Istanbul news roundup: “Istanbul’s housing prices decline amid oversupply

Murder in Istanbul

Twelve men from the countries of the former USSR have been assassinated in Turkey, and there’s evidence that some of the hitmen were from Russia.
Property prices have dropped up to 20 percent in several parts of Istanbul due to a glut in the housing sector after large-scale urban transformation projects created an oversupply in the market
People are risking their lives as trans in Istanbul

Now the 18-year-old sits at the window of a transgender brothel in Istanbul’s run-down Tarlabasi neighborhood. Wary and standoffish, she doesn’t do
Follow the Cats of Istanbul in an Adorable Trailer for KEDI

Director Ceyda Torun’s doc follows seven of the “hundreds of thousands” of independent kitties that roam the streets of Istanbul and are a beloved

Istanbul Biennial to ponder ‘a good neighbor’

Curated this year by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, the 15th Istanbul Biennial, titled ‘A good neighbor,’ will deal with notions of neighborhood and home while exploring how living modes have changed. The biennial will take place between Sept 16 and Nov 12, 2017

Istanbul hosts World Halal Summit

The World Halal Summit began in Istanbul on Dec. 15 with the participation of over two dozen prominent figures in the halal sector from Turkey and other countries.
İstiklal Avenue, the heart of Istanbul, is bleeding. Shops are being closed down. We are all telling each other about how major brands are moving out of the street but we are not actually doing anything about it.

Her simit recipe has a wrong wrong wrong finish similar to many recent books. iA simit dough ring has to boil with molasses added water gets the sesame later
Mavi Boncuk |

Istanbul Biennial to ponder ‘a good neighbor’

“Is a neighbor someone you really see?” This is how the press conference for the announcement of the framework for The 15thIstanbul Biennial …

In Turkey’s Istanbul, The Art Crowd Will Not Back Down

“We didn’t want to cancel Contemporary Istanbul this year” said Ali Güreli, chair of Contemporary Istanbulart fair, at the launch of the 11th edition in .

Istanbul’s street art scene ‘growing day by day’

Throughout Istanbul, there are many more places like this. The Street Art Istanbul App, which guides users around the city to discover the art of the

5th Turkey Innovation Week starts in Istanbul

The 5th Turkey Innovation Week, during which dozens of innovation gurus from 10 different countries in various disciplines will meet, started on Dec.

‘Standing by the Bosphorus gives me goosebumps’: Jason Goodwin’s Istanbul

I first came to Istanbul on a wave of youthful romanticism, making my way across eastern Europe on foot, treading woodland paths from the Baltic to ..

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