Amnesty International Report: “Gezi Park Protests. Brutal denial of the right to peaceful assembly in Turkey”

On 30 May police in Istanbul broke up a small demonstration by several hundred environmentalists, using tear gas, beating protestors and burning their tents. The cause of the protestors and the abusive response of the authorities touched a nerve. Within days, tens of thousands of protestors had taken to the streets across the main cities … Read more

Erkan also contributed to Direct Act episode…

Direct Act is a program hosted by Shant Kerbabian and it deals with different activist movements around the world and different cases which affect people’s freedoms. Every Friday 7:00 pm Beirut time and it reruns Saturday 4:30 Beirut time Previous episode on Occupy Gezi:

Here is the road to the Museum of Innocence from Istiklal Street (!).. and more images…

The photo credited to Hakan Kumuk University students who protested Turkish PM face 6 years in jail An Ankara prosecutor has demanded six years of imprisonment for the 45 university students who had protested against prime minister Taksim Square to have trees planted due to locals? demands, Istanbul Mayor Topbaş says Istanbul?s Taksim Square will have … Read more

A video: From a side street of Kadıköy (11 September 2013)

Animals affected by pepper gas taken to veterinaries by protesters…

updated- 00:37- Tonight Resistance stronghold for Istanbul’s Middle Classes is definitely Kadıköy

Follow news thru  these Twitter accounts: @DirenGeziParki @OtekilerPostasi @Crypt0nymous @140Journos Keys left for protesters to shelter in buildings…       Building barricades:

güncelleniyor- Duvar yazıları (ve yazılamalar) geri döndü…

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But of course Swedish players are not used to pepper gas…

In yet another embarrassment for Turkey, U21 game between Turkey and Sweden was postponed this evening due to players’ exposure to pepper gas which was in fact used against Occupy Turkey protesters. As usual, there was excessive usage and some cloud of pepper gas reached Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Stadium (Stadium name well fits to misery) … Read more

Citizens rise all over Turkey despite police violence. #OccupyTurkey

I am switching to my Twitter account for immediate reporting… [I will tweet mostly in English] Taksim head injury in Taksim.   Antakya Occupiers occupy the boat from Kadıköy to Karaköy Kadıköy  

“‘Yüksekten Düştüğüne Dair Bulgu Yok, Kafasında Çökme Var’…. #AhmetAtakan

Antakyalılar Ahmet’i uğurluyor: 16.00?da Çekmece’de buluşuluyor Sendika.Org ? Binlerce Antakyalı Ahmet’i uğurluyor. Armutlulu gençlerin ittiği cenaze aracı Ahmet’in evine ulaştı. Cenaze, Çekmece Pınarbaşı Mahallesi’ndeki Ahmet’in evinin önünden ‘Yüksekten Düştüğüne Dair Bulgu Yok, Kafasında Çökme Var’ Bianet ? Hatay‘ın Antakya ilçesindeki ODTÜ direnişinde öldürülen 22 yaşındaki Ahmet Atakan ‘ın sabaha karşı götürüldüğü Hatay Devlet Hastanesi’nde Antakya’da polis, Ahmet … Read more

#AhmetAtakan allegedly killed by police violence in Armutlu, Antakya, becomes the 6th martyr in #OccupyTurkey

    [View the story “#AhmetAtakan allegedly killed by police violence in Armutlu, Antakya, becomes the 6th martyr in #OccupyTurkey” on Storify]

Saturday Night in #OccupyGezi. Will be hard to justify Osman Erden’s detainment by Turkish authorities…

  Osman Erden, Art historian, AICA Turkey President, Associate Professor detained as he was trying to save a female activist from harassment. Not the harassers but the citizen who tries to help is detained after beaten by police…  Meanwhile in Antakya: via @sinan_fdn Armutlu, 13 July 2013 night… There have been ongoing protests and police violence … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: EFF says Online and Off, Information Control Persists in Turkey….

Detained Gezi Occupiers greet… From Çağlayan Court. via @selinasker Online and Off, Information Control Persists in Turkey By Greg Epstein, EFF and Global Voices Advocacy Intern Demonstrators in Turkey have occupied Istanbul?s Taksim Square since last May, in a movement that began as an effort to protect a city park, but has evolved into a … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Gezi detainees start hunger strike…Turkey fined over case on test changes for violating the right to education

Gezi detainees start hunger strike as prosecutor extends detention Around 50 people who were detained in accordance with the Gezi Park protests started a hunger strike today #occupygezi, #changebrazil and the new #urbanrevolution #occupygezi and #changebrazil that we witnessed recently are not the beginning, but the continuation of a global phenomenon: the new urban hashtag … Read more

Ali İsmail Korkmaz, another martyr of Gezi Resistance. God Bless Him.

Ali İsmail Korkmaz was attacked by thugs in Eskişehir on 2 June. Since then he was in coma. We hear today the sad news… Like in the case of the man with the machete in Istanbul, security forces do not prevent these thugs and in fact allow them to attack protesters… Here is yet the … Read more

İftar in the Taksim Square by the municipality… while rights violations continue increasingly… EFD Rights Watch

iftar: Here are the tables put by the municipality.. Police search houses of Gezi protests? starter group members Police are searching the houses of representatives of the Taksim Solidarity Platform including their leading figures European court finds Turkey guilty in case regarding police crackdown ECHR has fined Turkey in a complaint by two Turkish citizens regarding … Read more