Eurosphere agenda: “12 names on EU sanctions.. Front National celebrates election success…”The Trials and Tribulations of Secure Free Software for the European Parliament…


EU summit: 12 names on EU sanctions

 Brussels Blog by James Fontanella-Khan

FT Brussels blog?s chief writer Peter Spiegel has some scoopy tweets after having spoken to a few EU officials ahead of the summit

English: Marine Le Pen at the 1st of May Natio...
English: Marine Le Pen at the 1st of May National Front’s rally in honour of Joan of Arc, Paris. Français : Marine Le Pen au défilé du Front national en l’honneur de Jeanne d’Arc, le 1er mai. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Front National made considerable headway in local elections in France on Sunday. The far-right party obtained around five percent of the vote nationwide and has good chances of its candidates becoming mayor in several cities in the run-up vote. Some commentators see the results as a slap in the face for the government. Others warn that FN leader Marine Le Pen’s success in the provinces should not be overrated

What does Alternative für Deutschland really stand for? Its getting hard to tell

Open Europe blog
 About this so called “free trade” thing…When the anti-euro Alternative für Deutschland was first founded, it was derided as a fringe party for professors obsessed with ordoliberalism that would struggle to make a lasting impact on the German political scene.

The Trials and Tribulations of Secure Free Software for the European Parliament Updates by Danny O’Brien and Danny O’Brien  /

After months of hearing about their own vulnerability at the hands of intelligence agencies like the NSA and GCHQ, next Wednesday, European Parliamentarians and their staff will have an opportunity to learn about defending Internet communicationsusing strong encryption and trusted hardware and software. Unfortunately, unless the Parliament’s own IT department shifts ground, it will be a theoretical discussion, rather than the practical first steps to a secure European Parliament that its organizers had hoped.


Living the Serbian dream: a look at Aleksandar Vu?i?’s election victory

open Democracy News Analysis – by Ko?a Pavlovi?

The ruling Serbian Progressive Party of Aleksandar Vu?i? won a resounding victory in the country’s parliamentary elections on March 16. But there is more to this story than meets the eye.


Interpol accused of undermining justice


Governments allegedly misused global police force to crack down on political opponents and human rights activists.


Crimea’s water supply – it’s now Moscow’s headache

3 Open Europe blog


The way influence flows in Crimea

Now that Russia has full military control over Crimea the the implications of taking control are beginning to sink in with President Medvedev claiming that “it’s now our headache”.The most obvious headaches are electricity and water. Medvedev directly raised this issue saying:

The challenges for Ukraine?s presidential election

6 open Democracy News Analysis – by Janek Lasocki  

On Sunday 25 May, President Putin permitting, 36.5 million voters will go to the polls in Ukraine to vote for a successor to President Viktor Yanukovych, ousted after three months of protests, and over 100 dead

Polishing the image of France’s National Front

3 BBC News | Europe | World Edition

The smooth talker polishing the image of France’s National Front


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