A kind of “judiciary coup” may be happening: Court of Cessation vs. Constitutional Court

Recently, there has been a disagreement between Turkey’s top appeals court, the Court of Cassation, and the Constitutional Court over the case of imprisoned parliamentarian Can Atalay[1][2][5][6]. The Constitutional Court ordered the release of Atalay last month, ruling that his imprisonment violated his rights to security, liberty, and the right to be elected[1][5]. However, the … Read more

Banning Kaftancıoğlu from politics. Strong women, Islamists love to hate

Court of Cassation upholds Kaftancıoğlu’s prison sentence with a political ban Bianet :: English The CHP İstanbul head was sentenced to prison on five separate charges. The top appeals court has upheld three of them and imposed a political ban on Kaftancıoğlu. Key Turkish opposition figure banned from politics after anti-Erdoğan tweet World news: Turkey Fears … Read more

As Turks complain about rising number of refugees, “Asylum applications from Turkey to Europe rose by 45 percent in a year

Asylum applications from Turkey to Europe rose by 45 percent in a year Bianet :: English The highest share of persons who received protection status were registered in Germany, according to Eurostat. European Parliament condemns Osman Kavala’s life sentence Bianet :: English MEPs have called for the immediate release of Kavala and other convicts of the Gezi … Read more

For the record, the “Feminist Night March” could be made despite bans….

20TH FEMINIST NIGHT MARCH: ‘The feminist revolt will not end without establishing an equal and free world!’ Bianet :: English Prevented from holding the night march on İstiklal Avenue, women read out their statement in Cihangir quarter. Women in Diyarbakır remember imprisoned Kurdish politician on Women’s Day Bianet :: English Several banners hung in the … Read more

“Video and graphic of male violence in 2021 [in Turkey]

Video and graphic of male violence in 2021 Bianet :: English In 2021, men killed at least 339 women and 34 children, including babies, in Turkey. Men inflicted violence on at least 793 women in 2021.

Taxation rate and price increases in sanitary pads seem to be very misogynistic

Unit price of sanitary pads has seen a 58-percent increase in Turkey in a year Bianet :: English Turkey taxes menstrual products by 18 percent, which makes them fall into the highest tax category. In the face of recent price increases, rights groups note that “the taxation on sanitary pads is a public health problem.” Association to … Read more

I am also quoted: “Why TikTok is a hit with Turkey’s working class…

Why TikTok is a hit with Turkey’s working class Inside Turkey by Emel Altay Last year, 36-year-old construction worker Müjdat Uğur posted a Tik Tok video of him and his co-workers staging a catwalk show on a building site in the central Anatolian province of Yozgat. The post went viral with seven million views. Uğur, who … Read more

Turkey’s Women’s volleyball team advance in European Championship and this probably makes some mad

Strong women are hard to take for Turkey’s Islamists and this team is making the headlines on a daily basis… Women’s volleyball team advance in European Championship Hurriyet Daily News  Turkey on Aug. 31 defeated Poland 3-0 to advance to the semifinals of the 2021 CEV Women’s European Volleyball Championship. 3-0! Dörtlü finaldeyiz. İyi ki varsınız, … Read more

Turkish women are one of the real winners of Tokyo 2020

Turkey’s Adar makes history with Olympic bronze in women’s wrestling Hurriyet Daily News Turkey’s Yasemin Adar won a bronze medal in the Tokyo 2020 Games on Aug. 2, making her Turkey’s first-ever Olympic medalist in women’s wrestling. Turkey to face S Korea in Tokyo 2020 women’s volleyball quarterfinals     Hurriyet Daily News Turkey will play … Read more

To appease Islamist bigots and homophobes, Turkey officially withdrew from the Istanbul Convention

Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention rallies the fight for women’s rights across the world Amnesty International Turkey’s shameful withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention today will put millions of women and girls at greater risk of violence, Amnesty International … Istanbul Convention: Turkey officially withdraws from treaty protecting women – Euronews Police block women’s march for İstanbul Convention, use tear gas, rubber bullets Bianet … Read more

Coalition for Women in Journalism (CFWIJ) states “Turkey is the leading country for attacks, threats against women journalists’

CFWIJ: ‘Turkey is the leading country for attacks, threats against women journalists’ Bianet :: English The first quarterly report of the Coalition for Women in Journalism (CFWIJ) has shown that a total of 114 women journalists have been attacked and threatened in the country since the beginning of 2021. Angelina Jolie talks to Elif Şafak about İstanbul … Read more

Women villagers in an honorable resistance against mine construction in paradise valley, İkizdere, Rize

Villagers oppose mine construction in paradise valley Hurriyet Daily News Following a mining company’s attempt to construct a quarry in the Black Sea province of Rize’s İkizdere district, a group of villagers has started a protest against the construction in a bid to save a dense forest cover in the area considered one of the most … Read more

Tell us something we don’t know: The State Department of the United States report- “Freedoms restricted, rule of law compromised in Turkey”

US report: Freedoms restricted, rule of law compromised in Turkey Bianet :: English The State Department of the United States (US) has released its 2020 Country Report on Human Rights Practices in Turkey. US Department of State has released its 2020 country report on human rights practices in Turkey, listing a series of violations of rights including … Read more

Blogging Turkey’s Dark Saturday (20 March 2021)- Erdoğan decides to withdraw from Istanbul Convention #İstanbulSözleşmesi

Today we woke up to a nightmare. Well, we are kind of used to it so don’t feel sorry for democrats in the country who have had their share of trauma already. In a midnight Presidential decree, Erdoğan decided to withdraw from the İstanbul convention, which was not even implemented. Even its existence and its … Read more

Turkey’s Interior Ministry has a Women’s Emergency Support (KADES) application that serves in 6 languages. Guess which language is not there.

A sum of “Turkey’s Kurdish problem” Women’s Emergency Support App has 6 language options, but not Kurdish Bianet :: English  HDP MP Kılıç Koçyiğit has asked why the Interior Ministry’s Women’s Emergency Support (KADES) application does not have the Kurdish option while it is now offering services in Turkish, Persian, Arabic, English, Russian and French. In … Read more