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One dead in Sweden school sword attack

Swedish police shoot a masked man who killed a teacher and injured at least two students with a sword in the western town of Trollhattan.

many most affected

The Meaning of Brexit

Brexit options should be made clear

dunno_bro_by_vertmb-d3cyzrhA (sadly) consistent theme of British policy towards the EU has been widespread ignorance. I recall being told in my undergraduate EU law module a story of the first British judge, Alexander Mackenzie Stuart, setting off in 1973 to Luxembourg with the firm intention of trying to establish the supremacy of EC law, apparently unaware that this has been done over a decade beforehand.

Beating drums, miners parade a coffin for Poland’s centrist government through the gritty streets of Ruda Slaska, a mining town left behind by a quarter century of explosive growth since Communism’s demise.

The Swedish Migration Agency, Migrationsverket, announced on Thursday (22 October) that Sweden will likely receive 190,000 asylum seekers this year.


Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for hismilitary support during a surprise visit to Moscow on Tuesday. This closing of ranks between the two leaders won’t end the war in Syria but only strengthen their position in the region, commentators conclude.

I was invited to speak at DG Cambridge on 14th October about UK – German relations in the context of David Cameron’s EU referendum. Antony Carpen was kind enough to film the speech, and put it up on Youtube:

Angela Merkel would have read and heard plenty of opinions over the last few weeks saying that she is going to lose the support of her party because of the refugee crisis.


Czechs accused of abusing migrants

The UN’s human rights chief accuses Czech authorities of “systematic” rights violations in their treatment of refugees and migrants.
New Spanish jobs data: The numbers and the politics

New Spanish jobs data: The numbers and the politics


Migrant crisis: Sweden doubles forecast

Sweden’s Migration Agency says up to 190,000 asylum seekers will arrive in the country this year and that it needs more funds to deal with the crisis.
Hungary closes border with Croatia

Hungary closes its border with Croatia in an effort to stem the flow of migrants moving through the country en route to western Europe.
Looking backwards at Muslims in Spain

A popular new TV series about drug trafficking in in Ceuta is perpetuating dangerous stereotypes.
Thousands of refugees removed from the island ahead of Greek PM Tsipras’ visit to Camp Moria to conceal the squalor.
Turkey rejects EU offer on refugee crisis

Foreign Minister rejects deal as “insignificant” given number of Syrians and other asylum seekers country is hosting.
Turkey: No deal on EU migrant crisis

Turkey criticises a deal proposed by EU states for joint action on the migrant crisis, put together at a summit in Brussels.
Refugee Admissions: An Overview

There are nearly 20 million refugees, with a total of more than 60 million people displaced from their homes, and their lives, by conflicts across the globe. The United Nations estimates that more than four million people are now refugees as a result of the conflict in Syria alone.


MAIN FOCUS: Refugees stranded in the Balkans | 20/10/2015

After Hungary closed off its southern border, thousands of refugees are now trying to move northwards through Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. But these countries are also closing their borders, leaving many refugees stranded on the Balkan route. Some commentators fear the backlog will result in violence. Others criticise that Germany’s rhetoric of hospitality is not helping to solve the crisis.

A surge in the number of refugees arriving in Sweden over the past few years has led the conservative Moderates, the country’s biggest opposition party, to toughen its stance on immigration.

Markus Borchert is Senior Vice President, Head of Nokia Networks Europe.


The German Islamophobic movement PEGIDA staged its biggest rally in months yesterday (19 October), reinvigorated on its first anniversary by anger at the government’s decision to take in nearly a million refugees from the Middle East.


Several EU member states including major automaker France will urge Europe’s pollution regulator to thoroughly assess the consequences of the Volkswagen emissions scandal, according to a document seen by AFP Monday (19 October).


SPECIAL REPORT / The introduction of new information and communications technologies in the EU agricultural sector could significantly contribute to its future sustainability, as well as the quality of life for farmers and co

Why Jeremy Corbyn is not Alexis Tsipras

Those who think that Jeremy Corbyn could turn the Labour party into a British Syriza should think again.

Jeremy Corbyn at a Greece Solidarity Campaign rally. Demotix/P Nutt. All rights reserved.The recent assumption of the Labour Party’s leadership by Jeremy Corbyn triggered a string of reactions in Britain and all over Europe. Certain commentators, as well as various sections of the European left, greeted the ascension of an alleged ‘dark horse’ to Labour’s leadership with satisfaction.

Coding classes trending across EU schools

SPECIAL REPORT / A majority of member states have introduced coding classes to their educational curriculums, as education ministries across Europe increasingly view computer skills as essential to developing key “21st century compe


The truth is that ‘trust me’ didn’t work and the much-vaunted expertise of the ‘third way’ politicians have contributed to the disarray we see all around us.


The Vienna Policy Conference, October 29-30, 2015, will delve into one of the most important trends driving change in European politics: the dramatic drop in public trust in many political institutions. Policy researchers, activists, leading European thinkers, and political figures will discuss new research and analysis of the causes and consequences of the trust gap across the European continent. Debating Europe and openDemocracy will be covering the event and its follow-up, and we continue the series with the thoughts of the Director of the Migrant Rights’ Network on what trust means in Europe today.


Crowdfunding a revolution in Montenegro

Montenegro is witnessing the biggest protests in its history in calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Djukanovic, and activists are turning to crowdfunding to sustain their revolution.

Rows of tents outside Montenegrin parliament/ Photos used with permission of author.As I write these lines from an overcrowded, ad hoc assembled press HQ facing the Parliament of Montenegro in Podgorica, I shudder to think of what success our risky and implausible endeavor will yield.

LIVE: EU summit on migration, Brexit

The summit will focus chiefly on migration, with Turkey relations taking centre stage.

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