#PanamaPapers roundup: Iceland’s Prime Minister; the First Casualty

Panama Papers: Pirates Prepare to Takeover Iceland (Update) TorrentFreak by Andy From August 2015, an anonymous source began leaking around 11.5 million secret documents created by the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca to German news outlet Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ). Chinese Censors Erase #PanamaPapers Evidence From Web Global Voices Online by Oiwan Lam Relatives of current top leader … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Erdogan in Brussels for migrant talks While bringing Turkish election campaign to Strasbourg, Brussels

Erdogan in Brussels for migrant talks  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is to hold key talks with EU officials on how to deal with the migrant crisis. MAIN FOCUS: Erdoğan and EU haggle over refugee policy | 05/10/2015 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will meet with EU representatives in … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Anti-austerity Protests against new #ECB HQ in full gear in #Frankfurt #blockupy #18M

Riot in Frankfurt targets new ECB HQ BBC News | Europe | World Edition Anti-austerity protesters in the German city of Frankfurt burn police cars in protest at the opening of the European Central Bank’s new building. EU Summit live: Energy, Ukraine to dominate talks  EurActiv.com Energy Union, and the tensions with Russia, will dominate EU leaders’ … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Anti-corruption parties shake Spain… “Germany ends teacher headscarf ban….

Why we occupy: Dutch universities at the crossroads open Democracy News Analysis – by Enzo Rossi, Johan Hartle, Robin Celikates and Nicholas Vrousalis The Netherlands, a mere 10 years behind the UK, seems eager to catch up. Twin pressures of authoritarianism from above and neoliberalism from below make it necessary to develop the democratic alternative put … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: ECB harsh on Athens… “Europe leaders in Ukraine peace bid…

Europe leaders in Ukraine peace bid BBC News | Europe | World Edition German and French leaders are heading to Kiev with a new peace initiative amid escalating fighting in the east of Ukraine. Don’t humiliate us, says Greece BBC News | Europe | World Edition Greece’s new finance minister Yanis Varoufakis urges Germany not to humiliate … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Euro slides to a nine-year low…”In Europe, Pirates and The Copyright Law

Northern Ireland’s incomplete peace: young feminists speak out open Democracy News Analysis – by Claire Pierson and Maria Deiana   Organising around a belief in feminism’s ability to articulate and represent visions of peace and politics, a new generation of feminists is emerging to challenge the traditional rigidity of Northern Irish politics.   Pipes for South Stream … Read more

Back to West. Turkey announces EU accession strategy and says it plans to stop flow of IS fighters

Turkey announces EU accession strategy  EurActiv.com Turkey said today (18 September) that crises in the Middle East and elsewhere made closer co-operation between Ankara and the European Union essential and announced a new programme to revive the country’s stalled drive for EU membership. EU Minister promotes Turkey’s new EU strategy Turkey provides a more detailed account of how … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “EU delays sanctions against Russia…Scottish referendum …”EU rejects Google’s antitrust deal again

  Parties back more Scotland powers  BBC News | Europe | The Scottish leaders of the three main pro-Union parties back more powers for Scotland on the day another poll suggests little between the two sides. Scottish referendum – A humble opinion from France Ideas on Europe In February 2005, three months before the French referendum on … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: Bulgaria protests, Progress report: EU banking union, La Barroso bashing in France…

‘Le Barroso bashing’ continues in France If you thought the wave of French attacks on European Commission President José Manuel Barroso was ebbing away, you were wrong. Today, it was the turn of French Socialist MP Claude Bartolone – who’s also the President of the National Assembly, the lower house of the French parliament – … Read more

“Jürgen Habermas lecture in Leuven about the European crisis… and a Eurosphere roundup…

Footnotes on Jürgen Habermas lecture in Leuven about the European crisis from Blogactiv by Protesilaos Stavrou   Mopping up after Sarkozy from Blogactiv by Florian Pantazi François Hollande, the French president, is currently back from a state visit to China. Hollande hopes to expand trade in Asia, as France?s current account deficit has reached 75 … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: “Trust in the EU at an all time low”, “The day after Draghi

Trust in the EU at an all time low by Open Europe blog team * Plenty for Barroso to contemplate The European Commission has published the results of its latest Eurobarometer survey. Here are some interesting findings: Spanish government vs Spanish regions: Episode 98,640 (and counting) by Open Europe blog team Fresh skirmishes between the … Read more