Eurosphere agenda: “Pirates of the European Union

Pirates of the European Union  open Democracy News Analysis – by Louise Olsson Only when we approach gender equality mainstreaming in a more strategic way can we claim that gender equality is a fundamental principle of European Union Common Security and Defence Policy missions. MAIN FOCUS: Hollande wants a government for the Eurozone | 21/07/2015 euro|topics Against … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Tsipras’s tough domestic test….

Greek PM defends ‘harsh’ debt deal  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras vows to implement eurozone deal, but makes clear he does not believe in it Greece’s Tsipras’s tough domestic test BBC News | Europe | World Edition After the marathon, Greek PM faces sprint to reform Leaked IMF report says Greece … Read more

Cengiz Aktar: Alman AB?

Alman AB? View image | Avrupa’nın birliğinin fikir babalarından Jean Monnet 25 Mart 1957’de parafe edilen kurucu antlaşmaların Bundestag’da onaylandığı 5 Temmuz 1958’de “Almanya’nın kıtadan kopma riski böylece uzaklaşmakta, uzun zamandır muğlak bir tavır içerisinde olan Alman kamuoyu Batı’dan yana tavır almış bulunmaktadır” diye yazar. 1945 öncesinde, aklı her daim Doğu’da, bir nevî Batı … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Greeks say No #Grefenderum

Greek voters reject bailout offer  BBC News | Europe | World Edition With almost all the votes from a crucial referendum counted, Greeks overwhelmingly reject bailout terms offered by international creditors. No in Greek referendum marks profound change for Europe no matter what happens next  Open Europe blog by Raoul Ruparel No in Greek referendum marks profound … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “the new far-right political group in the European Parliament…”Grexit talks…

Teen jailed for German student death  BBC News | Europe | World Edition An eighteen year-old man is given three years in youth custody over the death of a German student teacher who was hailed as national hero. Dissolve the eurozone, says new extreme right group Marine Le Pen has presented her new Polish and British … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: European Games open in a country where no European values can be found… “Eurozone formally discusses Greek default for first time…

Azerbaijan Pulls Out The Stops For The European Games — Without European … BuzzFeed News But, after all the years preparing and all the billions spent, Aliyev found himself sharing a VIP podium with the strongmen likes of Russia’s Vladimir Putin; Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan; and the presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan, who . … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “How the Pirates in Germany have lost their way… “Milk quotas come to an end…

How the Pirates in Germany have lost their way  open Democracy News Analysis – by Alessio Colonnelli Is there any connection between the decline of the Pirate Party and the rise of the right-wing Alternative for Germany?   MAIN FOCUS: Milk quotas come to an end | 01/04/2015 euro|topics The EU will abolish the milk quota system … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Anti-corruption parties shake Spain… “Germany ends teacher headscarf ban….

Why we occupy: Dutch universities at the crossroads open Democracy News Analysis – by Enzo Rossi, Johan Hartle, Robin Celikates and Nicholas Vrousalis The Netherlands, a mere 10 years behind the UK, seems eager to catch up. Twin pressures of authoritarianism from above and neoliberalism from below make it necessary to develop the democratic alternative put … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “EU anti-establishment parties rise…”Eurozone officials not optimistic on Greek deal…

EU anti-establishment parties rise BBC News | Europe | World Edition What is fuelling rise of anti-establishment parties in EU? VIDEO: The Grexit explained – in 60 seconds  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Could Greece’s debt problems force it out of the eurozone? BBC News takes a snapshot view of the debt crisis. MAIN FOCUS: Fatal … Read more