From 2015 to 2019. Disappearance of a historical site, Sur in Diyarbakır

via  After the heavy fightings in the summer of 2015, Diyarbakır’s From Wikipedia: 2015 conflict and rebuilding of the district[edit] In 2015, militants linked to the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) entered Sur district, erected barricades and dug ditches in the streets.[6][7] The local authority banned public gatherings and imposed a curfew, and the Turkish Army deployed about 200 troops … Read more

Fistfight, violent brawl accompanies debate on constitutional reform in the parliament, but President Erdoğan already declared: ‘That referendum will take place’

CHP’s Fatma Kaplan: To Hell with Your Presidential System, to Hell with Your Ambition  Bianet :: English   Beaten while warning AKP MPs who weren’t complying with voting procedures during discussions on 3rd Article of constitutional amendment talks, CHP MP Fatma Hürriyet Kaplan has protested the incident on parliamentary rostrum. ‘That referendum will take place,’ vows President … Read more

A nation of informants: “Turkey pays TL 2.4 million in rewards to citizen-informants in 2016”

Turkey pays TL 2.4 million in rewards to citizen-informants in 2016 || …   ************ Turkish Central Bank keeps rates unchanged in unexpected move Hurriyet Daily News   Turkey’s Central Bank unexpectedly maintained interest rates on Dec. 20, noting that the aggregate demand developments had restrained negative foreign exchange movements. Gov’t-led charter changes bring constitutional dictatorship: CHP … Read more

BBC Turkish says reporter, Hatice Kamer, freed in southeast Turkey

BBC Turkish says reporter freed in southeast Turkey Turkish authorities on Nov. 27 freed a reporter for the BBC’s Turkish language service in the southeast of the country after holding her for a day without explanation, the broadcaster said Turkey detains BBC journalist reporting on mine disaster World news: Turkey | by Staff and agencies Hatice … Read more

“Turkish lira hits lowest level since at least 1981”

  Turkish lira hits lowest level since at least 1981 Subscribe to read: Turkish lira hits lowest level since at least 1981 Already a subscriber? Sign in here Free delivery to your home or office, Monday to Saturday FT Weekend – a stimulating blend of news and lifestyle Unlimited access to all content What … Read more

After leadership arrests, Turkey’s HDP decides to halt parliamentary works….

Turkey’s HDP decides to halt parliamentary works after arrest of deputies The Kurdish issue-focused Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) has decided to halt all its parliamentary works following the arrest of nine of its lawmakers, including co-chairs Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ, private broadcaster CNN Türk has reported. Turkey’s crackdown on Cumhuriyet shows true extent of Erdogan’s wrath … Read more

As police raids HDP protesters, “PM Admits Deliberate Internet Cut Off”

PM Admits Deliberate Internet Cut Off Bianet :: English About Internet cut off, PM Yıldırım has said that things will return to normal “after the threat is parried”. Problems in access to social media in Turkey a ‘security measure,’ says PM The slowdown in internet connection experienced throughout Turkey are a “security measure” taken by the government, … Read more

As “Government control over Turkish media almost complete”, public and private are assisting an internet shutdown in Diyarbakır…

Media Ownership Monitor: Government control over Turkish media almost complete | Reporters without borders – Oct 27, 5:09 AM Penguins became the symbol of the government’s grip on the media in Turkey in 2013, when during the Gezi protests many news channels aired documentaries, one of them on CNN Türk about penguins. Since then … Read more

As bad as it gets… “Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Co-Mayors Kışınak and Anlı in Custody”

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Co-Mayors Kışınak and Anlı in Custody  Bianet :: English Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality co-Mayors Gültan Kışınak and Fırat Anlı have been taken into custody. Turkey detains co-mayors of mainly Kurdish city of Diyarbakir Reuters – Oct 25, 3:58 PM ANKARA Turkish police on Tuesday detained the co-mayors of the mainly Kurdish southeast’s biggest city, … Read more

UNESCO’s hypocrisy: After the destruction “UNESCO vows ‘commitment’ to protect Diyarbakır’s Sur

UNESCO vows ‘commitment’ to protect Diyarbakır’s Sur after Livaneli criticism The United Nations’ cultural agency has reiterated its commitment to – protecting a heritage site in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır Terror attacks increased in Turkey in 2015: US Report Turkey has ranked among countries which saw an increase in terror attacks in 2015, according to the … Read more

The 3rd Bombing in 5 months in #Ankara, we get the news from social media and International Media…

Governorship: 27 Killed in Ankara  Bianet :: English Ankara Governorship has in its initial statement announced that 27 people have been killed, 75 others wounded in the explosion. Broadcast Ban on Explosion in Ankara  Bianet :: English Broadcast ban has been put into effect following the explosion in Ankara. The ban has reportedly includes live broadcasting nearby … Read more

From Twitter Transparency Report to ECHR records, Turkey tops rights violation… ECHR fines Turkey for dismissing cases filed by 1999 quake victims The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has fined Turkey for dismissing lawsuits filed by victims of a 1999 earthquake against contractors of buildings that collapsed in the quake that killed tens of thousands of people in northwestern Turkey GİYAV: 6,417 Children Exposed to Right … Read more

Simon Tisdall: “Ankara bombing: blaming Kurds suits Erdoğan’s political ends…

Ankara bombing: blaming Kurds suits Erdoğan’s political ends World news: Turkey | by Simon Tisdall Turkey’s move sends a message to the US and strengthens its argument for excluding Kurds from Syrian peace talks Ahmet Davutoğlu, Turkey’s prime minister, was keen to make a point. All the evidence suggested that the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection … Read more

Civilians massacred in Cizre, National State TV, TRT teases with it and then retracts its story…

National State TV Draws Back Report ‘60 Terrorists Killed in Cizre’  Bianet :: English National state television TRT has drawn back its report broadcasted with the headline “60 terrorists killed in Cizre” without any explanation. TİHV: 224 Civilians Killed in Curfews  Bianet :: English According to the statement of TİHV, in the districts under curfew, 224 persons … Read more