Eurosphere agenda: Footballers in Greece stage a sit-in to protest rising migrant deaths…

Footballers stage migrants protest  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Footballers in Greece stage a sit-in protest at the start of a game over the death toll of migrants trying to reach the country. Making money out of the migrant crisis  BBC News | Europe | World Edition The business making money out of the migrant … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Montenegro on the path to Nato membership…”Court blocks Catalan independence bill

Court blocks Catalan independence bill BBC News | Europe | World Edition Spain’s Constitutional Court revokes Catalonia’s parliamentary motion that set in motion a process of unilaterally breaking away from the rest of the country. EU’s new ‘Directive on Terrorism’ aims to criminalise preparatory acts The European Commission adopted on Wednesday (2 December) a package of measures … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Portugal opposition topples government…”Serbia leading the Way in Europe’s Refugee Crisis

The Little Country Leading the Way in Europe’s Refugee Crisis  Slate Articles by Slobodan Djinovic It’s not often that we Serbs get to be the good guys. Historically, whenever our name is mentioned, it’s usually in relation to accusations of causing World War I or Slobodan Milosevic and the four bloody wars he fomented in the … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Poland conservatives win election….

Poland’s Successful Losers Project Syndicate by Jacek Rostowski How can a government with the best economic record in Europe be humiliated at the polls by a Euroskeptic, nationalistic, and economically illiterate opposition – one deemed unelectable only a year ago? That is the question many Poles, and friends of Poland, are now asking, following the defeat … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “populism a ‘cancer’ spreading across Europe, says EPP leaders….

EPP leaders: populism a ‘cancer’ spreading across Europe Leaders from the European Peoples Party (EPP) meeting in Madrid on Thursday (22 October) warned that populism was a “disease” spreading “like a cancer” in the EU. At least 6,000 refugees stranded in freezing rain at Croatia’s border Mashable! by Megan Specia Thousands of people spent the night stranded in the cold … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Sweden school sword attack… “The end of free movement to and from Europe?…

One dead in Sweden school sword attack  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Swedish police shoot a masked man who killed a teacher and injured at least two students with a sword in the western town of Trollhattan. Many most affected by the EU referendum will have no vote Ideas on Europe by Jon Danzig The end … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Merkel says refugee crisis tests Europe’s core ideals…

Merkel says refugee crisis tests Europe’s core ideals  AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) German chancellor puts pressure on European countries who refuse to take in refugees, saying it betrays EU’s values. France: Hungary refugee fence not even fit for animals AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) Paris slams Hungary, gateway to EU from eastern Europe, for erecting 175km … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Pirates of the European Union

Pirates of the European Union  open Democracy News Analysis – by Louise Olsson Only when we approach gender equality mainstreaming in a more strategic way can we claim that gender equality is a fundamental principle of European Union Common Security and Defence Policy missions. MAIN FOCUS: Hollande wants a government for the Eurozone | 21/07/2015 euro|topics Against … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Merkel Pessimistic on Ukraine peace, Germany rules out arming Kyiv….

MAIN FOCUS: Merkel and Hollande negotiate in Ukraine conflict | 06/02/2015  euro|topics French President François Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have started a new initiative to find a solution to the Ukraine conflict, presenting a peace proposal in Kiev on Thursday before travelling to Moscow today, Friday. Commentators see the move as the last hope … Read more

Eurosphere agenda:”Europe in the global app economy….”Croatia and Serbia fail with genocide claims…

How Europe can win in the global app economy As the European Union prepares its plan for a Digital Single Market, policy-makers must take full account of the fastest growing segment of that market – the app industry, writes Sophie Mestchersky.   MAIN FOCUS: Croatia and Serbia fail with genocide claims | 04/02/2015 euro|topics The International … Read more

As waiting for Greek election results, read “7 experts on Europe’s biggest media innovators… Eurosphere agenda.

7 experts on Europe’s biggest media innovators The media’s search for new business models and the potential of new and social media has brought about a wave of enterprises and entrepreneurs across EU member states. What are Europe’s most innovative news applications and initiatives? EurActiv asked the experts. On election day, young Greeks will be voting for SYRIZA open Democracy … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Coding in the classroom

INFOGRAPHIC: Coding in the classroom SPECIAL REPORT: Which EU countries teach coding in the classroom and why? Computing Our Future, a European Schoolnet report, investigated the timetables to find out. 12 countries gave full responses to the survey, the findings of which are summarised in this infographic. The BBC taps Doctor Who to bring the basics of coding to kids  The … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Critical week for Juncker Commission… “Serbia hosts first gay Pride since 2010

  Make or break week begins for the Juncker Commission The next 10 days could make or break a plan to reshape the European Union under new management, in an attempt to revive the economy and regain trust among its half-billion people. Belgium’s complex web of democracy  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Exploring Belgium’s … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: European Pirate Parties… Bosnia/Serbia floods…

  The Pirate Bay Running Promos For European Pirate Parties In Election Week  Falkvinge on Infopolicy by Rick Falkvinge Pirate Parties:?In a last-minute visibility boost, The Pirate Bay is providing front-page exposure to the European Pirate Parties in this European Election. Offline-borns would tend to scoff at this; however, the net generation understands that this is an … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “12 names on EU sanctions.. Front National celebrates election success…”The Trials and Tribulations of Secure Free Software for the European Parliament…

  EU summit: 12 names on EU sanctions  Brussels Blog by James Fontanella-Khan FT Brussels blog?s chief writer Peter Spiegel has some scoopy tweets after having spoken to a few EU officials ahead of the summit MAIN FOCUS: Front National celebrates election success | 24/03/2014  euro|topics The Front National made considerable headway in local elections in France on Sunday. … Read more