AKP leadership attacking Supreme Court as 4 former ministers’ corruption case to be determined today…

Supreme Court plotted against AKP, health minister claims Hurriyet Daily News Mehmet Müezzinoğlu diagnosed the Supreme Court as ‘the main element which plotted against the ruling party’ Inquiry panel to vote on fate of former ministers A parliamentary inquiry commission is expected to decide whether to send four former ministers to the Supreme Council for trial on … Read more

Turkish justice today: An academic sentenced for insulting Erdoğan, Pınar Selek Acquits for the Fourth Time, Arrest warrant for Fethullah Gülen

 News in Turkish. An assistant professor Elifhan Köse is sentenced for 11 months for slogans against Erdoğan during Berkin Elvan memorial. … Pınar Selek Acquits for the Forth Time Bianet :: English Acquitted three times and ordered to stand trial for the forth time regarding the 1998 Grand Bazaar Blast Incident, sociologist Pınar Selek acquitted from … Read more

Protests on the 1st Anniversary of Corruption Probe as Turkey NOW Convicted of Torturing 19 y.o. Demonstrator

Protests on the 1st Anniversary of Corruption Probe  Bianet :: English Several protests have been held on the 1st Anniversary of Corruption Probe within which four minister resigned. While the hashtag #hırsızvar (#thereisathief) became a top tweet, 5 demonstrators were detained in Istanbul. Blame game continues in Dink murder case: Former Istanbul intelligence head accuses former Trabzon … Read more

Erdoğan’s palace to be protected by commandos… Open Source Analysis of The IS Attack on Kobane… “NATO calls on Turkey to join EU sanctions against Russia as Putin visits Ankara…

The IS Attack on Kobane: Open Source Analysis turkeywonk.wordpress.com – aaronstein1 – Nov 30, 6:55 AM – Yesterday, the Islamic State detonated four suicide car bombs in the embattled town of Kobane. One VBIED detonated just inside the Mursitpinar border gate. After the explosion, clashes broke out between the YPG and the Islamic state in … Read more

As the Pope about the legitimize Erdoğan’s palace, “Turkey’s former EU Minister Bağış admits receiving gifts from key graft probe suspect

Turkey’s former EU Minister Bağış admits receiving gifts from key graft probe suspect Former EU Minister Bağış has admitted receiving gifts including ‘chocolate, shirts and ties’ from Iranian-Azeri businessman Reza Zarrab and said he helped some of Zarrab’s friends receive visas Egemen Bağış: Gift is A Turkish Tradition  Bianet :: English Former EU Minister Egemen Bağış testified … Read more

For the moment, Erdoğan’s son is free. The gov’t explicitly intervenes the judiciary…

The above image is the statement of Prosecutor, Muammer Akkaş, who says that his investigation is stopped…  Minister who urged Turkish PM to step down highlights devotion to ?the struggle?   Environment Minister Bayraktar underlined his loyalty to what he called a ‘struggle,’ as he handed over his portfolio Implicated interior minister fires off parting shot during … Read more

“War Cabinet” as the graft probe is to zero in Erdoğan family… A roundup…

  PM Erdoğan announces new Cabinet with 10 changes amid graft probe The Cabinet changes include the interior, economy, environment and EU ministers implicated in the graft probe that has shaken the government Turkish PM Erdoğan says those who target him through graft probe will not succeed The target of the probe is himself, PM Erdoğan said … Read more

The 2nd wave of Graft Probe arrests may include PM Erdoğan’s son, Bilal Erdoğan…

New appointed prosecutors and police chiefs refuse to act… There is an incredible tension in Judiciary circles… In Ahmet Şık’s Twitter account, here is a list of possible arrests: News in Turkish: New operation on corruption allegations starts: Reports A second operation into corruption allegations has started, according to daily Radikal. Three Ministers Resign, One Urges PM … Read more

Another minister, the 3rd one today, Erdoğan Bayraktar, resigns but he calls PM Erdoğan to resign, too!

Erdoğan Bayraktar is the current Minister of Urban Planning and Development of Turkey and a MP for Trabzon of the ruling Justice and Development Party. He was the president of TOKİ before being elected as MP. Wikipedia News in Turkish US refutes media reports of embassy staff lobbying against Turkish government US Embassy in Ankara refutes media … Read more