“Self-immolation of Aaron Bushnell” in Wikipedia

It was one of the most discussed entries last week. Here is the entry link On February 25, 2024, Aaron Bushnell, a 25-year-old serviceman of the United States Air Force, died after setting himself on fire outside the front gate of the Embassy of Israel in Washington, D.C. Immediately prior to the live-streamed act, Bushnell said that he was protesting against “what people … Read more

Navalny is the last of a long list of Putin Critics’ Suspicious deaths

Suspicious deaths of Putin critics include [compiled by Perplexity] Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian spy who defected and was a prominent Putin critic, was murdered with polonium-210 in London in 2006[2]. Anna Politkovskaya, an investigative journalist, was shot dead in her Moscow apartment building in 2006[1][3]. Boris Nemtsov, a vocal critic of Putin’s government, was … Read more

Twitter purge against pro-Palestinian accounts?

After Musk’s visit to Israel things seem to have changed. Some claim that there is an ongoing Twitter purge against pro-Palestinian accounts… Yes, there seems to be a Twitter purge against pro-Palestinian accounts, according to recent tweets and news articles. Elon Musk and Bill Ackman have suspended some accounts that posted in support of Palestine, … Read more

Human controlled AI already used as a killing machine

There is too much anxiety about autonomous AI agents, but humans with power always have the upper hand and do not care about ethics and regulations… The Gospel: Israel turns to a new AI system in the Gaza war Israel has been using artificial intelligence (AI) in the recent war against Hamas. The IDF has … Read more

Many Islamists in Turkey exploit the cause of Palestine for their own agenda- no surprise here

Unlike the European countries, I do not observe any genuine popular rallies about the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Islamists appropriated the Palestine case so powerfully that no others would like to be involved in any rallies. That does not mean that citizens are insensitive, but it is quite difficult to frame the case without aligning with … Read more

Haaretz (@haaretzcom) under attack

The right-wing political establishment threatens the pride of Israeli journalism, Haaretz. I find it a bit strange that the Israeli state has relied on crude misinformation and a few sane voices are under attack. Well, it is such a familiar story…

Follow the war through Wikipedia: It Is Covering the War in Israel and Gaza Better Than X

Wikipedia Is Covering the War in Israel and Gaza Better Than X 2023 Israel–Hamas war I thought this person was fictional. But it is real: Jackson Hinkle This week’s most debated and worked entries about the war on Wikipedia: 2023 Israel–Hamas war protests Al-Shifa Hospital siege and bombing Palestinian genocide accusation From the river to the … Read more

Reading the Jewish Women Fighters’ heroism in the WWII and then looking at the news on Gaza

When I began to read The Light of Days: The Untold Story of Women Resistance Fighters in Hitler’s Ghettos by Judy Batalion, the Hamas attack and the subsequent massacres in Gaza by Israel hadn’t happened yet. Right now I am reading how Jewish women fighters led the resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and how … Read more

A video: “Gaza, explained”

00:11 Gaza is under complete siege with no electricity, food, water, or gas. 02:26 Gaza was forcibly taken over during the establishment of Israel, leading to Palestinian displacement and the beginning of Israeli occupation. 04:21 Palestinians in Gaza faced the loss of rights and land, leading to economic challenges and tensions with Israel. 06:13 Hamas … Read more

A repository of fact-checked and social media data on 2023 Israel–Hamas war

This GitHub repository corresponds to the dataset used for our research article titled Dataset for 2023 Israel–Hamas war. The repository contains fact-checked articles and social media posts about the 2023 Israel–Hamas war. The data is extracted through the AMUSED framework. The data is collected from 52 fact-checking websites in 26 languages. The sources used in this dataset (whose article count is more … Read more

Biden and the quality media- as we call them- may be the biggest losers in the recent conflict

Biden’s unequivocal support for Netanyahu led the Israeli government seems to destroy the remaining bits of American legitimacy in the region. I know things are complicated and tragic, but would that be the best way to proceed? On the other hand, global sympathy for Israeli victims is declining after the Israeli security forces’ reckless attacks … Read more

A few observations on the Turkish public about the latest wave of crisis in the Middle East

Here are some brief observations. I might be misled and am open to changing or modifying my comments in the next few days. Erdoğan surprises a bit and remains calm and moderate. However, in later days, he becomes more aggressive. I am not sure about his followers, though. Generally pro-Palestine, even pro-Hamas. Since Erdoğan stayed … Read more

One of the graver fighting started today in Palestine- Israel axis

Looks like bigger than many in recent years. A big surprise attack by Hamas and its allies against Israeli positions.   There is no need to say many civilians will be victims.   Since the early morning of October 7, 2023, Palestinians have taken significant actions against Israel. Here is a summary of the events … Read more

Saving the Cave Expert Mark Dickey (he is saved)

Mark Dickey: Huge rescue mission for US man deep in Turkey cave Rescuers Blast Open Passages to Extract Sick American From Cave in Turkey Seriously ill US explorer is rescued from deep Turkish cave Mark Dickey: US explorer freed from one of Turkey’s deepest caves American Cave Expert Is Rescued in Turkey

The Russian delegate gets a good fist- literally- in the summit in Ankara

It happened a few days ago. Russian and Ukrainian Delegates Fight Over Ukrainian Flag at a Conference Two altercations over Ukrainian flags occurred at a regional parliamentary conference in Ankara, the Turkish capital.