A video: “Why Even The FBI Gave Up On The Pirate Bay”

00:45 The Pirate Bay’s cofounder Fredrick Neij stood by his conviction in sharing information freely despite facing legal troubles 03:16 Background of key individuals involved in Pirate Bay 05:34 Formation of The Pirate Bay by societal outcasts with goal of promoting free speech 07:56 Pirate Bay founders defended freedom of speech despite controversial ventures 10:23 … Read more

Erdoğan and Orban; Europe’s two maverick leaders

Erdoğan paid a visit to Orban of Hungary recently. I feel pity for the EU. One from the inside, the other from the outside (!) Erdoğan visits Hungary in bid to ‘deepen strategic partnership’ Hungary Vetoes EU Aid Package for Ukraine Hungary blocks $54bn EU financial aid for Ukraine Climate friendly, carpool diplomacy between Erdogan … Read more

A video: “How We Made the Internet”

Al Gore’s claim of creating the internet caused controversy. The internet’s invention is unclear, and it’s a complex technology. 00:00 Al Gore’s claim of creating the internet was misunderstood 02:59 The internet and World Wide Web are different things. 05:42 Telecommunication revolutionized communication and data transmission 08:35 ARPANET used packet switching to maximize use of … Read more

An influencer (@mervetasskin) was on trial today for obsenity

… and she showed up at the court with style. Mahkemem 26 ocak gunune ertelendi.. Heyecanla bir sonraki durusmayi bekliyorum 🤍 @feyzaltun pic.twitter.com/KMaGyfuKMo — Merve Taşkın (@mervetasskin) January 12, 2023   Mahkemem 26 ocak gunune ertelendi.. Heyecanla bir sonraki durusmayi bekliyorum 🤍 @feyzaltun pic.twitter.com/KMaGyfuKMo — Merve Taşkın (@mervetasskin) January 12, 2023  

“Book burning is idiots’ view” says the Swedish Consulate

Some officials’ reaction during an Islamist protest outside the Istanbul Swedish consulate. via Turkey condemns burning of Qur’an during far-right protest in Sweden Event in front of Turkish embassy will further inflame tensions between two countries Turkey has condemned a demonstration involving the burning of Qur’ans in Sweden on Saturday, further inflaming tensions between the … Read more

I have no interest in the World Cup

FIFA is corrupt, the West is quite hypocritical when it comes to financial matters, and there might also be prejudices against Arabs and Muslims, but in the last analysis, the World Cup that takes place in Qatar is blasphemy, and I refuse to follow all Tiktok influencers who are bought, and I refuse to follow … Read more

From age 5 to 76, number of tortured citizens reaches last 30 years’ record in Turkey…

According to the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey’s recent report According to the HRFT Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers Report, torture spilled over into the streets again in 2021. 7 out of 10 people who were tortured during the detention period stated that they were tortured on the street or during public demonstrations. The number of … Read more

Quoted in Al-Monitor: “Journalists in Turkey see media domain narrowing as elections approach

Journalists in Turkey see media domain narrowing as elections approach Media workers under pressure mark Working Journalists Day and fear further clampdown on independent journalism. ……. Erkan Saka, head of media at Istanbul Bilgi University, characterized RTUK and BIK as targeting media outlets critical of the government. “If you look at the punishments or fines … Read more

This is terrible. It was sort of hidden but now out: A nationalist thug burned 3 young Syrian men…

Man burns 3 young Syrian men to death after interpreting a series of notes left on his car as secret instructions from the deep state. https://t.co/jhH8jZZogT — Ankaralı Jan (@06JAnk) December 23, 2021 At least a good news: Police officer given 25-year prison sentence for killing refugee Bianet :: English Video footage refuted the officer’s claim … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Turkey doesn’t recognize its own Constitutional Court and does not release Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu

DEVELOPING: Police attack Justice Watch in Ankara, detain several people Bianet :: English  The HDP announced that a justice watch would be held in front of the Ankara Sincan Prison, where dismissed HDP MP Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu is still held despite a Constitutional Court ruling of rights violation. 19th İstanbul Pride March: Police attack in Taksim, several … Read more

After 93 days, Biden calls Erdoğan to tell the “bad news:” It was genocide.

Biden says Armenian mass killing was genocide BBC News | Europe | World Edition The statement by the US president drew an immediate rebuke from Turkey, which disputes the term. Statement by President Joe Biden on Armenian Remembrance Day The White House – Apr 24, 9:00 AM To search this site, enter a search term Briefing Room … Read more

An allegedly Gülenist campaign in NY gives an opportunity for the AKP municipalities to idolize Erdoğan

Turkish municipalities show ‘love’ for president after ‘Stop Erdoğan’ ad in NY | Ahval A number of municipalities in Turkey have placed billboard advertising in town centres reading “   The "Love Erdogan" campaign, put together in response to a Gulenist group buying a billboard in New York saying "Stop Erdogan", has come to train stations. … Read more

Turkey finally admits asymptomatic Covid-19 cases data and becomes the third country in new cases in the world #Covid-19 updates

Turkey starts including asymptomatic Covid-19 cases in its daily count, reports 28,351 cases Bianet :: English Minister Koca has warned that the country may need “radical measures” as another record-high number of deaths in a single day has been reported. COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS IN TURKEY: Shop owners protest: ‘We don’t want to die or go bankrupt’ Bianet :: … Read more

Erdoğan calls on Turks to boycott French goods but Turkish lira is so devalued that there may already be an involuntary boycott (!)

  Erdoğan calls on Turks to boycott French goods following war of words with Macron   France recalls envoy after Turkey scolds Macron over Muslims Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called on Oct. 26 for Turks never to buy French goods and urged European Union leaders to halt French leader Emmanuel Macron’s “anti-Islam” agenda.

Tragedy of Turkish Judiciary: A roundup and “Erdoğan rewards prosecutor who penned 2nd Kavala indictment with making him deputy justice minister

I’m in prison because Erdoğan is afraid of me: Selahattin Demirtaş Former Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş, who has been jailed for nearly four years, says that his imprisonment is the result of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s fear of himself and his party’s political power. “I’m not a prisoner, I’m a political hostage. I … Read more