Eurosphere agenda: Anti-austerity Protests against new #ECB HQ in full gear in #Frankfurt #blockupy #18M

Riot in Frankfurt targets new ECB HQ

Anti-austerity protesters in the German city of Frankfurt burn police cars in protest at the opening of the European Central Bank’s new building.

Energy Union, and the tensions with Russia, will dominate EU leaders’ talks in Brussels later this week. Follow our live coverage here.


First, only Germany’s Left Party was in favour of meeting Athens’ demands for war reparations. Now politicians from the governing SPD, and the Greens support compensating Greece for the effects of atrocities committed by the Nazis during WWII. EurActiv Germany reports.


Scope-creep in Denmark

The price of the terrorist attacks in Copenhagen may end up being paid not only with the lives of two innocent people, but also with some of the freedoms and human rights enjoyed by Danish citizens.

The meteoric rise of the French National Front in the 2014 elections has further undermined France’s ailing influence in the European Parliament, according to a report by the Schuman Foundation. The French positions in the Council and the Commission have not deteriorated to the same extent. EurActiv France reports

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