Our class project on Turkish Elections

We have been keeping a tab on Turkiye’s elections for years. The whole project is here. It needs a design overhaul, but the content is still valuable. It depends on students’ willingness to contribute, so the data we can collect differs in every election. Still I try to supervise and hopefully it will be more … Read more

Why now? “Elif Şafak to pay compensation to Mine Kırıkkanat for alleged plagiarism

I could never like either Şafak or Kırıkkanat. Şafak is beloved by Western audiences. Kırıkkanat is as Western as Şafak, but she has this strong secular nationalism that is very hostile to Islam and some other local values or practices. Kırıkkanat is the symbol of Turkey’s old secular and Kemalist elites who lost power in … Read more

No good times to play football for Israeli players in Turkey

My already busy schedule has gotten even busier in the last weeks, and I could not blog some of the news on time. One is the Israeli players in Turkey. Mr. Jehezkel was deported even before he could realize what was happening. As far as I know, one more Israeli player has lost his job.  … Read more

Turkey seems to have banned a TV show: Kızıl Goncalar

The third episode could not be broadcast due to a case order. “Kizil Goncalar” is a popular Turkish television series that has been the subject of controversy and calls for a ban. The show, which highlights the division between religious and secular segments of society, has faced backlash since its first aired on December 18, … Read more

Why Fatih Terim moved to Panathinaikos?

Why Fatih Terim moved to Panathinaikos? I know it is late. He already won his first game. I could never like this well-connected macho guy.  He evaded the latest allegations in a fraud case and abruptly moved to Greece. Some messy stuff we will never know about? Fatih Terim is in Panathinaikos as the team’s … Read more

Many Islamists in Turkey exploit the cause of Palestine for their own agenda- no surprise here

Unlike the European countries, I do not observe any genuine popular rallies about the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Islamists appropriated the Palestine case so powerfully that no others would like to be involved in any rallies. That does not mean that citizens are insensitive, but it is quite difficult to frame the case without aligning with … Read more

Here is a comprehensive archive of Atatürk images

Yiğit Konur on Twitter said: Unfortunately, there was no comprehensive archive containing all photographs of Atatürk. So I scanned all local & international archives. I eliminated the similar ones in a total of 10K+ photos with AI and reduced the number to 1100. I increased the resolution to 4K + colourised. Now in one archive … Read more

The Republic is 100 years old. Many anthems around to celebrate it.

100 years of the Republic of Turkey – in pictures Celebrations on the 100th anniversary of the Republic Kıraç – 100.Yıl Özgürlük Marşı   ABDURRAHMAN KESKİNER GÜZEL SANATLAR LİSESİ 100. YIL MARŞI 100th Anniversary Anthem TÜRKİYE 100 – TURAN MANAFZADE Norm Ender – Parla (Official Video)  

Google Arts and Culture program presents: “Treasures of Turkey”

In collaboration with the Minister of Culture, this project presents a Turkey digital tour to celebrate the Republic’s 100th anniversary. Enjoy: https://artsandculture.google.com/project/treasures-of-turkiye

Disney Plus gets the wrath of some Turkish audiences

Recently, there has been controversy surrounding Disney Plus and its removal of Turkish content from its platform. According to reports, Disney Plus has removed all Turkish content from its platform and has stated that it will not produce Turkish content anymore[1][4]. Additionally, the company has cancelled upcoming shows and suspended the creation of Turkish original … Read more

Barbie vs. Oppenheimer // Balkans vs. Turkey

via   In other news: Erdoğan meets Qatari emir in Doha Turkish passport ranks 50th in global index What is Turkey’s leader Erdogan up to now? Turkey reports nearly 5 million migrants across the country Erdoğan Comes in from the Cold A post-Erdogan Turkey would only partly change its foreign policy

Congrats to Merve Dizdar (@merveedizdar) who won the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actress.

A little bit of good news. Merve Dizdar (born 25 June 1986) is a Turkish actress. She is best known for her roles in War of the Eltis (2020), The Innocents (2020–2022), The Life and Movies of Erşan Kuneri (2022–present), Snow and the Bear (2022), Ömer (2023–present), and About Dry Grasses (2023). In 2020, she won the Golden Butterfly Award for Best Actress for her role in The Innocents. Dizdar earned a Turkish … Read more

Disinformation that will not be punished #TurkeyElection

On Sunday, Erdoğan held a massive rally in Istanbul. Based on his party’s social media legislation, there were punishable disinformation cases. This is unlikely to happen. It is claimed that 1,700,000 million people attended the rally. The fact-checking organization Teyit says there were no more than 865,000 people. This is the least damaging lie. The … Read more

Kılıçdaroğlu videos making waves and a British-Iraqi Jihadist gets mad

Settled in Britain, he has all the confidence to imply a call for the massacre of Alevis. If not ISIS, he is a Jihadist close to the Syrian jihadist mentality (ihvan?) He is also confident because he contributed to many Western media and established himself as an “expert.” I have seen some fellows like him … Read more

Another cultural artifact that annoys the conservative government. “Cranberry Sorbet” banned.

Enemy of life. The conservatives never miss a media artifact that gets popular. Kızılcık şerbeti (Cranberry Sorbet) is a popular Turkish beverage made from the juice of the kızılcık fruit (Cornus mas). This fruit, also known as the cornelian cherry, is a small, sour berry that grows in temperate regions of Europe and Asia. To … Read more