApp’s financial situation worsened after being acquired by Facebook. 05:28 WhatsApp could have earned over $10 billion per year in revenue 07:06 … Read more

A video: “How YouTube Won the Streaming Wars”

Summarized by merlin app: 00:01 YouTube has seen the steepest increase in view time over the past year. 01:13 Hollywood worried about Silicon Valley’s threat as digital companies like Netflix entered the market. 02:29 Streaming services are facing financial challenges due to increased borrowing costs and stagnant subscriber growth. 03:40 $160 billion – Apple’s borrowing … Read more

My piece on TikTok Ban: “Possible US ban on TikTok could deal a major blow to the fight for internet freedom

This piece was originally published in Turkish. It was translated with DeepL to English. Possible US ban on TikTok could deal a major blow to the fight for internet freedom. The possibility of TikTok being banned in the US has been on the agenda for a while. Prof. Erkan Saka from Bilgi University Faculty of … Read more

A video: What Happened To Panasonic?

Summarized by MerlinApp: 00:02 Panasonic’s decline is due to neglecting their roots. 02:23 Panasonic’s fall from grace due to failure to adapt 04:47 Konosuke’s journey from poverty to success in the electrical business. 06:52 Konosuke’s dedication to experimentation led to Panasonic’s growth 08:59 Konosuke revolutionized marketing and restructuring at Panasonic 11:05 Panasonic faced challenges post-war … Read more

A video: “Ads Are Ruining Everything”

Summarized by Merlinapp: 00:02 YouTube and other free services are increasing the number of ads and taking away user control. 01:45 The tech industry’s obsession with freemium and why it may be coming to an end. 03:41 Users are indirectly paying for Microsoft software while with new age companies like YouTube, the end users don’t … Read more

A video: “Microsoft Gave Up On Social Media. But They’re The Real Winners”

Sumamrized by Merlin app. 00:02 LinkedIn is the most powerful social media platform in the world. 01:48 Microsoft got more value from LinkedIn than Facebook did from WhatsApp 03:36 LinkedIn’s steady growth and unique demographics set it apart in the social media landscape. 05:16 LinkedIn’s userbase is older and more successful compared to other platforms. … Read more

A video: “Why Pegasus Spyware FAILED Israel During Hamas Attack”

  00:07 Hamas launched a full-scale invasion of southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, resulting in a catastrophic intelligence failure on Israel’s part. 02:47 Pegasus spyware failed Israel during Hamas attack 05:24 Pegasus spyware has been misused for government surveillance and targeting of journalists and activists. 07:50 Pegasus spyware enables extensive phone data access and … Read more

A video: How Does Airplane Wi-Fi Work?

Summarized by Merlinapp: 00:01 Airline industry improves flying experience 00:50 Airplane Wi-Fi uses satellite and air-to-ground transmission systems. 01:37 Airplane Wi-Fi speed limitations due to a small radio spectrum slice 02:27 Airplane Wi-Fi speed and limitations 03:13 New satellite antennas improve airplane Wi-Fi speed and capacity. 04:02 Advanced car band antennas improve airplane Wi-Fi capabilities. … Read more

As the US legislators try to ban TikTok, doesn’t this mean that Chinese cyber sovereignty perspective wins?

China has a cyber sovereignty policy that emphasizes the concept of cyber sovereignty as a guiding principle in cyberspace governance. This policy is aimed at asserting control over information, cybersecurity, technological independence, and international influence. China’s cyber sovereignty efforts encompass both domestic and international components, leading to a less open and free internet environment. The … Read more

An anthropologist’s observations: “For the Love of Cats in Turkey”

For the Love of Cats in Turkey SAPIENS by Emily Sekine On a visit to feline-friendly Turkey, an anthropologist considers what long-standing practices of caring for cats reveal about human societies. ✽ While visiting eastern Turkey to climb Mount Ararat, I discovered a nice cafe called Ru Sahaf in the town of Doğubayazıt. I had arrived … Read more

A video: “Stop Using Tor With VPNs”

Here are the highlights provided Merlin app: 00:03 Network Chuck recommends using a VPN for accessing the dark web. 01:33 Using Tor instead of VPNs provides stronger security and privacy. 03:03 Using Tor can help hide your internet activity from your ISP and protect your privacy. 04:32 Blocking VPN connections in China and the limitations … Read more