Eurosphere agenda: Anti-corruption parties shake Spain… “Germany ends teacher headscarf ban….

Why we occupy: Dutch universities at the crossroads open Democracy News Analysis – by Enzo Rossi, Johan Hartle, Robin Celikates and Nicholas Vrousalis The Netherlands, a mere 10 years behind the UK, seems eager to catch up. Twin pressures of authoritarianism from above and neoliberalism from below make it necessary to develop the democratic alternative put … Read more

As waiting for Greek election results, read “7 experts on Europe’s biggest media innovators… Eurosphere agenda.

7 experts on Europe’s biggest media innovators The media’s search for new business models and the potential of new and social media has brought about a wave of enterprises and entrepreneurs across EU member states. What are Europe’s most innovative news applications and initiatives? EurActiv asked the experts. On election day, young Greeks will be voting for SYRIZA open Democracy … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Euro elections 2014… Horizon 2020 ….

  Euro elections 2014 bloggers introduce themselves: Part One   What is Europe for you? What does it mean to be young and European in 2014? An exchange of views between bloggers across the continent. Can Europe make it? has the pleasure of introducing you to our guest columnists for the run-up to the European elections 2014. Europe and me: imagining community I … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: “Greek parties agree ?3.3bn austerity cuts

Greece will have to be built anew otherwise more of the same malpractices will continue to hinder the country?s prospects. Image source: The Guardian Greek parties agree ?3.3bn austerity cuts from – World, Europe Eurozone finance ministers poised to work late into the night to structure a bail-out package targeted at cutting Greek debt … Read more