Toxicity in Turkish football finally lead to a next level of crisis: Attack on a referee, suspension of the league

Toxicity in Turkish football finally lead to a next level of crisis: Attack on a referee The attack was started by a club president. Let’s see what happens to him since he is well connected to ruling party circles. Halil Umut Meler, a Turkish football referee, was the victim of a shocking act of violence … Read more

What I learnt from Tiktok?

During the pandemic, I started to follow TikTok. It was the first social media platform where I could not become a real content producer. However, it has become a good venue to follow so much stuff and popular trends I would miss otherwise. A few days ago, I thought, why not list what I have … Read more

Just released my first AI made video

I already use VEED to edit my videos from time to time but with the VideoGPT by VEED that is operated through Chat GPT. This was exactly what I was looking for and hopefully I will more videos to come:)

A fantastic study: Heavy Metals that mention ancient Anatolian Civilizations

This guy in a Turkish Heavy metal blog prepared a hundred-page study. The title and introduction are misleading and nationalistic but the following pages are fantastic! Here is the link Italian power/progressive metal band TURBOANGEL is one of the bands that focus on Pergamon/Pergamum. The band’s 1999 EP “As Cold As Ice” opens with the … Read more

A tribute to Erkin Koray

Since 13, I listen to heavy metal and its derivatives. I never had a close relationship with Turkish music. If I ever listened to it, it was a derivative of Anatolian rock genres. Regarding Anatolian rock, Erkin Koray is a pioneer, and I listened to him a lot. He recently passed away. I am quite … Read more

This made my day: “Why metalheads are happier people?

Music makes us happy. Millions of people can agree on that. But heavy metal? A genre that is often described as deafening and aggressive, how is can that make people happy? Are the headbanging, beer-drinking and blackclad metal fans even happier than other people? Surely, that can’t be.But psychologist Nico Rose argues the contrary. In … Read more

I have no interest in the World Cup

FIFA is corrupt, the West is quite hypocritical when it comes to financial matters, and there might also be prejudices against Arabs and Muslims, but in the last analysis, the World Cup that takes place in Qatar is blasphemy, and I refuse to follow all Tiktok influencers who are bought, and I refuse to follow … Read more

A requiem for the coffeehouses

One of the major victims of the pandemic is the coffeehouses. I always found them as a place of refuge. I had spent so much time when I was younger when I was continuously depressive. That’s where I would lose some of the despair by playing cards or other games with my few close friends. … Read more

“Digging for Our Families” A documentary by Nikolia Apostolou (@NikoliaA)

My old friend Nikolia made a short documentary on a group of young Cypriot scientists, both Turkish-Cypriot and Greek-Cypriot, that are looking for the people from the Cyprus Conflict. They’re trying to heal the island’s wounds and bring the two sides closer. I could not access through my Prime account in Turkey yet but for … Read more

Istanbul scenes from a movie of 1960s (L’immortelle)

I came across a movie recently: L’immortelle (1963). It was a movie recommended by Criticker. I had no idea this movie takes place in İstanbul. Istanbul old city in the 1960s… Enjoy (if you can)

Listening to Erkin Koray’s “A September Evening” (The song that inspired “Paint It, Black”)

I am still not settled yet in Boston as I have arrived last night in the middle of the polar vortex. In the meantime, check out this song that had supposedly inspired Rolling Stone’s Paint It, Black (The claim here) I had previously mentioned this Youtube account that archives Anatolian Rock of 1960s and 1970s with … Read more

The Protector (from Netflix)

Just finished the Protector. I don’t know why but the show reminded me of Netflix’s failing “Iron Fist”.  The only reason I finished the first season was to see places where the scenes took place. I kind of missed Istanbul. I guess scenes from  Istanbul might be attractive for Netflix’s international audience, too. There are … Read more

Bohemian Rhapsody

I watched Bohemian Rhapsody yesterday with a few friends. I do not know why I am so lachrymose sometimes.

Turkish football tonight….

Run, Forrest, Run! — Troll Football Media (@Troll__Footbal) November 2, 2018 From the Istanbul derby, Galatasaray vs. Fenerbahçe…

“The Blacklist” for binge watching

I regularly watch something(s) but rarely I can concentrate for a long time. I guess I have gone through most of the thrilling stuff already. However, I am into binge-watching The Blacklist now. I don’t think it is a super-qualified TV show but I love James Spader’s performance- as I liked a lot some of … Read more