What for? “TRT World interviewed self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate over an iftar dinner.

Turkey’s state broadcaster TRT World has interviewed self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate over an iftar dinner. Tate has been facing trial in Romania as well as the UK with his brother for human trafficking, rape, and sexual assault charges. Turkey’s state broadcaster TRT World has interviewed self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate over an iftar dinner. Tate has … Read more

An anthropologist’s observations: “For the Love of Cats in Turkey”

For the Love of Cats in Turkey SAPIENS by Emily Sekine On a visit to feline-friendly Turkey, an anthropologist considers what long-standing practices of caring for cats reveal about human societies. ✽ While visiting eastern Turkey to climb Mount Ararat, I discovered a nice cafe called Ru Sahaf in the town of Doğubayazıt. I had arrived … Read more

Suhur in Gaziantep

My nephew, now close to 5, is growing fast, and Sinem and I want to see him as many times as possible before he loses his baby charm. My sister and her husband are currently stationed in Nizip, Gaziantep, serving as a judge and a prosecutor, respectively. So, for the weekend, we flew to Gaziantep … Read more

Just finished a fantastic book about “White Slaves”

A former graduate student of mine published a book on “White Slaves.” These were mostly Circassians (and many Caucasian region people labeled as Circassians), and although slavery was banned in the late Ottoman Empire, slavery continued until the 1940s in Anatolia albeit in a a very smaller scale! This is quite an awakening moment for … Read more

Our class project on Turkish Elections

We have been keeping a tab on Turkiye’s elections for years. The whole project is here. It needs a design overhaul, but the content is still valuable. It depends on students’ willingness to contribute, so the data we can collect differs in every election. Still I try to supervise and hopefully it will be more … Read more

A catastrophic mining accident may have happened in Erzincan

As usual, we don’t have much details. Canadian ambassador denied it but the mining was operated by a company based in Canada. A mining accident occurred in Erzincan, Turkey, where a pipe carrying cyanide solution burst at the Copler Gold Mine, causing 20 cubic meters of toxic solution to spill into the Karasu River, which … Read more

Why now? “Elif Şafak to pay compensation to Mine Kırıkkanat for alleged plagiarism

I could never like either Şafak or Kırıkkanat. Şafak is beloved by Western audiences. Kırıkkanat is as Western as Şafak, but she has this strong secular nationalism that is very hostile to Islam and some other local values or practices. Kırıkkanat is the symbol of Turkey’s old secular and Kemalist elites who lost power in … Read more

No good times to play football for Israeli players in Turkey

My already busy schedule has gotten even busier in the last weeks, and I could not blog some of the news on time. One is the Israeli players in Turkey. Mr. Jehezkel was deported even before he could realize what was happening. As far as I know, one more Israeli player has lost his job.  … Read more

Meet not the first Turkish but Türkiye’s first astronout: Alper Gezeravci

Some immediately pointed out that some Turkish originated persons already in the Soviet era: No. 3rd human who reached to the space was Turkic. He passed away by holding Chuvash Republic citizenship. During his life, he was proud of his Turkic heritage. https://t.co/ELIWkJvS0I pic.twitter.com/gquVUNk2zN — Gökhan Cindemir (@gcindemir) January 17, 2024   Turkey’s first astronaut … Read more

Turkey seems to have banned a TV show: Kızıl Goncalar

The third episode could not be broadcast due to a case order. “Kizil Goncalar” is a popular Turkish television series that has been the subject of controversy and calls for a ban. The show, which highlights the division between religious and secular segments of society, has faced backlash since its first aired on December 18, … Read more

Why Fatih Terim moved to Panathinaikos?

Why Fatih Terim moved to Panathinaikos? I know it is late. He already won his first game. I could never like this well-connected macho guy.  He evaded the latest allegations in a fraud case and abruptly moved to Greece. Some messy stuff we will never know about? Fatih Terim is in Panathinaikos as the team’s … Read more

Toxicity in Turkish football finally lead to a next level of crisis: Attack on a referee, suspension of the league

Toxicity in Turkish football finally lead to a next level of crisis: Attack on a referee The attack was started by a club president. Let’s see what happens to him since he is well connected to ruling party circles. Halil Umut Meler, a Turkish football referee, was the victim of a shocking act of violence … Read more

Many Islamists in Turkey exploit the cause of Palestine for their own agenda- no surprise here

Unlike the European countries, I do not observe any genuine popular rallies about the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Islamists appropriated the Palestine case so powerfully that no others would like to be involved in any rallies. That does not mean that citizens are insensitive, but it is quite difficult to frame the case without aligning with … Read more

A kind of “judiciary coup” may be happening: Court of Cessation vs. Constitutional Court

Recently, there has been a disagreement between Turkey’s top appeals court, the Court of Cassation, and the Constitutional Court over the case of imprisoned parliamentarian Can Atalay[1][2][5][6]. The Constitutional Court ordered the release of Atalay last month, ruling that his imprisonment violated his rights to security, liberty, and the right to be elected[1][5]. However, the … Read more

Here is a comprehensive archive of Atatürk images

Yiğit Konur on Twitter said: Unfortunately, there was no comprehensive archive containing all photographs of Atatürk. So I scanned all local & international archives. I eliminated the similar ones in a total of 10K+ photos with AI and reduced the number to 1100. I increased the resolution to 4K + colourised. Now in one archive … Read more