Oh dear @RiceUniversity I am proud of you: “Rice University eliminates tuition for all but wealthiest students, makes housing free for poorest

The university I got my Ph.D. degree, as you all know, all the story of Erkan’s Field Diary started there… Rice University eliminates tuition for all but wealthiest students, makes housing free for poorest Boing Boing From its founding in 1912 until 1965, Houston’s Rice University was free to attend; but today, Rice has joined other US universities … Read more

Erkan talks to Changing Turkey blog

Interview with Dr. Erkan SAKA on Media and Politics February 1, 2010 by Changing Turkey 1. Could you tell us a bit about your recent/forthcoming publications? I had produced three articles/essays during my dissertation research. One was related to a theoretical discussion on Assemblage (Marcus George E. and Erkan Saka, 2006, ?Assemblage?, Theory, Culture & Society, … Read more

Rest and peace in Houston

  After all, what I do need is some rest and this is what I do after my first post-defense days. Now it sinks in well, that I finished up my long educational life and I achieved what I intended to do at the end of high school. I had secretly changed my study topic … Read more

Erkan's thesis is accepted…

…with some revision requests. I will work on these while I am in Houston as I had already planned….   Now I just want to have a peaceful sleep…. Photo credit: İpek Martinez

Today is the day.

So here comes the day. The very raison d’etat of this blog. The defense ritual will start at 14:30 (at 22:30 in Istanbul)

Stress, recovery, stress, recovery…

Ebru and I had managed to stress ourselves to the end last Friday night. I don’t know how it started. We had studied in Ebru’s temporary office all day, in a base-floor office with no windows. It was an unlikely cloudy and depressive weather Houston had. Ebru was working on a particular chapter she has … Read more

Day 3 and 4

  Defense will take place in this room… Anthropology Reading Room as it is known.   Oh boy, I was stressing about driving. As if I have not mastered driving in Istanbul. But getting to know the car is important. My Hyundai Getz, my very first car is comfortable. This older Ford car is not … Read more

Early hours of the third day…

This is the third day. I haven’t made it to the campus yet but it is still noon. It is Christmas time and Ayhan, who hosts me, is extremely busy. We will rent a car soon and I can then be mobile. Today Ayhan Yuce was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article. Congratulations Ayhan! … Read more

Erkan is in Houston

My dear readers, please accept my apologies. I have had some hectic days and I stopped blogging completely. I have arrived Houston last afternoon and slept in until a few hours ago. I still yet to settle down and start my usual online life. In the mean time, i wanted to drop a line. For the long … Read more

Revised draft sent, Erkan will soon be in Houston…

  Now that draft sent, Erkan can enjoy Saturday night derby between Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe. It is an away game for Beşitaş. Photo, from Beşiktaş-Eskişehir game, credit goes to Milliyet daily.    I have just sent the 10th (last) chapter.  This means I have just sent the revised draft. I will be arriving Houston on … Read more

Just one more chapter to go…

From the Beşiktaş-Eskişehir game last Sunday. Yes, I could not keep my promise, I am back to the games. A week later, Erkan feels fine. I had gone through three major chapters. Created a new synopsis in which I believe I have a real argument and I am getting ready to send my revised chapters. … Read more

the Battle of Chapter 009

So now with hope and more confidence I am working on the draft. I can now think there is more or less coherence in most of the chapters and with a better introduction, I can provide a more organized draft. There is one chapter left that is the most chaotic but theoretically the most colorful … Read more

Galip and Erkan

Since Tuesday, Galip hoca took me under his wings, and so I am not all lost. I woke up to start a better day and I am now working on draft with a clearer mind. I am gratefull to all my colleagues here and my friends all over the world. They all do their best … Read more

Just a little better….

I am trying to work on the text according to my adviser’s comments. This is a traumatic pre-defense period. I knew it was coming, I observed in many of friends’ pre-defense days but it cannot be helped, I have to live it through. I guess I am reaching a lower point where I am emotionally … Read more

Erkan just received a feedback mail…

…from his adviser.  Not a positive one. No changes in the defense day but I will have to sweat more, it seems. I have had nothing easily in my life and dissertation defense will not be an exception…