In the last few days, Turkey detained more than 1K police offices, attacked Kurdish positions in Syria and kept bickering with the EU….

Over 1,000 Police Officers Are Detained in Raids in Turkey NYT > Turkey by By PATRICK KINGSLEY In the biggest sweep since the referendum on presidential powers, those arrested were accused of being “secret imams” for the American-based cleric Fethullah Gulen. 9,103 Police Officers Suspended Security General Directorate has announced that 9,103 law enforcement staff members have … Read more

2.5 Million Votes Might be Manipulated but police is already after protesters #TurkeyReferendum

Council of Europe Observer: 2.5 Million Votes Might be Manipulated Bianet :: English Alev Korun from the Council of Europe Delegation of Observers has said “The YSK has made a decision to count unsealed ballots valid in contravention of the law”. Supreme Election Board’s decision on rejecting annulment of referendum final, issue is over: Erdoğan  President Recep … Read more

The Guardian piece on Asli Erdogan…

Turkish author Asli Erdogan on her 136 days in jail  BBC News | Europe | World Edition   Turkish author Asli Erdogan was jailed for 136 days over her links with a pro-Kurdish newspaper. Doorstep demand BBC News | Europe | World Edition   Asli Erdogan could face life in jail after being accused of involvement in … Read more

Fistfight, violent brawl accompanies debate on constitutional reform in the parliament, but President Erdoğan already declared: ‘That referendum will take place’

CHP’s Fatma Kaplan: To Hell with Your Presidential System, to Hell with Your Ambition  Bianet :: English   Beaten while warning AKP MPs who weren’t complying with voting procedures during discussions on 3rd Article of constitutional amendment talks, CHP MP Fatma Hürriyet Kaplan has protested the incident on parliamentary rostrum. ‘That referendum will take place,’ vows President … Read more

A nation of informants: “Turkey pays TL 2.4 million in rewards to citizen-informants in 2016”

Turkey pays TL 2.4 million in rewards to citizen-informants in 2016 || …   ************ Turkish Central Bank keeps rates unchanged in unexpected move Hurriyet Daily News   Turkey’s Central Bank unexpectedly maintained interest rates on Dec. 20, noting that the aggregate demand developments had restrained negative foreign exchange movements. Gov’t-led charter changes bring constitutional dictatorship: CHP … Read more

EDRI Statement: “State of emergency worsens digital crackdown in Turkey”

Turkey’s Free Press Withers Under Erdogan’s Crackdown New York Times – Rod Nordland – Nov 17, 2:40 AM The jailings are the most obvious example of an effort to muzzle not just the free press, but free speech generally. More than 3,000 Turks have faced charges for insulting the president, including a former Miss Turkey, … Read more

As police raids HDP protesters, “PM Admits Deliberate Internet Cut Off”

PM Admits Deliberate Internet Cut Off Bianet :: English About Internet cut off, PM Yıldırım has said that things will return to normal “after the threat is parried”. Problems in access to social media in Turkey a ‘security measure,’ says PM The slowdown in internet connection experienced throughout Turkey are a “security measure” taken by the government, … Read more

Today is the 93rd anniversary of the Turkish republic…

Turkey celebrates 93rd anniversary of the republic The celebrations marking the 93rd anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic began on Oct. 29 with a ceremony at the mausoleum of founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk One woman’s journey from prisoner to mayor – Mar 23, 2015, 2:10 AM Author: Amberin Zaman March 23, 2015 Gultan … Read more

There Lira in free fall: 1 USD: 3.10 TL

Turkish Lira hits record low against dollar on political worries, Fed’s rate hike signals The Turkish Lira hit a record low against the dollar on Oct. 13 over fears that political uncertainty could be triggered by a fresh government move to push through legislation introducing an executive presidential system BP refutes claims about exiting Turkish market BP … Read more

Parliamentary system is dead: “Turkey extends state of emergency for additional three months”

Turkey extends state of emergency for additional three months The Turkish government has extended the state of emergency, first implemented in the aftermath of the July 15 coup attempt, for an additional three-month period, Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş announced on Oct. 3 Turkey’s great purge BBC News | Europe | World Edition Public sector staff are … Read more

Turkey announces 174 jails to be built while Former torture methods reemerge in Turkish prisons according to Human Rights Association…

Former torture methods reemerge in Turkish prisons: Human Rights Association Notorious former prison torture methods have reemerged during the state of emergency declared after the July 15 failed coup attempt, in addition to overcrowding and poor conditions in Turkey’s jails, according to the Human Rights Association (İHD) 174 jails to be built in Turkey More than 170 … Read more

After all, “Turkish government seeks to mend ties with Israel, Egypt…

Turkish government seeks to mend ties with Israel, Egypt A nine-hour-long Turkish cabinet meeting chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Feb. 22 focused on foreign policy, with the future of Ankara’s bilateral relations Israel and Egypt as well as its position regarding the Syrian conflict reviewed in a bid to update its roadmap on these … Read more

3 HDP deputies to hunger strike as conditions in Cizre and Sur deteriorates for residents…

3 HDP MPs on Hunger Strike for Ambulance to Reach Injured Bianet :: English Three HDP MPs who got no results from their meetings with Ministry of Interior have started hunger strike. Ambulances on Way to Cizre  Bianet :: English Following the meeting between HDP delegation and Ministry of Interior, ambulances have set off for wounded and … Read more

As “EU ‘long way from satisfied’ with Turkish migrant cooperation”, “Turkey plans to issue work permits for Syrians…

Turkey plans to issue work permits for Syrians Ankara is planning to offer Syrian refugees work permits in order to encourage fewer of them to migrate to Europe, Turkish EU Minister Volkan Bozkır said on Jan. 11, amid pressure from the EU to reduce the flow of migrants from Turkey EU ‘long way from satisfied’ with Turkish … Read more

“Istanbul one of four anchor megacities of Europe… Top 10 street food in Istanbul… Istanbul news roundup..

Istanbul one of four anchor megacities of Europe: Research Istanbul has been named one of the four anchor megacities of Europe along with London, Paris and Moscow in terms of its economic and real estate capacity and power, according to research by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Top 10 street food Istanbul has to offer  Mavi Boncuk Mavi … Read more