Eurosphere agenda: Scotland says No.

Scotland votes ‘No’ to independence  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Alex Salmond calls for the pledge of more devolved powers to be carried out and David Cameron says the commitments will be honoured in full, as Scotland votes to stay in the UK. Scottish referendum explained for non-Brits – video – Alex Purcell … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Brits trust Wikipedia more than the BBC…”Billions for Portuguese bank bailout…

  Russian convoy stokes Ukraine fears – World, Europe A convoy of 280 lorries said to be carrying aid and Russian troops could provoke conflict as it heads towards the Ukrainian border A country called Europe?  Ideas on Europe by Jon Danzig The maps below look at Europe in a different way to usual cartography – they … Read more

Erdoğan: They (Israel) are 100 times worse than Hitler when comes to barbarity” #Gaza news roundup… “The Israeli Hacktivists’ Cyber War in Gaza…

Yes he did say that a few minutes ago… News in Turkish ilhan tanir @WashingtonPoint: “#Flash:PM Erdogan: “They curse Hitler morning, evening.You know what? They (Israel) are 100 times worse than Hitler when comes to barbarity” The Israeli Hacktivists’ Cyber War in Gaza  Mashable! by Uri Blau Late Thursday night, as Israeli tanks advanced into the Gaza strip, … Read more

Like “’21st century book burning,’… #TwitterBannedinTurkey

’21st century book burning,’ U.S. official blog slams Ankara   The official blog of U.S. Department of State has published a vitriolic post, slamming Turkey’s blocking of Twitter as ’21st century book burning.’ Erdogan’s shabby attempts to stifle his critics are doomed | Observe editorial Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s attempted ban on Twitter was a foolish mis-step Recep … Read more

“At Least 35 Dead in New Violence in Kiev… #euromaidan

At Least 35 Dead in New Violence in Kiev Deadly clashes erupted in the Ukrainian capital Kiev early Thursday morning, with at least 35 protesters confirmed dead by Mashable, many from gunshot wounds. The spasm of violence shattered a truce called late Wednesday night by opposition members and the president. Deadly violence shatters Ukraine truce as EU … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: GNU turned 30 years old, Free Software still important… Pew report: 15% of American adults ages 18 and older do not use the internet or email…

Why Free Software Is More Important Now Than Ever Before GNU just turned 30 years old. But much has changed since the beginning of the free software movement; now there’s SaaS and more. Malware is common in proprietary software products since users don’t have control over them. Why does this control matter? Because freedom means having … Read more

Americana roundup: Detroit Bankruptcy, Zimmerman Trial…

Detroit Files for Bankruptcy The city of Detroit, Mich., has filed for bankruptcy, becoming the largest city in the history of the United States to do so. If Detroit Were a Country, Would It Be a Failed State? The city of Detroit has sorrows to spare. Its government — officially, as of Thursday — can’t … Read more

Americana roundup: “Obama’s counterterrorism policy, by the numbers

Obama’s counterterrorism policy, by the numbers According to the New York Times, President Barack Obama will use his big counterterrorism speech on Thursday to sharply curtail the administration’s targeted killings. Going forward, the strict criteria used for approving strikes on American citizens abroad will govern drone strikes on all suspected militants. ***************** Republicans to make … Read more