New Gezi Park crisis simmering While Turkish intel, security to get exclusive authority on personal data…

Artillery Barracks project in Gezi Park back on municipal agenda Istanbul Municipality has again included a controversial construction project on the site of Gezi Park Turkey to go ahead with Istanbul park plan Turkish authorities have said they intend to go ahead with the redevelopment ofIstanbul’s Gezi Park, the same project that spurred deadly nationwide … … Read more

Yandex data compares Istanbul’s traffic – 17 % more time spent in mornings…

Data provided in Turkish here. A comparison between October 2012 to October 2013 states that 17 % more time spent in mornings and 12 % more time spent in evenings in Istanbul traffic since last year…   ************** In other Istanbul news Hagia Sophia: between consecration and contestation Should Hagia Sophia become a mosque? Or … Read more

Social roundup: “Turkey launches officially ‘Turkvision’…”Turkey gets 2022 deadline to clear its almost 1 million landmines…

After snubbing the Eurovision song contest, Turkey launches officially ‘Turkvision’ The Turkvision project, branded as an alternative to Eurovision, has now become a reality after the official signing ceremony in Eskişehir   Ruling AKP deputy?s remark on disabled people stirs debate Tekirdağ Deputy Ziyaeddin Akbulut has stirred controversy by claiming that parents used to pray … Read more

“Interview with a Turkish Pirate about the Protests in #gezipark

Interview with a Turkish Pirate about the Protests in #gezipark June 24, 2013 · by Andrew Reitemeyer · in Europe, Interviews, Pirate Party News The recent protests in Turkey started  on 28 May 2013. The protests were sparked by the brutal eviction of a sit-in at Istanbul?s Taksim Gezi Park protesting at plans for the park?s demolition and replacement with a shopping mall.  The Pirate Party of … Read more

Despite police violence citizens continue to amass… #direngeziparkı #occupygezi

  DAKİKA DAKİKA BİLGİ: Taksim Gezi Parkı Direnişi 2. Gün / Resistance Against Destruction of Taksim Park:   by Nar Photos Police staged an early morning raid on protesters who resist against the demolition of Gezi Park in the heart of Istanbul for a shopping mall to be built. The police used … Read more