Kobani Trial. No relief for Kurdish politicians

There were some debates about “normalization,” but unfortunately, it does not seem applicable to Kurdish politicians. The outcome of the Kobani trial in Turkey resulted in convictions of former pro-Kurdish party officials, including Selahattin Demirtaş, who received more than 40 years in jail for instigating the 2014 Kobanî protests. Prosecutors had initially sought 38 “aggravated … Read more

His would-be majesty’s journalists!

You will not hear about this in Turkey’s oppositional press. Ekrem İmamoğlu, current Istanbul mayor and a strong candidate for the next presidential election, traveled to Rome with a group of 73 people for the signing ceremony of the 2027 European Olympic Games to be held in Istanbul. The delegation stayed at the five-star Parco … Read more

Our COST meeting in Istanbul

  This week has been overwhelmingly busy. A few days ago, we met in Istanbul for the Istanbul session for our GRADE COST project. My colleague Ivo Furman did a fantastic job of organizing the event in a lovely place in Istanbul (check out the place, Postane). I also participated in organizing a Wikipedia session … Read more

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Türkiye, serves Döner to the guests

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who arrived in Istanbul, cut doner doner and served it to the guests at the summer residence of the German Embassy in Tarabya 🍴 İstanbul'a gelen Almanya Cumhurbaşkanı Frank Walter Steinmeier, Alman Büyükelçiliğine ait yazlık Tarabya rezidansında döner kesti, davetlilere ikram etti pic.twitter.com/Mi4GnJAg4V — T24 (@t24comtr) April 22, 2024 German president … Read more

Turkish government admits growing trade relations with Israel while weeping crocodile tears for Gaza

Pro-government trolls were vehemently denying trade or at least trying to justify it. After a particular instance of police brutality on pro-Palestine demonstrators who demanded an end to trade with Israel, public outcry may have led to partial restrictions on trade. Turkey imposes export restrictions on Israel amid Gaza conflict One Twitter user has been … Read more

Losers provoking in Van #VandaDarbeVar

After a travesty of law, Second-placed candidate to be mandated in Van DEM condemns ‘unlawful’ attempts to oust elected mayor in Van I am pretty sure this is what “they” plan to provoke the opposition to. Let’s see how it goes… With the additional decision given by Diyarbakır 5th High Criminal Court on 04.04.2023 regarding … Read more

A historic win for the opposition

Akp saw its lowest vote share since it was founded (provincial general assembly results), Chp became the first party for the first time in many years and reached above 30 for the first time in a very long time. Akp kurulduğundan beri en düşük oy oranını gördü (il genel meclisi sonuçları), Chp uzun yıllar sonra … Read more

updates available: Local elections day blogging today.

19:15 The higher Election Council does not allow to announce results yet, but the vibe in opposition is that AKP may be losing. 18:20 Istanbul mayoral contest takes centre stage as Turkey votes in local elections Turkey local elections marred by irregularities in Kurdish provinces As polls close: YSK bans journalists from taking footage of … Read more

A dear mentor, colleague Nükhet Sirman detained yesterday

Instead of questioning her in Istanbul, she was taken from her home and sent to Mersin. The alleged crime is that she made an interview with a person under investigation (!). Prof. Sirman is a rare kind of anthropologist with a permanent emphasis on the field. I was stunned when I heard that she learned … Read more

A Medium author listed all cases of alleged Mossad agent arrests since 2014 (over 100 were in Turkey)

Turkish police have recently detained seven people on suspicion of selling information to Mossad, including a private detective. The arrests are part of a wave of detentions in Turkey related to spying activities for Israel.   Citations: [1] https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2024/2/2/turkey-arrests-seven-suspected-of-selling-information-to-israels-mossad [2] https://apnews.com/article/turkey-suspects-detained-spying-israel-dd76ee759d7ca23c1ab4cb3d33fc920e [3] https://www.timesofisrael.com/turkey-arrests-33-alleged-mossad-agents-as-israel-threatens-hamas-abroad/ [4] https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/turkey-detains-seven-suspected-selling-information-israels-mossad-anadolu-says-2024-03-05/ [5] https://www.timesofisrael.com/7-detained-in-turkey-for-allegedly-selling-intel-to-mossad-via-private-detectives/ A Medium author listed all cases of alleged … Read more

Our class project on Turkish Elections

We have been keeping a tab on Turkiye’s elections for years. The whole project is here. It needs a design overhaul, but the content is still valuable. It depends on students’ willingness to contribute, so the data we can collect differs in every election. Still I try to supervise and hopefully it will be more … Read more

Drama continues at Türkiye’s central bank

Hafize Gaye Erkan resigned last night. In her resignation, she tweeted that she was subject to a character assassination campaign. I am sure there was an infighting going on, and she got caught in it. I just wonder if she works like that in the US: Like a spoiled kid. Keeping her parents right where … Read more

Turkish parliament ignored Constitutional Court decisions and revoked Can Atalay’s MP status

Representation, not for all… Can Atalay loses MP status Despite two rulings from the Constitutional Court declaring a violation of rights, Turkey’s Worker’s Party (TİP) Hatay Deputy Can Atalay, who has not been released, faced a decision from the 3rd Criminal Division of the Court of Cassation, which was announced during the General Assembly of … Read more

No good times to play football for Israeli players in Turkey

My already busy schedule has gotten even busier in the last weeks, and I could not blog some of the news on time. One is the Israeli players in Turkey. Mr. Jehezkel was deported even before he could realize what was happening. As far as I know, one more Israeli player has lost his job.  … Read more

Turkey’s two high courts are still sulking, as Can Atalay remains in prison…

The latest situation between Turkey’s Constitutional Court and the Court of Cassation is marked by a significant conflict. The Court of Cassation has accused the Constitutional Court of exceeding its authority and has refused to comply with its rulings, leading to a judicial crisis and allegations of a “judicial coup” by opposition parties, experts, and … Read more