Istanbul news roundup: “Istanbul’s housing prices decline amid oversupply

Murder in Istanbul BBC News | Europe | World Edition   Twelve men from the countries of the former USSR have been assassinated in Turkey, and there’s evidence that some of the hitmen were from Russia. Istanbul’s housing prices decline amid oversupply Hurriyet Daily News   Property prices have dropped up to 20 percent in several parts … Read more

Beşiktaş fans circumventing CCTV

Beşiktaş vs. Bursaspor games are always tense and sometimes go beyond just tense. For this week’s game in Istanbul, there seemed to be over-use of CCTV surveillance over the fans: Here is how it looks at a wider angle:   And here is what some fans did, they climbed over the roof and circumvented (!) … Read more

Beşiktaş 3- Bursapor 1; maçın Twitter hikayesi…

Pampered Bursaspor fans act again…

These nationalist fanatic hordes attacked Kurdish fans of Diyarbakırspor with impunity last year. Let’s see if authorities act this time… Bursaspor fans clash with police before the Turkish Super League soccer match between Bursaspor and Besiktas in Bursa, western Turkey, May 7, 2011. Bursaspor’s showdown with Besiktas on Saturday was cancelled by Turkey’s Football Federation … Read more

the Racist of December 2010: Bursasapor fans

“Say Stop to Racism and Nationalism!” initiative voted Bursaspor fans as the racist of the month. During the Beşiktaş vs. Bursaspor game, Bursa fans shouted as “Armenian dogs support Beşiktaş”, a reference to Beşiktaş’ Armenian Turkish fan leader, Alen Markaryan. Turkish Football Federation had no act in this..

by the way, Beşiktaş brought in new stars…

Besiktas signs Portuguese trio USA Today ISTANBUL (AP) ? Besiktas has officially unveiled Portugal internationals Simao Sabrosa, Hugo Almeida and Manuel Fernandes. The three signings were 3 Portuguese stars arrived in Istanbul from Besiktas JK Fan Site Besiktas’s three newly transferred Portuguese players, Hugo Almeida, Simao Sabrosa and Manuel Fernandes, have arrived in Istanbul. … Read more

Beşiktaş defeats Bursaspor 1-0; 3 Bursaspor fans stabbed in the pre-game fights and a football roundup including World Cup economics

It looks like Bursa fans did strike first on their way to İstanbul, but Beşiktaş fans were already ready:) There is a feud between two team fans and it was the first after a few years that opponent team fans were allowed to watch the game… game info here in Turkish. photos from Hürriyet. and … Read more

Beşiktaş storm continues…

Besiktas too strong for Rapid Wien

by Ahmet Turgut

Zenit, Stuttgart, PSG keep on winning
Zenit St Petersburg, VfB Stuttgart, Paris St Germain, Porto and Besiktas kept their 100 per cent records after the early games Thursday in the Europa League

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Beşiktaş is doin’ all right

Our team seems to be the most ready compared to GS and FB. In UEFA draw, we have a relatively weak rival. We have a good team after successful transfers. We would still like to have a striker and a more reliable defensive line but I will have with what is offered:) I had been … Read more

Bursaspor becomes the Turkish Super League champion, the fifth team ever winning the title…

an open thread… Bursaspor in Wikipedia (Turkish) Official Website (Turkish) Official Online Television Channel (Turkish) A Fansite Web Page (English) Bursaspor News in English (Turkish) Bursaspor Stats Database (Turkish) The famous fan group of Bursaspor A TV scene giving the news of championship… Frustrated FB fans are reported to cause clashes… Saraçoğlu burning. more photos … Read more

Tonight is the night: 2010 Turkish League title determined

As Beşiktaş frakked up weeks ago, I lost my interest in the League but well today is the last day two games’ results will determine the champion. If at home game Fenerbahçe beats Trabzonspor (TS), there are no complications. It wins the title. In case there is a draw or win by TS, then Bursaspor … Read more

It has been 27 years, Fenerbahçe cannot win the Turkish Cup…
a circulating web joke: the last FB fans who witnessed FB’s winning the Turkey cup…

This has become one of the major jokes of Turkish Super League. Although Fenerbahçe (FB) won championship several times- and this is definitely more precious than the Turkish Cup itself, FB just cannot win it. It is now 27 years. FB lost it in the final to Trabzonspor yesterday…

Trabzonspor wins the Turkish Cup

from Turkey(Turkiye) football(soccer) Column and News by Ahmet Turgut

Fenerbahce this season was eager to get both of the cups , but coach Christoph Daum has only one price deal: the championship. They loss the Turkish Cup to Trabzon on Wednesday in Sanliurfa,Turkey,3-1.

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This is what you get when you do not punish anti-Kurdish violence in the first game

Diyarbakırspor fans want an apology. Fanatic Bursaspor fans had their anti-Kurdish violence in the first term’s game against Diyarbakırspor. This had gone almost unpunished. If Football Federation does not act accordingly, this is what happens. Today’s game between Diyarbakır vs. Bursa was cancelled due to home town club fans’ violence in turn… The pitch was … Read more

Turkey and human rights – Some progress and many setbacks

I am still optimistic, still, really. But there are not all good news here.
In the mean time: a first case. a policeman arrested because of assault to a young citizen:

Police Officer Arrested After Attacking Student

Efkan Bolaç, lawyer of the severely beaten student Güney Tuna, stated that 8 police officers were involved in the assault on her client: “Tuna was not
PM Erdoğan’s speech at his party convention was discursively promising:

This Star daily headline underlines the fact that PM Erdoğan named political outsiders of Republican history from a wide range of political opposition.

[CROSS READER] Democratic initiative leaves its mark on AK Party congress

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) held its third ordinary party congress on Saturday at the ASKİ Sports Hall in Ankara.

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