A few days in Ankara

I just came back from Ankara. Sinem and I love Ankara, so whenever we have time, we stop by Ankara. This time, we mostly settled in Çankaya, in our favorite hotel, Hotel Jinnah- but unfortunately, this will be the last time we will stay there as the hotel has been poorly maintained. Anyway, my excuse … Read more

My Google Maps performance-200 million views. Still lots of place to visit…

I wasn’t a person to travel a lot. In my first two years in Houston, I saw only a few places except the Rice campus. In order to motivate myself to see more places, I began to collect local newspapers at that time. But I changed a lot. I wouldn’t call myself a traveler, but … Read more

Istanbul from Above

While we were flying back to İstanbul from Adana after an intense day of media training, Sinem took these photos. Turkish Airlines should pay us:) Taken by Iphone latest model. Now we are in Amsterdam to celebrate our first marriage anniversary. Maybe more photos will come!  

A conference in Eskişehir, a workshop in Ankara

Last week I was in Eskişehir attending the 5th New Media Studies Conference. The conference is organized by an association, Alternatif Bilişim Derneği. I have been a member from the outset. The association, which is not too active nowadays, was a pioneer in internet freedom causes and now organizes biannual conferences and publishes ebooks with … Read more

I was in Athens for a few days

I was invited to attend the first meeting of the Turkey-Greece Journalists Platform in Athens. This is a partnership with MLSA, FNF, and the Foreign Press Association (FPA) to enhance cooperation among journalists in Turkey and Greece. I discussed news framing issues between Turkey and Greece relations and possibly more peaceful alternatives. I was glad … Read more

Fans of the Galaxy: Star Wars Fan Exhibition in İstanbul

A few weeks ago I stopped by Istanbul Cinema Museum right in the middle of Istiklal Street, Taksim.  There is an ongoing exhibition until 1 Februrar 2024: Fans of the Galaxy: Star Wars Fan. I was never a real Star Wars fan but this is a great collection. If you are interested in…

A few days in Helsinki, after 11 years

I had the best of memories of Helsinki. 11 years ago, after an intensive work period- for years- I arrived in Helsinki for a conference and spent five days of relaxation. Kai Ekholm had invited me to a librarians’ conference where I would speak on internet freedom. Thanks to Mr. Ekholm, I had the opportunity … Read more

The planned liturgy took place in Sumela Monastery despite bigoted and conspiratorial reactions

The usual suspects were at work again. Here is the summary of what happened: The controversy emerged after the announcement of the planned liturgy, and a representative from the Islamist New Welfare Party in Turkey criticized it[1]. The Good Party spokesperson, Kursad Zorlu, called for the annual religious ceremony at Sumela to be canceled, which … Read more

An old man sitting on this stone bridge

I will write more about my recent travels if I have the energy. However, I wanted to point out a moment. I was driving from Bayburt to Trabzon and in the early morning, I saw an old man sitting on this stone bridge. Probably he was out of the morning prayers. I was driving, I … Read more

My contributions to Google Maps passed 100M views. Here are the top 10 viewed places

I am a hidden Google Maps influencer (!). I save places to see, visit them, upload pictures, and sometimes write reviews. Here are my ten most viewed pictures there. On the top left-hand side, you can see the place names.   From Peplexity.ai: Google Local Guides is a program by Google that allows users to … Read more

The third BroTrip is taking place

This time, our destination was Nizip, Gaziantep, where my sister and her husband are appointed as a judge and as a prosecutor until the next year. We are now back in Ankara and will drive back to İstanbul soon. We might stop by Sapanca or Bolu on our way. We visited Gordion Ancient city close … Read more

4 Countries in 4 Days and 3 Atlas Obscura sites visited

I am currently in Geneva, attending UN meetings on journalism safety. It was not planned, but I had to travel frequently in recent days. I attend a COST project in Warsaw, briefly visited Vienna with my wife, and socialized with a former grad student and lifelong friend and now in Geneva at work. In the … Read more

A few recent readings I loved “The Oxford Map Companion”, “Memory of Departure”,” Happening”

Although “companion” may sound like a long textual content Patricia Seed had collected 100 relatively less known maps from the history of map making and added short informative and enjoyable texts to invited the readers to a journey in world history and map making. The Oxford Map Companion: One Hundred Sources in World History I … Read more

Whatsapp Workshop in Stellenbosch

I am ready to head back to Turkey, and just before the flight, I have a few notes on the workshop I attended. First, it was a lovely international group of scholars, and I believe our final product as an edited book will be an essential source. The papers presented were in draft forms from … Read more

I will be in Stellenboch, South Africa for a few days for the @4digitaldignity workshop

I am a bit neglecting the blog, but at least I am working on all my other pet projects and reading a lot. Besides, there is more travel, and I love it. Tonight I am flying to South Africa to attend a workshop. I follow Prof. Udupa’s work and am so happy to be part … Read more