Eurosphere agenda: Charlie Hebdo massacre might be used as a pretext for more surveillance powers…

  Swiss seek to avert EU immigration clash with ‘safeguard’ clause The Swiss government hopes to negotiate for a right to cap immigration from the European Union so as to keep its access to EU markets when it writes into law a popular vote requiring strict limits on migration.   AIN FOCUS: Charlie Hebdo publishes on … Read more

A very dark day for Turkey: A newspaper ambushed by police… Charlie Hebdo’s cover banned… Media Ban on Intelligence-Affiliated Trucks Coverage….

Twitter withheld @LazepeM in Turkey who released Turkish gov's alleged war crimes in Syria — Erkan Saka (@sakaerka) January 14, 2015 #Turkey: 94 journalists denied official press cards by government commission #ECPM #mediafreedom — Index on Censorship (@IndexCensorship) January 14, 2015 Since midnight, pro-akp trolls are massively provoking for violence against Cumhuriyet daily for … Read more