Quite an interesting solution to #RefugeeCrisis: “Don’t come to Europe”- Eurosphere agenda

Tusk warns refugees away from Europe EurActiv.com by Georgi Gotev Speaking in Athens on Thursday (3 March), Council President Donald made a pathetic appeal to ‘economic’ migrants not to come to Europe. EU asylum seekers ‘doubled in 2015’ BBC News | Europe | World Edition The number of people seeking asylum in the European Union in 2015 … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “populism a ‘cancer’ spreading across Europe, says EPP leaders….

EPP leaders: populism a ‘cancer’ spreading across Europe EurActiv.com Leaders from the European Peoples Party (EPP) meeting in Madrid on Thursday (22 October) warned that populism was a “disease” spreading “like a cancer” in the EU. At least 6,000 refugees stranded in freezing rain at Croatia’s border Mashable! by Megan Specia Thousands of people spent the night stranded in the cold … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: Blow to Golden Dawn in Greece… Berlusconi

  Greek police arrest dozen Golden Dawn members, including party leader Greek police arrested the leader of the far-right Golden Dawn Party in a morning operation Greek neo-Nazi MPs to face criminal charges: Court source Five lawmakers of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn including its founder Nikos Michaloliakos will face charges of belonging to … Read more