EFD Rights Watch: Last night- 12 protesters detained in “tea party” event in Istanbul; Police buildings are rocket- attacked in Ankara

  Initial findings say outlawed leftist group likely to be responsible for Ankara attack: Police Initial findings point to the DHKP/C, police said Rocket attack targets police social facilities building in Ankara An attack involving three rockets targeted a police social complex in Ankara Protesters briefly detained in demo against the privatization of ferry dock in Istanbul?s … Read more

Saturday Night in #OccupyGezi. Will be hard to justify Osman Erden’s detainment by Turkish authorities…

  Osman Erden, Art historian, AICA Turkey President, Associate Professor detained as he was trying to save a female activist from harassment. Not the harassers but the citizen who tries to help is detained after beaten by police…  Meanwhile in Antakya: via @sinan_fdn Armutlu, 13 July 2013 night… There have been ongoing protests and police violence … Read more