#Europe agenda: Protests against corruption in Romania continue; “Steinmeier elected German president…

Debate: Protests against corruption in Romania continue euro|topics   The Romanian government has withdrawn its controversial decree decriminalising certain corruption offences. At the same time Prime Minister Grindeanu announced that a new bill with similar content would be presented to parliament. Despite the government’s climbdown hundreds of thousands across Romania demonstrated against corruption on Sunday. The … Read more

#Europe agenda: “Romania justice minister quits over corruption bill protests….

Romania confidence vote falls but more protests planned BBC News | Europe | World Edition   A confidence vote fails but the government faces more protests over moves to relax corruption measures. Romania justice minister quits over corruption bill protests BBC News | Europe | World Edition   The scrapped decree would have shielded many politicians from … Read more

#Eurosphere agenda: Massive anti-corruption protests in Romania continues…

Romania leaders under growing pressure amid protests BBC News | Europe | World Edition   A new decree to free officials jailed for corruption has sparked outrage across Romania. Romania protests continue against government ‘thieves’ Aljazeera.com–3 hours ago “I do not want to divide Romania,” a pale and tired-looking Grindeanu said in a televised address, sparking … Read more

#Eurosphere – “Finland Starts Handing Out a Basic Income

Finland Starts Handing Out a Basic Income MIT Technology Review   A few unemployed Finns are receiving a monthly check with no strings attached—but it’s unlikely to tell us whether universal basic income is a good idea. Eurozone inflation surges to 1.1% in December BBC News | Europe | World Edition   Eurozone inflation surges to 1.1%, … Read more

Journalism agenda: Netzpolitik debate in Germany More terrorism-related accusations against journalists…

Germany’s top prosecutor fired for bringing “treason” charge against Netzpolitik Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow Harald Range was due to retire this year, but he was fired first when he refused to end his ridiculous treason witch hunt against Netzpolitik, who published revelations from the Snowden docs.   Journalists around the world voice support for Netzpolitik after … Read more

Such a shame. İlhan Sami Çomak in prison for 21 years 42-year-old man, standing trial for an anti-terror case since 1994.

Turkish court decides to continue detainment for imprisoned suspect of 21 years An Istanbul court has ruled for the continuation of a 21-year-long detainment of a 42-year-old man, who has been standing trial for an anti-terror case since 1994. Petition launched for journalist Baransu to be released immediately Today’s Zaman (blog) “When the Justice and Development … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: One year after Euromaidan… UKIP has another seat in parliament…

One Year Later: Ukrainians Remember Euromaidan Online Global Voices Online by Tetyana Lokot Euromaidan protesters sing the Ukrainian anthem in central Kyiv. Photo from Demotix.   VIDEO: Ukraine uprising: One year on  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Services have been held in Ukraine to mark the anniversary of the mass protests which sparked the downfall … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “The rise of Podemos…”33 European languages in danger of extinction

The centre is falling apart across Europe theguardian.com – Ian Traynor – Nov 15, 4:04 PM – Wednesday morning in Brussels and Beppe Grillo has brought his anti-establishment roadshow to the European parliament. The committee room is packed, standing room only for the former standup act. Once he gets going, Grillo resembles a force of … Read more

Leaving Bucharest soon…I already left, back in Istanbul

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An Atatürk statue in Bucharest streets

I cannot escape from Atatürk. He is everywhere:)

ASLS people did a great job, we have finished a very well organized conference thanks to Mihaela and her friends. And how hospitable they were! Among the people I met, Onnik (Armenia) and Jacop (Poland) has to be mentioned particularly but I was also excited to meet people from Azerbaijan (Emin and Parvana) and Georgia (especially Dodie!). Although Turkey is very close to Azerbaijan through national ties and all, I don’t think I have had made any intelligible conversation with any Azeris before.So this was the first time.

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Day 1 at the World Blogging Forum

This is a post to be built all day…

WBF in Twitter.

Erkan decides to be think more about microblogging. This conference turns out to have main focus on microblogging.

Ramon Stoppelenburg narrates his story. He says any innovative move in internet will win… Boy, it is such a story. Who is this crazy dutch guy? Check out the links below:


The Dutch Ramon Stoppelenburg (1976) started blogging from his student loft somewhere in 1998. But he became world famous for being the first ever person to travel the world for free, totally relying on the hospitality of strangers from all over the world, who invited him over through his website www.letmestayforaday.com. Over 3,577 people from 72 countries invited him over and from 2001 to 2003 he travelled through 18 countries in total, varying from Norway to South Africa and from Australia to Canada. In return for the offered hospitality he received, he wrote extensive daily reports about his whereabouts, his hosts, their life and the culture of the country he was visiting. His website had once processed over 1,2 million visits in one month. The British Sunday Times even called him the Internet Personality of the Year 2001.

Erkan is in Bucharest, Romania attending World Blogging Forum

After a hectic day yesterday, I got the visa, flew to Bucharest, attended the welcome party and now I am getting ready for the Forum to start with a little hangover….Well, a clerk in the consulate makes such a difference. Because Mihaela wanted my try again, I went back to consulate yesterday and they issued … Read more