#Afrin operation roundup: “Turkey’s Worst Day Yet in Syria Offensive: At Least 7 Soldiers Killed…

Turkey’s Worst Day Yet in Syria Offensive: At Least 7 Soldiers Killed NYT > Turkey by By ROD NORDLAND Syrian rebels in the northern city of Afrin also destroyed at least one tank, a day after other rebels shot down a Russian warplane. Turkey has no aim to invade Syria during Afrin operation: Erdoğan Turkey has no aim … Read more

In the mean time, Cyprus peace talks: “all you need to know”

Cyprus peace talks – all you need to know World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk by Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor Rival leaders of the Mediterranean island, which has been split since 1974, are meeting in Geneva for a summit The purpose of the Geneva talks is to end the partition of the island between the predominantly Turkish … Read more

After the Karlov assasination; check out the Iranian security checking out the Turkish security in the Turkey-Russia-Iran tripartite meeting in Moscow…

https://twitter.com/Qestuka/status/811188279424991232   Turkey and Iran’s Dangerous Collision Course  NYT > Turkey by By ALI VAEZ   Two of the Middle East’s powers are setting themselves up for a fight. It’s not too late to avert one. Russia, Turkey and Iran agree on joint Syria action   Russia, Turkey and Iran have agreed to jointly act on Syria, … Read more

Russian investigation team has arrived but pro-gov’t Turkish dailies claim to have found the culprit in Karlov assassination…

  All of Erdoganist papers blame “FETO” a.k.a Gulen Gr behind the Russian Amb assassination -font page. Just like that. Case is solved. Next? https://t.co/ggC2XH3E2g — ilhan tanir (@WashingtonPoint) December 20, 2016 Pro-AKP talking heads think it was either US, CIA or NATO behind assasination of Russian Amb in Ankara. All jealous of improved TR-RU … Read more

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Is Assassinated in Ankara by a Turkish cop who seems to have sympathies to al-Nusra…

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Is Assassinated in Ankara NYT > Turkey by By TIM ARANGO and RICK GLADSTONE   The shooting at an Ankara art exhibit Monday sent relations between Turkey and Russia to a new level of crisis over the protracted Syrian conflict. Russian ambassador shooting: Video shows aftermath  BBC News | Europe | World Edition … Read more

In just one day, Erdoğan changed his explanation for why Turkey is in Syria…

Erdoğan’s Target was Assad Yesterday, Just Organizations Today Bianet :: English Explaining that purpose of Turkey’s military offensive into Syria is to “put an end to Assad’s governing” two days ago, Erdoğan today said that their target is not a country or a person. Dutch Ask E.U. to Pressure Turkey Over Crackdown NYT > Turkey by By … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Bratislava EU meeting”

Bratislava EU meeting: Merkel says bloc in ‘critical situation’  BBC News | Europe | World Edition The EU is in a “critical situation”, the German chancellor says, as leaders meet to discuss ways to regain trust after the UK’s vote to leave the bloc. Debate: Can the Bratislava summit mend the EU? euro|topics The leaders of the … Read more

Turkish military official in Syria… #EuphratesShield #Cerablus

Turkish Special Forces: From stopping a coup to the frontline of the ISIL fight The Turkish Special Forces are playing a key role in the operation launched at 04.00 a.m. on Aug. 24 to back the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to free the Syrian town of Jarablus from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant … Read more

Facetime, Whatsapp… Not much encryption in Turkey’s coup games

Erdoğan initially used Facetime in last night coup attempt to talk to media. Erdogan resorts to iPhone’s FaceTime after coup attempt Aljazeera.com–10 hours ago Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s first appearance after an attempted coup came through a FaceTime app on an Apple iPhone, held . In the mean time, State news agency Anadolu Ajansı claimed that … Read more

After all anti-zionist hubbub, AKP is back to rapprochement with Israel…

Turkish official confirms talks, understanding with Israel Israel and Turkey have reached a preliminary agreement to normalize relations, including the return of ambassadors to both countries, Reuters quoted an Israeli official as saying on Dec 17 ‘Defaming Erdogan’: Criminal complaint filed against Putin in Turkey RT Furthermore, Mahir Akkar, a suspect in the Ergenekon ‘coup plot’ … Read more

As Obama to travel to Turkey for G20 summit “Assailants open fire in front of main opposition CHP headquarters in Ankara…

Assailants open fire in front of CHP headquarters in Ankara Unknown assailants opened fire late on Oct. 26 at the Republican People’s Party (CHP) headquarters in Ankara, the party’s deputy head has said  Academic Murat Belge details frustration of being betrayed by the AKP BGN NEWS Academic Murat Belge details frustration of being betrayed by the … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Sweden school sword attack… “The end of free movement to and from Europe?…

One dead in Sweden school sword attack  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Swedish police shoot a masked man who killed a teacher and injured at least two students with a sword in the western town of Trollhattan. Many most affected by the EU referendum will have no vote Ideas on Europe by Jon Danzig The end … Read more

Clue for AKP authoritarianism: “Intelligence + religious affairs” set to take huge share of Turkey’s 2016 budget

Intelligence, religious affairs set to take huge share of Turkey’s 2016 budget Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency (MİT) and Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) will see dramatic rises in their shares of the upcoming year’s budget Turkish Nobel laureate blames Erdoğan for bringing country to brink Turkey’s Nobel laureate has warned the country could collapse into sectarian conflict … Read more

Not before making a scene in Belgium, Erdoğan’s entourage left Europe for Japan…

Belgium People and Policemen Confront Erdoğan’s Family and Bodyguards  Bianet :: English The President Erdoğan’s guardians and Belgian security forces exchanged blows while First Lady Emine Erdoğan was reacted to after she made a shop shut down to buy things. Merkel says still against Turkey joining the EU German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Oct. 7 that … Read more

Turkey’s war with media goes beyond borders, BBC accused of ‘openly supporting terrorism’

Turkey accuses BBC of ‘openly supporting terrorism’ Turkey has accused the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) of “openly supporting terrorism” by making “written and visual propaganda” of the outlawed PKK during a broadcast EKİN KARACA’S INTERVIEW: Tarık Ziya Ekinci: PKK Announcing Truce Strengthens HDP’s Hand  Bianet :: English Tarık Ziya Ekinci is of the opinion that Erdoğan is … Read more