Social roundup: “Turkey launches officially ‘Turkvision’…”Turkey gets 2022 deadline to clear its almost 1 million landmines…

After snubbing the Eurovision song contest, Turkey launches officially ‘Turkvision’

The Turkvision project, branded as an alternative to Eurovision, has now become a reality after the official signing ceremony in Eskişehir


Ruling AKP deputy?s remark on disabled people stirs debate

Tekirdağ Deputy Ziyaeddin Akbulut has stirred controversy by claiming that parents used to pray for the death of their disabled children

45,000 people acquire Turkish citizenship last decade

The Interior Ministry has announced that within a decade, covering 2002 to 2012, a total of 45,959 people became Turkish citizens through marriage


Turkey gets 2022 deadline to clear its almost 1 million landmines

The Ministry of Defense has announced that there are a total of 977,922 landmines currently deployed in Turkey

Over 2,000 foreigners in jail in Turkey

There are a total of 1,066 convicted and 1,065 detained foreign nationals currently in Turkey?s penitentiaries

Turkey’s building boom unrest conceals fear of corruption

Istanbul riots started over proposed parkland development but government’s increasingly authoritarian policies fuel unrest

The protests triggered in Turkey by plans to redevelop a park into a shopping mall at first seem an unlikely cause for public anger. In reality, the demonstrations over Taksim Square‘s Gezi Park go to the very heart of Turkey’s modern discontents.

Why it has become such a fraught issue was hinted at in a statement issued in the midst of the protests by Istanbul‘s Chamber of Physicians, insisting: “It is not [the] job [of police and officials] to protect the profitability of the contractors who will build a shopping mall on Taksim Square.”

Girls Vanish

Today?s New York Times Sunday Magazine published a series of articles about the situation of women in the world ? and what can be done about it ? that are thought-provoking. (click here) The statistics and personal stories of abuse are horrifying, starting with the 100 million missing women who are aborted or left to die as infants in societies that give greater status to boys. This is the case ? even more prevalent, in fact ? even when the mother is educated and well off. She?ll have fewer children, thus the pressure to have a boy is more intense. (click here).


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