Cyberculture agenda: “Social media used to prove MH17 was downed by Russian Buk missile

Social media used to prove MH17 was downed by Russian Buk missile Mashable! by Nicole Gallucci The mystery surrounding the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 may have been resolved. Three Leaders Three Narratives: Digital Diplomacy at the UN General Assembly Exploring Digital Diplomacy by Ilan Manor The yearly session of the UN General Assembly may be … Read more

In the mean time in Europe: “Costume drama”

Costume drama  BBC News | Europe | World Edition The BBC’s Pakistan correspondent asks why some object to seeing women in burkinis on the beach. German minister proposes partial Burqa ban  AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) Interior minister says ban on face veils would apply to “places where it is necessary for society’s coexistence”. Swedish King and Queen … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: A Media Analysis site for the EU Referendum 2016

EU Referendum 2016 Media analysis from Loughborough University Centre for Research in Communication and Culture This is Twitter’s new emoji for the EU referendum  Mashable! by Rachel Thompson LONDON — Twitter has a brand new emoji, but it’s not what you think. The EU referendum matters for Global Justice Now. Here’s why.  open Democracy News Analysis – … Read more

Turkey vs. Russia. “The Turkish army releases audio of warnings to downed Russian plane WHILE “Navigator of Downed Russian Plane Says There Was No Warning

As rhetorical fury rises over jet incident, how will Putin respond? World news: Turkey | by Shaun Walker in Moscow Announcements made by Moscow include banning of some Turkish poultry imports – hardly a suggestion of bellicose intent The Turkish embassy in Moscow was pelted with eggs, stones and paint. Viewers of state television heard … Read more

NATO and US gives verbal support, It looks like Turkey will be the proxy in a fight against #Russia…

Downed Russian jet violated Turkish air space: NATO NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said data from allies showed that Turkish information that a downed Russian jet violated the Turkish air space Putin Slams Turkey, Lavrov Cancels Turkey Trip  Bianet :: English Russian President Putin stating the downed planed wasn’t within the borders of Turkey has said, … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “Cybersecurity is the new battleground for human rights..”online trolling between Western and Russian diplomats…

A brief history of online trolling between Western and Russian diplomats  BBC News | Europe | World Edition A brief history of online trolling between Russia and the West US state department trolls Russian newspaper  BBC News | Europe | World Edition US state department pokes fun at a Russian newspaper which it says faked aletter by … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Number of displaced Syrians in Europe…

Reality check: Number of displaced Syrians in Europe AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) Very few of the 11.8 million Syrians who have fled their homes during the current conflict are now in Europe. Why EU guidelines on Israeli settlements are welcome EU guidelines on the “indication of origin of goods from the territories occupied by Israel since … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “Towards Digital Constitutionalism?… “Head of Facebook in Europe to be investigated in Germany for allowing racist posts

Head of Facebook in Europe to be investigated in Germany for allowing racist posts The Next Web by Ben Woods Facebook’s relationship with the content its users post and the balancing act it needs to pull off to allow free speech (but remove hate speech) is a tricky one. Today, it’s in hot water with German … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “EU votes down net neutrality protection…

EU votes down net neutrality protection  BBC News | Europe | World Edition The European Parliament has voted against a set of rules intended to safeguard “net neutrality” within the EU. The EU Parliament just voted in awful, shortsighted net ‘neutrality’ rules The Next Web by Amanda Connolly The European parliament held a vote today to determine … Read more

Before the Nov 1 election, Ruling AKP plays its last cards: Confiscates opposition media entities #MedyaDokunma, Extrajudicial killings and possibly committing many other crimes we are not aware of…

Trustee Appointed to Koza Holding Bianet :: English Koza İpek Holding including Channel Kanaltürk, Bugün daily and other 22 corporations, has been appointed a trustee. 5 Websites Blocked in a Day Bianet :: English Presidency of Telecommunication blocked access to five news websites in a day. Turkish woman shot during police operation dies at hospital A Turkish woman … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Row over Syria policy

MAIN FOCUS: Row over Syria policy | 30/09/2015 euro|topic The presidents of Russia and the United States met to discuss a policy on Syria at the start of the week. Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad remains the main bone of contention between the two leaders. According to some commentators Putin has pushed through his strategy of including … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Spanish establishment shaken… “Europe must take in 40K refugees in 2 years…

Anti-austerity parties soar in Spanish elections as Greece threatens default  Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow Two new, anti-establishment parties (including one that grew out of the indignados movement — a kind of Spanish precedent to Occupy) took key seats in regional and municipal elections in yesterday’s Spanish election, which is a kind of dress rehearsal for the … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Ireland same sex marriage win… The Riga Summit…

The Riga Summit: Enter, pursued by a bear  by Centre for European Reform The Eastern Partnership summit in Riga on May 21st-22nd will be a gloomy affair. Russia’s aggressive behaviour has put EU member-states on the defensive. Enthusiasm for further integration between the EU and its Eastern neighbours is on the wane. But Europe should be … Read more

As approved article gives Turkish gov’t power to shut down websites in 4 hours, Yavuz Baydar on how “Erdogan has all but destroyed Turkish journalism”

Erdogan has all but destroyed Turkish journalism | Yavuz Baydar  World news: Turkey | by Yavuz Baydar Journalists are being intimidated and imprisoned, while government-friendly moguls are given lucrative contracts. The free media is on the verge of extinction Among journalists, the truth universally acknowledged is that bad news commands more column inches than good. … Read more

“A day in the life as a Syrian living on İstanbul’s streets… İstanbul news roundup.

  A day in the life as a Syrian living on İstanbul’s streets BGN NEWS A day in the life as a Syrian living on İstanbul’s streets … southeastern border, many have flocked over to the western provinces — as far as İstanbul. Istanbul Rail Systems Mavi Boncuk Museum houses taking off in Istanbul Istanbul is rich … Read more

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