Head of Istanbul Bar Association thrown out of Çağlayan Court by police… #AvukatımaDokunma

Things getting uglier hour by hour… video here         Banning journalism In an editorial on April 3, daily Hürriyet responded to Turkish PM Davutoğlu’s accusations and sanctions on the media Turkish prosecutor shot by perpetrators’ gun, authorities say An autopsy report has alleged that Turkish prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz was shot with a gun … Read more

The moment Berkin Elvan was killed by police…

  Berkin Elvan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Berkin Elvan (January 5, 1999 – March 11, 2014) was a 15-year-old Turkish boy who was hit on the head by a tear-gas canister fired by a police officer in .

the Moment #UğurKurt was shot…

Uğur Kurt'un Vurulma Anı by yonhabersosyalmedya

R.I.P. Mehmet İstif…. EFD Rights Watch

Gezi protester dies amid cancer treatment following tear gas inhalation Mehmet İstif contracted tongue cancer allegedly triggered by the inhalation of police tear gas **************** ?Police Killed 155 People in 7 Years? Baran Tursun Foundation released a message on the occasion of Mother?s Day, saying that they could detect at least 155 individuals who were killed by … Read more

Another summary of May Day in Turkey.

May Day Celebrations Across Turkey  Bianet :: English While Istanbul was under the police attack, May Day celebrations continued at many cities in Turkey. bianet is reporting May Day scenes from Ankara, İzmir, Sivas, Kayseri, Diyarbakır, Tokat, Kars, Hakkari and Samsun. Gas Masks and Rubber Bullets: This Was Istanbul Today  Mashable! by Amanda Wills ISTANBUL, Turkey ? Thousands … Read more

#EbileteHayır AKP’s police forces attack fans protesting E-ticket system and Berkin Elvan mourners today in Taksim

  Police attacks fans who protest e-ticket system. Taksim, Istanbul today.via  A fan strikes back: Several fans detained: In the mean time in Samsun, fans’ protest turns to attacking Samsunspor club premises: via   Turkish police in Taksim today also attacked mourners of Berkin Elvan…

#DirenODTÜ Serhatcan Yurdam (@syurdam): Öğrenci Kolektifleri: “Polis plastik mermi kullandı, bir öğrenci başından yaralandı”

ODTÜ’deki eyleme polis saldırısı gerçekleşti. Polis saldırısıyla ilgili derleme… Devamı burada:   [View the story “ODTÜ’deki eyleme polis saldırısı” on Storify]

Video: Protests and police violence on the Internet Freedom rally on 18 Jan

EFD Rights Watch: “ODTÜ shows no lesson learned: EU?s envoy”…

ODTÜ shows no lesson learned: EU?s envoy The debate over a controversial road construction on the ODTÜ’s land shows that ‘some people have not learned their lessons,’ according to EU Ambassador to Turkey This guy with the bat is claimed to be sent by Ankara Municipality. via @EratalaySevinc Main opposition CHP reveals report on jailed … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: A minority report or basically Raping Democracy case: “New law to permit Turkish police to detain ?possible? protesters

New law to permit Turkish police to detain ?possible? protesters A court?s order will not be necessary to detain ‘potential’ protesters with a new law ******************** Gezi protester died from tear gas canister, says forensic report A forensic medicine report confirmed that 22-year-old Abdullah Cömert was killed by a tear gas canister that hit his … Read more

Amnesty International Report: “Gezi Park Protests. Brutal denial of the right to peaceful assembly in Turkey”

On 30 May police in Istanbul broke up a small demonstration by several hundred environmentalists, using tear gas, beating protestors and burning their tents. The cause of the protestors and the abusive response of the authorities touched a nerve. Within days, tens of thousands of protestors had taken to the streets across the main cities … Read more

Drama in Armutlu/Istanbul continues. Authorities prevent the funeral procession of #HasanFeritGedik

Hasan’s mother demands authorities to allow to perform funeral ceremony… Slain protester?s body not permitted at murder scene for fear of fresh tensions The body of a 21-year-old victim who was shot to death Sept 30 when drug dealers opened fire on leftists protesting their activity has still not been buried   Tons of police, … Read more

Newly founded pro-government BJK fan group attacks other fans, provokes stadium riots… #CarsininYanindayiz

Istanbul derby game suspended after supporters invade the field Hundreds of Beşiktaş supporters invaded the field during the derby game against Galatasaray An in-depth from the field observation in Turkish here. Interestingly, Turkish police sheepy here… Another one… It is now highly believed that – according to eye witnesses and friends from Çarşı, who stays at … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Last night- 12 protesters detained in “tea party” event in Istanbul; Police buildings are rocket- attacked in Ankara

  Initial findings say outlawed leftist group likely to be responsible for Ankara attack: Police Initial findings point to the DHKP/C, police said Rocket attack targets police social facilities building in Ankara An attack involving three rockets targeted a police social complex in Ankara Protesters briefly detained in demo against the privatization of ferry dock in Istanbul?s … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: “Three reports rule out self-defense in Gezi protester Sarısülük killing

Three reports rule out self-defense in Gezi protester Sarısülük killing: Lawyer Three separate reports all indicate that police officer A.Ş. did not use self-defense when he shot dead Ethem Sarısülük *************** Go and live in the forest, Turkish PM tells environment activists PM Erdoğan slammed environment activists opposing the construction of a road passing through … Read more