EFD Rights Watch: Last night- 12 protesters detained in “tea party” event in Istanbul; Police buildings are rocket- attacked in Ankara


Initial findings say outlawed leftist group likely to be responsible for Ankara attack: Police

Initial findings point to the DHKP/C, police said

Rocket attack targets police social facilities building in Ankara

An attack involving three rockets targeted a police social complex in Ankara

Protesters briefly detained in demo against the privatization of ferry dock in Istanbul?s Beşiktaş

Twelve demonstrators were briefly detained after a ‘tea drinking’ protest against the sale of the Kadıköy ferries dock to a hotel in Istanbul’s Beşiktaş district

20 Twitter accounts monitored over Gezi protests

The Interior Ministry has prepared a report regarding the summer?s Gezi Park protests

Workers block Istanbul TEM highway after alleged attack

Around 200 workers staged a protest on the TEM highway today in Istanbul’s Bağcılar district

Zirve case key to Armenian-Turkish journalist Dink, Father Santoro cases: Lawyer

The solving of the murders in Turkey?s recent past will shed light on key points of the deep state, according to Erdal Doğan

Violence Victim Academician Faces Trial

Osman Erden, an assistant professor who was detained and subjected to police violence in downtown Istanbul during Gezi Resistance, was ordered to stand trial for ?resisting police officers and attending an illegal demonstration?. Erden is facing prison sentence up to 3 years.

Treasury to sue Gezi protesters for damage to public property

Protesters who damaged public property during the Gezi protests in Istanbul will stand trial upon a demand from lawyers of the public treasury

Help! Police! Save me from the police!

One of the most dramatic moments of the victim?s story was when she was telling me how she called for help from uniformed police officers
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