#TwitterBlockinTurkey As their ugly relations with ISIS appear, Turkey’s autocrats try to start media blackout!

Turkish court issues media ban over Suruç bombing A court has ordered a publication ban on photos and videos of the deadly bombing in southeastern Turkey in the latest instance of gag orders on the media after major crises. Suruç Explosion Protesters Attacked Once Again in İstanbul Bianet :: English The police attacked Suruç Explosion protesters in … Read more

Snowfall paralyses İstanbul. No more boasting about AKP’s municipalities…

AKP boasts about its philosophy of municipal administration and we see it deteriorates day by day. Istanbul’s traffic and infrastructure has entered a stage of decline after successful first years under AKP rule..  Istanbul paralyzed due to snowfall as 841 traffic accidents reported  Hurriyet Daily News A new wave of cold air and snowfall has hit … Read more

Protesters denouncing ‘Islamisation’ of schools met by Police Water Cannons today in Turkey…

Boycott of schools begins across Turkey A boycott of schools was launched on Feb. 13 upon a call from the Eğitim-Sen teachers’ union and a number of Alevi associations to protest the government’s recent education system implementations, including on compulsory religion classes. Dozens detained around Turkey in school boycott Dozens were detained around Turkey on Feb 13 … Read more

A little good news for Istanbul: “Municipality rejects permit for construction in Istanbul forest

Municipality rejects permit for construction in Istanbul forest Hurriyet Daily News A local municipality has refused to grant permission for a construction project in Fatih Forest Police school in upmarket Istanbul area closed, rekindling fraud claims on land property A police school in Istanbul’s upmarket neighborhood of Etiler was closed by a Cabinet decision in a move … Read more

No water for 4 days. Kadıköy, İstanbul seems to be punished by İSKİ… İstanbul news roundup

Kadıköy is one of the busy, secular and settled district in the Anatolian side of Istanbul. It is governed by CHP, main opposition party, but water supply is provided by İSKİ, of Istanbul Municipality of AKP, governing party. 4 days is a bit long time and probably intentional… A Kadıköy resident, Cem Hakverdi @cmhkvrd_ published some photos:  kadıköy’de 4 gündür su yok. … Read more

Images from heavy rain in İstanbul (7 August 2014 afternoon)

#StreetArt in İstanbul… Istanbul news roundup…

 Kadıköy, Yeldeğirmeni via @stencilcity Lots of stuff in this piece in Turkish.  ************** A Nomadic Museum Takes Up Temporary Residence in Istanbul  NYT > Turkey by By JULIE BAUMGARDNER Following projects in Dubai and London, the newly founded Moving Museum sets up shop in the ancient Turkish city with a series of artist residencies. Erdogan’s Grand Construction Projects Are … Read more

Anıl Sayan (@desfigures) yazdı: İSTİKLÂL NEREDE YAŞAR?

 İSTİKLÂL NEREDE YAŞAR? Geçtiğimiz günlerde Black Box İstanbul’da (BBI) gerçekleşen Pixies konserine gittim. Her şeyden önce, gerçekten kusursuza yakın bir konser deneyimi yaşadığımı belirtmek isterim. BBI gerek atmosfer, gerek mekân akustiği gerekse seyirciye sunduğu ferah alanıyla müzik severlerin yıllardır özlemini duyduğu bir performans mekânı haline gelmiş. Özellikle müzik severler yıllardan bu yana böyle bir mekânın … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: A 34-year-old woman killed by soldiers at Turkish-Syrian border due to ?misunderstanding,?

Woman killed by soldiers on Turkish-Syrian border due to ?misunderstanding,? official says A 34-year-old woman was killed as she was trying to cross into Turkey on May 19 with her two children and her father   ********** Prosecutors charge 35 for leftist protester?s killing, demand long prison sentences The case drew vast public attention after the … Read more

Erdoğan denies Taksim for Labor Day, desires more polarization before the Presidential Elections

As a master tactician, he knows that he can only survive with dedicated disciples in a politically polarized environment. Espcially before the Presidential elections in August. Today he announced he will not let Labor Day celebrations in Taksim. Just 4 years ago, AKP was boasting that Labor Day could be celebrated in Taksim thanks to them:   Taksim … Read more

As citizens protests government level corruption, police violence increases in Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir demonstrations…

Leaked tapes prompt calls for Turkish PM to resign  Recordings appear to capture Recep Tayyip Erdogan instructing son to dispose of hidden funds amid corruption investigation Turkish opposition parties called on the prime minister to resign on Tuesday as a result of an explosive corruption scandal in which he was allegedly caught on tape ordering his … Read more

Cultural Anthropology Special Focus on #OccupyGezi, also shows media related limitations of Turkish anthropologists…

Just heard that the latest issue of Cultural Anthropology has a special focus: Gezi Protests. That will definitely be a good scholarly and ethnographic source on the subject. But check out the contents below. Not one specific article you will find on new media usage, which was obviously an essential part of Protests. Unfortunately, (mass) … Read more

Infographics to better understand Kadıköy… Istanbul news roundup…

  Infographics invoked to help better understand Kadıköy An interdisciplinary group has produced five projects to better understand Istanbul?s Kadıköy district using infographics Istanbul hits the sweet spot with affordable attractionsBoston Herald TURKISH DELIGHTS: A walking tour of Istanbul reveals gems such as Galata Tower, the Maiden’s Tower in the Bosporus, above, and the 17th … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: “23 security cameras reported broken during Gezi protestor?s killing…Alevi Rally…Hunger strike against wall along Syrian border

23 security cameras reported broken during Gezi protestor?s killing All 23 security cameras on the road that Gezi protestor Ali İsmail Korkmaz was beaten to death on in Eskişehir were declared out of order. BDP co-chair visits mayor in hunger strike against wall along Syrian border Gültan Kışanak thanked Nusaybin Mayor Ayşe Gökkan for her … Read more

LiveBlog: Turkish Republic the 90th Anniversary/ Marmaray Opening

 Scroll down for the live updates in Turkish and in English-  Turkish Republic celebrates its 90th anniversary The celebrations of the Turkish Republic?s 90th Anniversary were kicked off today with a ceremony at the Anıtkabir mausoleum of the nation?s founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Veterans in Bağdat Caddesi, Kadıköy. via @lalenyamusipell Asia and Europe to get Bosphorus … Read more

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