Turkish justice: “Police who shot dead Gezi protester fined $2,800”

Police who shot dead Gezi protester fined $2,800  Hurriyet Daily News   A court in Istanbul has fined a police officer who shot dead a protester during the 2013 Gezi Park protests. Turkey’s high court receives 60,000 applications since July 15 coup attempt: Top Judge  Hurriyet Daily News   Some 60,000 individual applications have been made to … Read more

Istanbul news roundup: “Istanbul’s housing prices decline amid oversupply

Murder in Istanbul BBC News | Europe | World Edition   Twelve men from the countries of the former USSR have been assassinated in Turkey, and there’s evidence that some of the hitmen were from Russia. Istanbul’s housing prices decline amid oversupply Hurriyet Daily News   Property prices have dropped up to 20 percent in several parts … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Sweden school sword attack… “The end of free movement to and from Europe?…

One dead in Sweden school sword attack  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Swedish police shoot a masked man who killed a teacher and injured at least two students with a sword in the western town of Trollhattan. Many most affected by the EU referendum will have no vote Ideas on Europe by Jon Danzig The end … Read more

At least 86 dead as of 15:53 in Ankara explosions. AKP’s Turkey cannot even provide security in its own capital…

        Turkey blast: aftermath of Ankara bomb attack – video World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk The aftermath of twin explosions outside Ankara’s main train station on Saturday morning. The blasts appear to have targeted hundreds of people who had gathered to protest violence between authorities and Kurdish separatist group, the PKK. Turkish government … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Cover of new Charlie Hebdo issued… “More Surveillance Won’t Protect Free Speech

France puts 10,000 troops onto the streets warning ‘threat is still present’  Mashable! France on Monday ordered 10,000 troops into the streets to protect sensitive sites after three days of bloodshed and terror, amid the hunt for accomplices to the attacks that left 17 people and the three gunmen dead. This map shows every attack on … Read more

“At Least 35 Dead in New Violence in Kiev… #euromaidan

At Least 35 Dead in New Violence in Kiev Deadly clashes erupted in the Ukrainian capital Kiev early Thursday morning, with at least 35 protesters confirmed dead by Mashable, many from gunshot wounds. The spasm of violence shattered a truce called late Wednesday night by opposition members and the president. Deadly violence shatters Ukraine truce as EU … Read more

For the moment, Erdoğan’s son is free. The gov’t explicitly intervenes the judiciary…

The above image is the statement of Prosecutor, Muammer Akkaş, who says that his investigation is stopped…  Minister who urged Turkish PM to step down highlights devotion to ?the struggle?   Environment Minister Bayraktar underlined his loyalty to what he called a ‘struggle,’ as he handed over his portfolio Implicated interior minister fires off parting shot during … Read more

The 2nd wave of Graft Probe arrests may include PM Erdoğan’s son, Bilal Erdoğan…

New appointed prosecutors and police chiefs refuse to act… There is an incredible tension in Judiciary circles… In Ahmet Şık’s Twitter account, here is a list of possible arrests: News in Turkish: New operation on corruption allegations starts: Reports A second operation into corruption allegations has started, according to daily Radikal. Three Ministers Resign, One Urges PM … Read more

After massive cleaning up in Police forces, 2 ministers resign this morning…

4 ministers under suspicion together last night… Mr. Güler, Minister of Internal Affairs (L2) and Mr. Çağlayan, Minister of Economy (R1) resigned today…  Turkey Economy Minister Caglayan Resigns Amid Graft Probe Turkey?s Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan resigned today, saying he is stepping down to expose a ?dirty game? and allow ?the truth to be uncovered? … Read more

Turkish Airlines stops distribution of Pro-Gülen dailies, AKP begins to use all State powers to crush Gülen movement… A roundup..

  Istanbul intelligence unit head called for deposition over allegations of leaking graft probe   Istanbul?s public Prosecutor?s Office has summoned Intelligence Unit head Erdogan backs officials against bribery ?stain? Turkey prime minister blames foreign forces and the media for allegations of bribery against his government, accusing them of preparing ?a trap? to snare his ministers … Read more

Social roundup: “Turkey launches officially ‘Turkvision’…”Turkey gets 2022 deadline to clear its almost 1 million landmines…

After snubbing the Eurovision song contest, Turkey launches officially ‘Turkvision’ The Turkvision project, branded as an alternative to Eurovision, has now become a reality after the official signing ceremony in Eskişehir   Ruling AKP deputy?s remark on disabled people stirs debate Tekirdağ Deputy Ziyaeddin Akbulut has stirred controversy by claiming that parents used to pray … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Last night- 12 protesters detained in “tea party” event in Istanbul; Police buildings are rocket- attacked in Ankara

  Initial findings say outlawed leftist group likely to be responsible for Ankara attack: Police Initial findings point to the DHKP/C, police said Rocket attack targets police social facilities building in Ankara An attack involving three rockets targeted a police social complex in Ankara Protesters briefly detained in demo against the privatization of ferry dock in Istanbul?s … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: In the mean time, Interior Ministry?s report says Turkish police used excessive force in Gezi protests

Turkish police used excessive force in Gezi protests, Interior Ministry?s report says Police exercised ?excessive force? in trying to quell the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul and İzmir With a Burst of Color, Turkey’s Public Walkways Become a Focus of Quiet Protest When city authorities in Istanbul attempted to quash the initiative of a public-spirited … Read more

Video: Police supports thugs – #direngeziparkıgeliyoruz #occupygezi #SatırlıDemokrasi

Police intervention against protesters ?perfectly natural?: Interior minister Police intervention against unauthorized demos in public places is ‘natural,’ says Güler via @akgulelif The attacker with the machete @BerxwedanYARUK via sinanchakmak via @noisensured via @ismailsaymaz via @angelusemi via @IvanCNN  i’ve been stopped at, have 12 yr old waiting. I used to pray for u! pic.twitter.com/FFOboGni02 via @niLaylaylom_

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