Eurosphere agenda: Critical week for Juncker Commission… “Serbia hosts first gay Pride since 2010


The next 10 days could make or break a plan to reshape the European Union under new management, in an attempt to revive the economy and regain trust among its half-billion people.

Exploring Belgium’s complex web of democracy

French far-right party enters Senate

France’s far-right National Front party wins its first ever Senate seats, with right-wing parties looking set to take control of the upper house.

What I would like to argue is that this historical and existential process retraced by Kojève helps to clarify the origin and the genesis of the present, European and global, supremacy of economic processes over all other fields of human activity. 


PARIS — Air France‘s leading pilots union on Sunday announced an end to its 14-day strike that grounded roughly half of the airline’s flights, stranded passengers worldwide and led to stern shows of frustration by the French prime minister.

Catalonian separatism has grown and grown in the face the brutal austerity imposed upon Spain during the Eurozone crisis


The Eurosceptic revolution: much ado about nothing?

open Democracy News Analysis – by Chiara Rosselli and Eleonora Poli

The success of eurosceptic parties at the 2014 European elections was expected to mark a paradigm shift in both national and European politics. As the dust begins to settle, the eurosceptic wave may not be the catalyst for change many feared or hoped for.

We are one Scotland: anatomy of a referendum

open Democracy News Analysis – by Gerry Hassan

The independence referendum shows a need in Scotland to reach out.

It was a momentous moment in Scottish and British history. The Scottish independence referendum. It dominated Scottish and British airwaves in the last couple of weeks, and became a huge international story.



MAIN FOCUS: Frenchman killed by jihadists | 25/09/2014


A Frenchman kidnapped by Islamist terrorists in Algeria has been killed. Video footage of his beheading was published on the Internet on Wednesday. Before killing him his kidnappers had demanded that Paris refrain from participating in the military strikes against the IS. Even a military strike that contravenes international law is justified in the fight against the IS, commentators write, and warn France not to yield.


Security options and the Ukraine crisis

open Democracy News Analysis – by Volodymyr Dubovyk

The events of the last several months have proven that all existing mechanisms and arrangements to provide for Ukraine’s security have been ineffective.



The events of the last several months have proven that all existing mechanisms and arrangements to provide for Ukraine’s security have been ineffective. The country has found itself in limbo, desperately trying (and often failing) to provide for its own security while defending against Russian aggression.


The next European Commission must step up efforts to tackle social justice in the EU, as the economic imbalance between member states intensified during the crisis, warns the Bertelsmann Stiftung.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has used his speech at the United Nations General Assembly to attack America’s ‘military interference’ in the world.

Air France pilot strike cuts flights

Air France says it will only operate 45% of its flights on Sunday after talks with pilots failed to reach an agreement to end a 14-day strike.
Gay rights activists in Serbia held their first Pride march in four years, walking through Belgrade streets emptied of traffic and pedestrians by a massive security operation

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