Eurosphere agenda: “EU wants to know if Facebook lied about Whatsapp…

EU wants to know if Facebook lied about Whatsapp – Headline News   Facebook said in 2014 that linking WhatsApp’s phone numbers with Facebook was not possible. In 2016, it became possible, and it happened. Idiocraski: the apocalyptic situation in Poland after a year of trumpism Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow   It’s been a year … Read more

Europshere agenda: Berlin lorry attack :(

Berlin lorry attack: Man films chaos moments after truck hits BBC News | Europe | World Edition   An eyewitness describes filming “horrible scenes” moments after a lorry ploughed into a Christmas market in Berlin. Berlin Christmas market attack ‘affects all Europe’ by Frédéric Simon French President François Hollande and European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker sent … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Banks fined £413m over euro rate rigging…

Banks fined £413m over euro rate rigging  BBC News | Europe | World Edition HSBC, JPMorgan and Credit Agricole fined €485m (£413m) for rigging a key interest rate between 2005 and 2008. Four EU states among world’s worst tax havens – Headline News Cyprus, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are among the 15 worst centres for … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: The most expensive cities in Europe: London and Copenhagen

Soft or hard Brexit: do the UK’s political parties know what they want? open Democracy News Analysis – by Kirsty Hughes On the single market, Labour, the Tories, and UKIP, appear to agree: good access to the single market not membership of it – in disagreement with the SNP, LibDems and Greens. Scottish Independence activists take … Read more

Not only the Gülen case, Turkey is also interested in Zarrab case, demanding his release…

  Turkish justice minister asks US Attorney General to release Zarrab A top Turkish government official recently met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and told her the prosecution of Turkish-Iranian businessman Reza Zarrab was “based on no evidence,” according to a court filing unsealed on Nov. 15. Turkish President Erdoğan blasts foreign media outlets at TRT World … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Once asylum beneficiaries in 1956, Hungarians now reject migrants”

Once asylum beneficiaries in 1956, Hungarians now reject migrants Sixty years ago, Soviet tanks crushed an anti-communist uprising in Budapest, sending 200,000 Hungarians – men women and children – fleeing across the border into Austrian refugee camps, then onwards into a welcoming Western world. A Progressive Political Alliance for Europe  Project Syndicate by Kemal Derviş If … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Record number of EU terror attacks recorded in 2015…

Record number of EU terror attacks recorded in 2015  BBC News | Europe | World Edition A record number of terrorist attacks were planned, foiled or carried out in European Union countries last year, with the UK reporting the highest number of attacks. EU, US reject UN plan to resettle refugees by admin The European Union … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Farage retires because all like him disappoint their followers in the end…

Massive Attack protests Brexit with harsh words and a surprise song Mashable! by Adam Rosenberg Massive Attack has had it with the “bigots and racists” supporting Brexit. Robert Del Naja, one half of the famed trip-hop duo, had some strong words to share about the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union during a Friday … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “post-Brexit vote racist incidents, in one depressing Facebook album…

All the post-Brexit vote racist incidents, in one depressing Facebook album Mashable! by Gianluca Mezzofiore LONDON — A wave of reported racist incidents targeting European migrants across the country has followed the Brexit vote. Brexit has exposed Juncker’s democratic unaccountability by James Crisp The fallout from Brexit would have claimed the scalp of any other politician, … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: After #Brexit A roundup…

The World Changed Overnight  OPEN ANTHROPOLOGY by Maximilian Forte The European Union is now to be written as a postscript. Thanks to British voters, who were given an extremely rare chance to have a say on one of the biggest issues affecting their lives, who were allowed a rare vote on the fate of globalization and … Read more

Dirty deal on refugees between Turkey and EU starts. Greece starts deporting refugees…

The Guardian view on the EU refugee deal: Greece has Europe’s reputation in its hands | Editorial  World news: Turkey | Deporting migrants could be a human rights catastrophe. Officials must tread with the greatest careThe crunch has arrived. After a vote by Greek MPs, Monday sees the start of the implementation of last month’s … Read more

Quite an interesting solution to #RefugeeCrisis: “Don’t come to Europe”- Eurosphere agenda

Tusk warns refugees away from Europe by Georgi Gotev Speaking in Athens on Thursday (3 March), Council President Donald made a pathetic appeal to ‘economic’ migrants not to come to Europe. EU asylum seekers ‘doubled in 2015’ BBC News | Europe | World Edition The number of people seeking asylum in the European Union in 2015 … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Montenegro on the path to Nato membership…”Court blocks Catalan independence bill

Court blocks Catalan independence bill BBC News | Europe | World Edition Spain’s Constitutional Court revokes Catalonia’s parliamentary motion that set in motion a process of unilaterally breaking away from the rest of the country. EU’s new ‘Directive on Terrorism’ aims to criminalise preparatory acts The European Commission adopted on Wednesday (2 December) a package of measures … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Europe ‘cannot take any more refugees’

Europe ‘cannot take any more refugees’  BBC News | Europe | World Edition European countries cannot accept any more refugees, the France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls is quoted as saying in German media. MAIN FOCUS: Europe in the grips of fear | 24/11/2015  euro|topics In view of the tougher security measures in Europe after the Paris terror … Read more

As European Commission continues to postpone releasing Progress Report, Appointed trustees already took over Turkish democracy….

President Erdogan might be surprised by who is protesting against him now | Alev Scott  World news: Turkey | by Alev Scott The Turkish government’s pre-election media crackdown has been so unpopular, it has created unlikely alliances on the streets OSCE Representative condemns police raid against media outlets in Turkey, calls on authorities to restore … Read more