Eurosphere agenda: Footballers in Greece stage a sit-in to protest rising migrant deaths…

Footballers stage migrants protest

Footballers in Greece stage a sit-in protest at the start of a game over the death toll of migrants trying to reach the country.
Making money out of the migrant crisis

The business making money out of the migrant crisis
• All 22 players sit in silence before AEL Larissa versus Acharnaikos
• Club attacks ‘brutal indifference of EU and Turkey’ to refugee crisis
VIDEO: Is this a stolen Picasso?

Police in Turkey have recovered what they say is a stolen painting by Pablo Picasso, in an undercover operation in Istanbul.
VIDEO: ‘Venice Carnival is magical’

Thousands of people have packed the narrow streets of Venice for its annual week-long carnival.

The tensions between Rome and Brussels have intensified, with a tough exchange of words in the light of the unfolding refugee crisis, and a looming banking crisis in Italy.

Politicians in democracies have to listen to their citizens and across the continent there is little appetite for more immigration. Gaining support for an equitable and workable migration policy will take time, eloquence and courage

VIDEO: ‘Police brutality’ at Macedonia border

The Macedonian government has been forced to defend itself against allegations of police brutality, with officers being accused of beating up migrants who try to slip past the recently-built border fence.

Romani women of the Balkans: battling intersectional oppression

Centuries old oppression founded on gender, race, cultural group, and socio-economic class is being challenged by Romani women who are combating their public and private marginalization through initiatives embedded within the Roma identity.

A Romani woman reveals her tattoos in a landfill site. Economic exclusion and poverty have fuelled the local drug and sex trade.

A rough guide to surviving Davos

Your guide to the world’s Alpine business club


A 26-year-old Algerian man has become the first person arrested in connection with a string of sexual assaults during New Year’s celebrations in Cologne that sparked a debate about Germany’s ability to integrate migrants.

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