Eurosphere agenda: “Merkel says refugee crisis tests Europe’s core ideals…

German chancellor puts pressure on European countries who refuse to take in refugees, saying it betrays EU’s values.

France: Hungary refugee fence not even fit for animals

Paris slams Hungary, gateway to EU from eastern Europe, for erecting 175km fence to stop refugees as new talks called.

Migration, climate and security: the choice

The forces driving people’s movement into Europe were already apparent in a near forgotten incident of 1991.

In August 1991, with the world’s media dominated by the chronic instability in Russia and the aftermath of the violent eviction of the Iraqi army from Kuwait earlier that year, a sequence of events in the Adriatic Sea provides an uncanny foretaste of the current surge of desperate people across the Mediterranean from north Africa, as well as overland from Syria through Turkey, Greece and beyond.

Net immigration into Germany last year hit its highest level since 1992, the Statistics Office said on Thursday (3 September), with expectations that figure will rise this year to 800,000.


When looking at the sheer number of refugees around the world, it’s easy to become disillusioned.

The image of a drowned little boy who was washed up on a beach on Turkey’s Bodrum Peninsula was spread on the social media on Wednesday. The boy and at least ten other people drowned while trying to reach the Greek island of Kosby boat. The photo is a brutal testimony to the failure of the EU in the refugee crisis, some journalists write. Others hold Turkey partially responsible for the child’s death.

VIDEO: Hungary lets migrants into rail station

Hungarian police have opened the international railway station in Budapest to migrants who have been camped outside since Tuesday.

Refugee crisis: Pressure piles on David Cameron to do more


LONDON — Britain’s prime minister David Cameron found himself under increasing pressure Thursday to do more about about the growing refugee crisis, as some newspapers published front-page photographs of a drowned child found washed up on a beach in Turkey.

Shocking images of drowned Syrian boy show tragic plight of refugees

Young boy found lying face-down on a beach near Turkish resort of Bodrum was one of at least 12 Syrians who drowned attempting to reach Greece

• Warning: this article contains images that readers may find distressing

The full horror of the human tragedy unfolding on the shores of Europe was brought home on Wednesday as images of the lifeless body of a young boy – one of at least 12 Syrians who drowned attempting to reach the Greek island of Kos – encapsulated the extraordinary risks refugees are taking to reach the west.

Photos showing the dead body of a child washing ashore infuriated the Turkish public and caused many to ask how come so many boats sink so frequently on a usually calm sea, the Aegean

Europe’s refugee crisis: bridges, not fences, are the answer

The inability of the European Union to agree a meaningful response to the current migrant crisis is not only disgraceful, it risks defining the Union’s legacy as a spectacular failure.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Aug. 31 said the refugee crisis facing Europe is testing the core ideals of universal rights at the heart of the European Union

Top American companies no longer see Germany as an attractive investment and the country is losing jobs as a result. “Germany attracts attention, but it’s no longer attractive to investors,” said AmCham Vice-President Frank Riemensperger. EurActiv Germany reports.


Hungary’s border fence – intended to keep out refugees arriving from Serbia – was completed on Sunday according to government sources. The fence is nothing but a domestic policy manoeuvre by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, some commentators write. Others believe that Hungary is above all harming its own interests with its policy of seclusion.


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