It looks like Turkey under duress may have sold her old ally Hamas, in rapprochement with Israel

Ball in Israel’s court, Hamas not an issue: FM FM Çavuşoğlu denies that Turkey will abandon Hamas in its dealings with Israel, while saying Tel Aviv must take the next step to improve ties Hamas: Turkey dropped condition that Israel lift Gaza siege before normalization – Jun 22 Amid reports about an approaching normalization deal … Read more

EU was ‘unsure’ what Davutoğlu exit means for Turkey migrant deal BUT Erdoğan was CLEAR: “We Go Our Way, You Go Yours

Erdoğan to EU: We Go Our Way, You Go Yours Bianet :: English In his speech held in Eyüp, President Erdoğan has made statements as to EU visa liberalisation, Prime Minister Davutoğlu, rising tension in parliament and the presidential system. EU ‘unsure’ what Davutoğlu exit means for Turkey migrant deal Hurriyet Daily News The European Union is … Read more

In the mean time, E.U. Commission Proposed Visa-Free Travel for Turks but its realization may still be not easy…

E.U. Proposes Visa-Free Travel for Turks  NYT > Turkey by By JAMES KANTER The plan is a significant step for the bloc as it struggles to come to terms with the migrant crisis and hew to its humanitarian values. Debate: Have the Turks earned visa-free travel? euro|topics The EU Commission is expected to speak out in favour … Read more

Leaked documents show Europe submits to Erdoğan’s blackmailing on #RefugeeCrisis

Leak reveals tense moments during Erdoğan-Juncker meeting Today’s Zaman–52 minutes ago Leak reveals tense moments during Erdoğan-Juncker meeting … present at the meeting, showed Juncker an internal documentbelonging to the EC … In return for keeping the refugees, the EU promised Turkey 3 billion euros, .    News in Greek ******* Merkel visits Turkey as fleeing Syrians … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Spain and Portugal top the list as holidaymakers seek safety…

Spain and Portugal top the list as holidaymakers seek safety World news: Turkey | by Bob Atkinson The Iberian peninsula, Malta and Greece have been the beneficiaries of tourists’ changed travel plans   MAIN FOCUS: Macedonia urged to protect EU external borders | 20/01/2016 euro|topics In view of the consistently high number of refugees who arrive … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “populism a ‘cancer’ spreading across Europe, says EPP leaders….

EPP leaders: populism a ‘cancer’ spreading across Europe Leaders from the European Peoples Party (EPP) meeting in Madrid on Thursday (22 October) warned that populism was a “disease” spreading “like a cancer” in the EU. At least 6,000 refugees stranded in freezing rain at Croatia’s border Mashable! by Megan Specia Thousands of people spent the night stranded in the cold … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Greek debt talks fail, BUT next meeting on Monday… Tension in Minsk…

No agreement in Greek eurozone talks  BBC News | Europe | World Edition   Greek and eurozone officials have left a seven-hour meeting without even basic agreement on how to proceed in talks over the country’s debt crisis. Greek debt talks fail, next meeting on Monday Greece’s new leftist government and its international creditors failed to … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Merkel rules out Greek debt relief as Greece shuns debt talks with troika…

Greece shuns debt talks with troika BBC News | Europe | World Edition Greece’s new finance minister snubs his main eurozone counterpart, saying Athens will not negotiate over debts with the EU-IMF troika. Merkel rules out Greek debt relief BBC News | Europe | World Edition German Chancellor Angela Merkel rejects any cancellation of Greece’s debt, saying … Read more

Cengiz Aktar: Vize meselesi

Vize meselesi Dün hükümet Avrupa Komisyonu ile vize muafiyeti müzakeresinin başlamasını sağlayacak adımı attı ve ?Vize Serbestîsi Mutabakat Metni? ile ?İade ve Geri Kabul Anlaşması? imzaladı. Geri kabul Türkiye üzerinden Schengen ülkelerine intikal etmiş yasadışı göçmenler ile Türkiyeli yasadışı göçmenlerin Türkiye tarafından geri kabulü demek. İlk bakışta altından kalkılması çok çetin gibi görünse de esas … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: “The sanctions on excessively high budget deficits are to be suspended…

MAIN FOCUS: EU wants to give deficit sinners more time | 30/05/2013 The EU Commission wants to give six euro countries more time to reduce their debts, allowing them to introduce growth-stimulating reforms. The sanctions on excessively high budget deficits are to be suspended, Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn announced on Wednesday. Some commentators welcome … Read more

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